Blue Porch Light

In this article we are going to discuss about blue porch light. As this porch light are mainly used in foreign side we may not seen in India. In US the streets or when you come across the houses you may see this type of lights placed or hanged in front of their houses. These are hanged in different colors like green, red, blue or even shade of purple occasionally. Let’s have a look what do porch light mean briefly.

Blue Porch Light

color of porch light mean

Since LED light bulbs are relatively cheap, many homeowners are opting for light displays with different colors. Why settle for decorating with Christmas lights over the holidays when you can express yourself year-round using something as simple as a blue light bulb, or a green or a red one? 

Here are the meanings of the different colors of porch lights:

  • Blue Porch Light: The blue porch light is used as a sign of autism awareness or police respect.
  • Green Porch Light: A green porch light is a sign that the owner of the house is aware of Veterans Day or St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Red Porch Light: Red Porch Light is raising awareness for American Heart Month.
  • Purple Porch Light: A campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence using purple porch lights.
  • Orange Porch Light: Halloween or Light Up Delphi
  • Pink Porch Light: A pink porch light is a symbol of support for those affected by breast cancer.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the different porch light colors and what they mean, so you don’t miss out. This article will help you explore the different options for decorating your home with indoor lights.

Blue Porch Light Meaning

Blue Porch Light Meaning

The blue light on your porch can represent either autism awareness According to Enlightened Landscape Lights or World Autism Awareness Day which is declared by United Nations Assembly in 2007. After three years of World Autism Awareness Days, Autism Speaks began a campaign to spread awareness about World Autism Awareness Day. 

Many people in the US turn on blue porch lights in April to support autism awareness. The entire month is Autism Awareness Month, so you may see blue porch lights throughout the month. If you want to support the cause, you can turn on a blue porch light too.

Another common meaning for that blue light bulb could be the support of law enforcement personnel. That’s another reason you might see blue porch lights around your town or neighborhood.

Green Porch Light Meaning

Green Porch Light Meaning

Let’s look into the meaning of a green porch light now. There are three possible meanings for this specific light color. On Veterans Day November 11th, residents in the United States honor our country’s veterans. Besides engaging in celebrations and memorials, you can also turn your porch light on that November day or all month long to show your support. You don’t have to be a veteran to show your respect for the men and women who fought for your country.

People also use the same green porch light decor to indicate Memorial Day for the same reasons. In March, some people might turn their porch lights green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. According to Enlightened Landscape Lights, there is a possibility that green lights will be used to raise awareness for Lyme Disease in May. The Light Up Green campaign is not just a US-wide event, but a global one.

Red Porch Light Meaning

Red Porch Light Meaning

You can turn your porch light red a few times a year to celebrate different holidays. One of these is in October for Halloween. Another is in February. No, not solely for a Valentine’s Day decoration, but for American Heart Month too. The American Heart Association asks for cities to turn red each February to bring awareness to heart health. You might just inspire your neighborhood to paint the town red in solidarity! 

Red is a classic Christmas color, so many people use it to create holiday light displays with white and green. The color red is not just popular, it can also help you adjust to darkness and be better able to see stars. If you use a red bulb, your eyes will adjust to an otherwise dark environment. 

Purple Porch Light Meaning

Purple Porch Light Meaning.

Another color option you have for your porch light is to turn it purple. Using a purple light shows your support for victims and increases domestic violence awareness. Enlightened Landscape Lights says that the trend of raising awareness of domestic violence began in 2007 through the Domestic Violence Task Force in Covington, Washington. The Domestic Violence Task Force sought to raise awareness of domestic violence through its campaign called Purple Light Nights.

One way to bring awareness to the horrors of domestic violence during October is to change the porch light bulb color. This is not only a way to raise awareness, but also remember those who have died from domestic violence and honor survivors. You can buy black lights instead of purple bulbs or LED lights to get a true purple glow.

Orange Porch Light Meaning

Orange Porch Light Meaning.

If you live in Indian, you may come across orange light displays, especially during February. In other parts of the United States, orange porch lights are often used as part of Halloween light displays. The most typical way to create this effect is, of course, to light up a carved pumpkin for that orange glow of the holiday. 

Pink Porch Light Meaning

Pink Porch Light Meaning

Many people believe that pink porch lights indicate support for the fight against breast cancer. If you see a pink light display on a porch, it could be the home of a breast cancer survivor, or it could be the home of someone who donated to this important cause in order to raise awareness of regular checkups for women. 

Blinking Porch Light Meaning

blinking porch light meaning

A flashing porch light is recognized as an emergency signal that someone is trying to attract the attention of an ambulance, firefighter, or police officer. This can help emergency services find the house faster. With the flashing or blinking light, the emergency services know just where to go. Most emergency vehicles are driving quickly to save lives, which makes reading house addresses difficult.


Here, I have come to the end of the article on topic color of porch light mean . I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.