Chrome Spray Paint For Rims : Get In 8 Easy Steps

In this article we are going to discuss about chrome spray paint for rims. What is chrome spray paint? Can you paint over chrome spray paint for rims? Steps required to paint chrome spray paint for rims? What is spray paint? What is rims? Uses of chrome spray paint? Instructions to paint chrome spray paint for rims? In this article you can find and clear all your doubts on chrome spray paint for rims. For more information on chrome spray paint for rims you can refer this article. Keep on scrolling down!

Chrome Spray Paint For Rims

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What is Chrome Spray Paint?

What is Chrome Spray Paint

Chrome paint comes in a convenient spray paint form. These paints are used to provide a shiny, metallic finish that matches the look of a brand new piece of chrome. The best chrome paint can be used to uplift furniture, touch up car parts, restore exterior trims, and are seen in all kinds of DIY projects that require a chrome finish. For easy chrome paint application, these paints come in the form of an aerosol spray can. This allows you to get a completely even and smooth finish without any brush marks or uneven coatings. This is important for a great chrome finish. This paint dries super quickly for a fast and easy application.

Can You Paint Over Chrome Spray Paint For Rims

“Yes”, you can paint over chrome. But successfully doing so requires a bit of sanding and priming. You need to sand the chrome to create a rough surface for the paint to bond to. After priming  you can paint chrome using acrylic or latex paint.

Painting over chrome involves preparation of work and specific types of paint. Without the right steps, the paint may peel off or promote rusting. Here are the steps needed to paint over chrome:

  • Buy paint and supplies
  • Set up your workspace
  • Clean the chrome
  • Sand the surface
  • Repair cracks and gouges
  • Apply a primer
  • Paint the chrome
  • Apply a sealer

Chrome plating is often used to protect against rust. However, rust may still develop if the chrome is damaged or if the base metal starts to rust. When these issues occur, you may want to give the chrome a paint job to refresh its look. Here’s a closer look at the steps involved.

1. Buy Paint And Supplies

The first main important thing is to choose right paint and supplies. Here are some paint and supplies:

  • Latex metal paint
  • Plastic sheets and painter’s tape
  • Soap
  • Hammer
  • Liquid metal filler/welding putty
  • Sandpaper

Buy Paint And Supplies

Some of the other optional supplies that you may need to fix cracks or damage on the chrome surface are hammer, liquid metal filler and welding putty. For metal surfaces purchase primer such as automotive metal primer.  You require two types of sand papers for this project.

160-grit sandpaper: To rough up the surface of the chrome

320-grit sandpaper: To smooth out any marks.

2. Set Up Your Workspace

Set Up Your Workspace

Respiratory system may annoyed if we use chrome,primers and paints. We should paint chrome in ventilated space with the door open. If you’re painting chrome fixtures,for adequate ventilation remove the paints and hardware. You may also protect surroundings where we place objects with plastic sheets.

3. Clean The Chrome

Clean The Chrome

Rinse the chrome with soap water. A cleaner should get rid of dirt and debris. You can also use tooth brush for cleaning scrub nooks and services. Dry the chrome with clean rag and cleanse it with clean water. we need to examine when it dries. Rinse with soap water again if you find any greasy and dirt. Before moving into next step we need to get check as it get rid of dirt from chrome.

4. Sand The Surface

Sand The Surface

We need to start by sanding the surface for chrome object by wearing dust mask. By using sander your plan on painting make your job easier. When sanding large surface palm sander save time and energy.If we start with 160-grit sand paper which roughs the surface of chrome. You need to cover entire chrome. After completion of the process move to 320-grit sand paper which helps to remove scratches created by 160-grit sand paper.

5. Repair Cracks And Gouges

Repair Cracks And Gouges

If you want to repair any crack in the chrome use metal liquid filler or welding putty. Follow instructions to apply putty or filler i.e it involves the instructions like wearing gloves and squeezing materials into the place where you need to fix. Then you use putty knife for smoothing the material and hammer to remove the bend and dents in the chrome. Turn and rest the object on hard surface like metal. You need to sand surface again after hammering out dents. To smooth out scratches use finer-grit sand paper before starting with coarse sandpaper.

6. Apply A Primer

For providing blank canvas using a primer is necessary for your paint job. To achieve full coverage without primer you may need to use additional coats of paint. Cover the surfaces which you want to protect from paint mainly when you are using spray paint or spray gun. Apply coat of primer to the chrome. When you are looking for light coats of primer for any drips use brush or roller.

Apply A Primer

Before adding a second coat let it dry for 24 hours. After completion of drying, sand the surface by using two types of sandpaper. When you are sanding don’t forget to use more caution. You need not to sand away the primer that you just added. By using a clean rag wipe the dust away.

7. Paint The Chrome

Paint The Chrome

Using light layers of paint you should paint the chrome. Before adding another layer let each layer dry for several hours. Before appearing true color of paint you may need to apply two or three coats. As with the primer, you can use paintbrushes, rollers, spray guns, or spray paint. Remember to use paint that’s formulated specifically for use on metal.

8. Apply a Sealer

Apply a Sealer

It is a optional step because applying sealer may keep the paint from peeling or chipping. By using a brush, spray paint or spray gun you can add sealant. This sealant allow you to add a glossy or flat finish. Sealer is also called “clear coat”. After applying this clear coat you can remove painter’s tape and material used to protect against paint splashes. Before reattaching chrome hardware you need to wait for several days. After applying the sealant wait about a week.

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