Black Friday Deals for Paint Products

2019 Black Friday Deals for Paint Products

NOTE: The 2019 Black Friday sales are over, so you’ll not get the discounts if you buy any of these products now. However, keep checking this paint so you’ll know when the upcoming 2020 Black Friday deal starts. Thank you!

The 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday season are just by the corner (November 28th to 29th, and December 2nd, 2019).

If you’re a professional painter or a do-it-yourselfer, this will be the best place to find all the best deals, sales, and coupon codes on paint sprayers, paintbrushes, paint rollers, interior and exterior paints, and other paint related tools.

These deals from 2018 will give you an idea of what’s in store. Check back closer to Black Friday for live deals.

Although the official Black Friday painting deals haven’t been revealed by Amazon, we can make some rational predictions based on past sales.

Don’t quote us on this though, but something tells us this year’s deals will be a remarkable one – and we are totally ready for that. We’ve got you covered for success on this year’s Black Friday deals from Amazon.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you don’t miss out as discounts like this don’t come every day.

Black Friday Deals for Paint Products 2019

Black Friday Deals for Paint Products

Here are the various Black Friday deals on Amazon for paint tools. We listed deals for:

  • Paint Sprayers
  • Paint and Stains
  • Paintbrushes and Rollers
  • Paint Removers
  • Painting Ladders
  • Protective Devices for Painting (safety glasses, helmets, safety clothing, and hand gloves)

Paint Sprayer Black Friday Deals

Paint Sprayer Black Friday Deals

Painting can be a very fun and exciting project, especially when you’re trying to bring your old house or car back to life by giving them a new coat of paint.

However, when you’re doing the job manually using tools like a paintbrush or roller, it becomes a less exciting and time-consuming task. That is why you need a good and efficient paint sprayer.

Paint sprayers come in different types and are meant for different painting purposes. Overall, they’re designed to make your painting job effortless and fast.

Therefore, if you’re a homeowner or a painting expert, and you’re looking to save money this Black Friday and Cyber Monday period on paint sprayers, below are the best Black Friday deals on paint sprayers.

On the table below, you’ll find paint spraying machines for various projects, including exterior and interior walls, automobile painting, fence, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and ceiling painting.

Simply click on any of the links, and you’ll see exactly what the sprayer is good for on Amazon.

Black Friday Deals for Paints and Stains

Black Friday Deals for Paints and Stains

I believe you already know the benefits of painting your home. For one, painting or repainting your home helps to give it a new curb appeal, making it more inviting and attractive. Most importantly, it’ll also boost the value of your home.

Now, if you’ve been planning to purchase new paint for your house painting job, we’ve got you covered here with paint and stains black Friday deals 2019.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to save on paints and buy your favorite paints at an insanely discounted price.

Paintbrush and Rollers Black Friday Deals

Paintbrush and Rollers Black Friday Deals

While it’s always better to use paint sprayers for your painting tasks in order to save time, some painters still prefer using paintbrushes and rollers.

Most professional and DIY painters are already familiar and used to the manual way of painting, which is we also present you with paintbrush and roller deals and discounts on Amazon.

Cyber Monday Deals for Paint Removers

Cyber Monday Deals for Paint Removers

Yes, we’re not leaving out paint removers on this 2019 Cyber Monday deals for paint products. This is because paint removers are simply one of the most important tools of a painter.

You’ll always need them while trying to paint walls that have cracking, peeling, or flaking paints. Apparently, painting on such walls without first stripping off the existing paints will give you a very poor finish.

There are different types of paint removing tools, such as sanders, heat guns, chemical paint stripers, etc. On the table below, you’ll find the various deals on paint removers for 2019.

Painting Ladders Black Friday Deals

Painting Ladders Black Friday Deals

You will also need a ladder as a serious painter. Ladders are especially useful while working on areas that are high and can’t be reached by hand.

This can be a ceiling, high walls, upstairs, etc. It’s easy to assume that we don’t need ladders in our homes, but you never can tell when you’ll need one.

Black Friday Deals for Protective Devices

Black Friday Deals for Protective Devices

The last but not least deals on our list are protective devices for painters. Ideally, if you don’t want to hurt yourself while carrying out your painting jobs, then you need these protective devices.

This section is made up of hand gloves, safety clothing, helmet, and protective glasses/goggles. These glasses are especially needed when you’re prepping a surface for painting. You don’t want old pieces of paint to enter your eyes while trying to scrape them off – except you wish to go blind…kidding.


There you have it all. We’ve provided you with the best Black Friday deals for paint products on Amazon. And we hope you make the best out of these great and incredible discounts.

Remember that Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes only once in a year, so you don’t want to miss this for anything, except you don’t want to save money on paint supplies.

Happy shopping!

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