5 Terrific Steps To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Hello, Wagner painters! In this article, we are going to discuss how to clean Wagner paint sprayer. Along with the main topic, we’ll also discuss basic topics like What is meant Wagner paint sprayer? What are the steps you need to follow to clean the Wagner paint sprayer? Things you’ll need to clean Wagner paint sprayer? We will give information to you in the form of video and images in an interesting way. Keep on reading for more details in this article. Before completing this article, we will include the main information you require in an easy manner.

Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

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How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about sprayers.

What Is Meant By Sprayer?

A sprayer is an important component in spray drying equipment. The liquid material can be stably sprayed as droplets of uniform size and evenly distributed in the active portion of the drying chamber for keeping excellent contact with hot air.

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Manufacturers of sprayers have changed their product ranges in favor of bigger and better-equipped implements in adaptation to the structural change in agriculture. At present, the most-used pressure sprayers are Monarch (M) and Spraying (S) types.

How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer In Detail

Cleaning Wagner paint sprayer is not at all time taken process. It’s possible to clean the Wagner paint sprayer in a short time and I am sure you’ll be surprised. And this process won’t be as challenging as you think. Cleaning your paint sprayer after every project is needed. You may have a doubt is there any use by cleaning paint sprayer? In short “Yes”! By cleaning your paint sprayer it will last and work for you for a long time.

Make Sure To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

If you don’t clean and leave your paint sprayer you have to face many repairs, these repairs are caused by a lack of improper cleaning. So, if you own a Wagner Paint Sprayer or considering buying one, but you are unsure about cleaning a Wagner paint sprayer, then this article is for you! We will explain how to clean your Wagner Paint Sprayer in this guide.

How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer(Quick & Easy Guide)

The Wagner Flexio range is an excellent option for beginners. They are easy to use, and there are a variety of options to choose to have a look below:

  • HVLP Spray Guns
  • Airless Sprayers
  • Commercial Sprayers

Supplies You’ll Need:

To achieve the most accurate results, you will need the right supplies. Have a look on what are the materials you require to clean the Wagner paint sprayer.

  • Warm soapy water or mineral spirits
  • An empty 5-gallon bucket
  • A soft-bristle cleaning brush
  • A dry, clean towel

Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer By Following 5 Steps

Once you follow these easy steps, you will have your Wagner Paint Sprayer cleaned in a short time. What are the steps you need to follow to clean the Wagner paint sprayer? We have discussed this with you in detail. Just keep on reading!

  1. Rinse the container and suction tube.
  2. Spray the cleaning solution.
  3. Disassemble the Sprayer head and nozzle.
  4. Scrub, scrub, scrub
  5. Let it dry

If you’re looking for more detailed information scroll down below.

Rinse the Container and Suction Tube To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

This is the first step you need to follow which is very easy. The starting step you need to do to clean your Wagner paint sprayer is “Unplugging the Wagner paint sprayer”. To unplug your Wagner paint sprayer all you have to do is first empty the suction tube by pulling the trigger for 5-10 seconds, then get the paint to fall back into the container. Once the suction tube has been emptied, you can unscrew the container and pour the paint back into its original packaging.

unplugging the Wagner paint sprayer

To wash the container and suction tube use soapy water or mineral spirits. Make sure to clean well the white container seal which is located around the suction tube. Don’t forget to clean your paint sprayer immediately after use. By doing this you can clean much faster and will make easy. If you delay cleaning your paint sprayer immediately after use, the paint will dry and it will be more complex for cleaning.

Spray the Cleaning Solution To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Spray The Cleaning Solution Into An Empty Bucket

After you finished the first step then all you need you need to do is to clean your cleaning solution. If your question is how to clean cleaning solution? Then our answer is to add your cleaning solution(soapy water or mineral spirits) to the paint sprayer’s container and then attach it back to the sprayer. Know to plug the sprayer and start spraying the cleaning solution into an empty 5- gallon bucket for 20 seconds. You may doubt what happens by doing this? By doing this if there is any paint contained in your sprayer this will make the remaining paint come out. And your sprayer looks clean.

Disassemble the Sprayer Head and Nozzle To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Disassemble The sprayer

It is very important to clean your sprayers head and nozzle immediately after use. If you forget to do that dired paint will stay in that and cause clogging, this results in your sprayer spluttering. You can disassemble the front end of the spray gun by pulling the yellow ring which is present around the spray tip until it displace. Once you have access to the nozzle, it twists off so you can clean the inside of the head.

Scrub The Surface To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Clean all the parts of Wagner sprayer

Once you’ve finished disassembling You can start scrubbing all your parts. You can have a doubt about how to scrub the surface or parts? The Wagner manufacturers will provide you with a scrubbing brush when you purchase. Or you can use a soft-bristled brush which is available with you. If there is any strong residue that won’t come off, you can soak those parts in warm soapy water or a cleaning solution. Please note that when you scrub the smaller parts, do so gently. Harsh or extreme scrubbing can bend the parts, making your sprayer defective.

Let it Dry

Place All The Parts And Relax While Knowing That Your Sprayer Is Ready For Your Next Project

It is important to let everything dry before reassembling, specifically the smaller parts in the head. Reassembling a sprayer while still wet can cause the soapy water or cleaning solution to affect the paint the next time you use it. Place all the parts on a dry, clean towel and leave them to dry. Once dried, you can reassemble all the parts and store your Wagner paint sprayer away. That’s it, you are done! Put your feet up and relax while knowing that your sprayer is clean and ready for your next project.

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Final Thoughts

Cleaning your Wagner paint sprayer for the first time might be complex, but once you have done it, it should be a straightforward process moving on and should only take 5 minutes. Always make sure to read the Wagner instruction manual and ensure you are following their cleaning instructions. You could nullify your warranty if you use the wrong cleaning methods and solutions.

Here, I have come to the end of the article on the topic of clean Wagner paint sprayers. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.

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