best paint sprayer for doors

Best Paint Sprayer For Doors

Whether you are re-modeling your home or completing a new home, giving attention to the doors is almost as important as anything else. Oftentimes, the doors make the first impression. This is why you need to spend as many resources to produce an elegant door.

With a simple DIY skill and the right tools, you should be able to spray your doors instead of spending a fortune hiring a professional painter.

In this article, we have selected the best paint sprayer for doors to enable both beginners and professionals to choose the best sprayers for the job.

We encourage you to make a choice based on some criteria we pointed out. But if you are in a hurry to buy one, then we have included a comparison table so that you can quickly make a decision.

Best Paint Sprayer For Doors

Do You Need A Sprayer To Paint Doors?

best paint sprayer for doors

The truth is that, if you are good at handling brush/roller, then, of course, you can complete all the door paintings without a sprayer. But this comes with a disadvantage.

Brushes and rollers only bring fatigue even before completing a few portions of the job. It may not be professionally done since sometimes, brushes can’t get into some hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to do a job you will be proud to show off and reduce the time of completion; then you should consider opting in for paint sprayers.

Door Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. HomeRight HVLP Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight paint sprayer is not just only recommended for spraying doors, but it is a companion you will need for almost any DIY spraying project you wish to complete at home.

It is easy to use and produces a smooth finish without leaving brush marks on the surface. It is perfect for spraying furniture, cabinets, trim and other items.

The spray gun is well designed to give you full control to achieve what you want. The knob can be adjusted to spray horizontal, vertical, and round.

The paint sprayer is versatile, allowing you not just to only spray paint but also to spray other formulas including enamels, primers, stain, varnish, clear sealer, and polyurethane.

The HomeRight paint sprayer uses a 2 mm precision brass spray tip and nozzle. This enhances the performance of the plastic counterparts. The advantage of this is that it provides a constant, high-quality spray pattern. It also has superior resistance to corrosion and wears.

It comes with a 2-year warranty and U.S based customer service team.

  • Versatile paint sprayer that can do a vast range of project
  • It is easy and straightforward to set up and use
  • Responsive customer care support
  • Cheap and very affordable
  • Poor quality material used
  • Unreliable motor

2. Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Control Spray

The Wagner is an HVLP sprayer that uses a two-stage air turbine to eject paint and produces a fine finish on the surface. With the adjustment of the air cap, you can set it to spray three patterns, including round, horizontal, or vertical, to suit the objective of your job.

There is the feature of a regulator on the trigger, that allows you to adjust the material volume to achieve a perfect and continuous flow every time. This is necessary to get an even coat.

It is not only made to spray paint; you can conveniently use to spray other formulas such as stains, sealers, urethanes, varnishes, and lacquers.

The Wagner Spraytech allows you to complete the project faster than you could imagine. With this machine, you can cover an 8′ x 10′ surface within five minutes. It is rated to spray up to 8.0 gallons per hour.

With this precision, you can be sure to get a quality job done in spraying your doors and trims.

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  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • It is affordable and good for starters
  • Use with a variety of materials
  • If you are not good at controlling the regulator, it can result in overspray

3. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

The Flexio 890 paint sprayer has been designed to do more than just spraying doors. Owning one means you can complete just any painting and spraying project. Thanks to its professional and efficient motor that you can rely on.

Whether for spraying walls, doors, furniture, ceilings, cabinets, and trims, you can never go wrong. The overall design is sleek. The turbine sits on the ground while it channels the pressure through a flexible hose.

So you only get to handle the weight of the spray gun to give you excellent maneuverability and reduction in fatigue.

One unique feature that made us pick this product as one of the best paint sprayers for doors is the double nozzle feature.

The iSpray nozzle is there for spraying larger jobs, which is suitable for spraying door surfaces, while the Detail-Finish nozzle is there for spraying small projects such as trims and hard to reach edges on the door.

There are other adjustable settings to make your job more professional. The kit is also easy to loose and clean up after each completion.

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  • It can handle a wide range of spraying project
  • Features range of adjustment to suit your preference
  • Separate spray gun and turbine to reduce weight on the hand
  • Easy to clean up
  • Difficult to set up – too many parts to couple together

4. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

How about spraying things in areas where there is no power source. This can limit you and increase the time to complete your job. So we have decided to include a cordless paint sprayer to save you the stress of looking for a power source.

This is also safer because you can conveniently spray your doors and other items outdoors where there is sufficient ventilation.

It is powered by DeWalt XR 20V lithium-ion system. This allows you to spray up to 1 gallon for every complete charge.

One of the major advantages of the GracoUltra paint sprayer is that it gives you a perfect airless finish. Because of the absence of a cord that can get in the way, you can easily maneuver to get a perfect job.

The Pro-control II and the Smart-control allow you to adjust the motor’s speed and the pressure, respectively.

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Upon purchase of the product, the full kit comes with the sprayer, 2 DeWalt 20V Max Compact batteries, battery charger, flexliner bags, and storage bag.

  • Easy maneuverability with the absence of a cord
  • Quickly paint items without providing a power source
  • Job is completed faster
  • 2 batteries to interchange
  • You may get stranded if there is no power source to charge the batteries

5. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Without being compromising, the Graco Magnum Paint Sprayers are one of the best paint sprayers for doors.

There is an adjustable pressure control that lets you alter the flow of paint to suit the project. One unique feature of the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 is the ability to spray paint un-thinned at high pressure – thanks to the stainless steel piston pump.

The overall design makes your job faster. You do not need to always top-up paint in the paint container. You can spray directly from a 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket by linking the spray gun to the bucket through a flexible suction tube.

Cleaning your sprayer is made easy by featuring a compatible power flush adapter that can connect to your garden hose to flush any paint residue after every job completion.

Combining the length of the hose and power cable, the paint sprayer can reach up to 75 feet length. This means you can move around to perform all your jobs both indoors and outdoors.

  • It is versatile and can perform any spraying task
  • It gets the job done faster than others
  • Lightweight yet very powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable pressure for better paint-flow control
  • Not effective with thicker paints
  • A bit expensive

Paint Sprayer For Doors | Buyer’s Guide

door paint sprayers

The following guide will help to make the best choice from our list or if you intend to buy elsewhere. We highly recommend that you follow these criteria, especially if you want to buy a sprayer than can do all painting jobs and, most notably, painting doors and trims.

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The length of the hose or power cable

If the doors are already fixed, then you may want to consider the length of the hose. Typically, a lengthy hose will make the job faster. You can spray paint multiple doors without having to always shift the turbine or adjust position every time.

Similarly, with a lengthy power cable, you will not have to always look for an extension or change the power outlet source to suit your new location. This will make your job faster and less frustrating.

The weight of the sprayer

This is also another critical factor to consider. By this, we mean the weight of the spray gun. If it is too heavy, you may easily get tired. A lightweight gun makes it easy to maneuver and make the job faster.

There are two different designs for paint sprayers. You can either get one that has both the spray gun and the motor incorporated together or buy the one that has the spray gun, and the turbine separated. The latter is the best when it comes to lightweight features.


You do not want to buy a paint sprayer that will not be able to perform other sophisticated tasks. If you are on a reasonable budget, then it will be wise to buy a versatile paint sprayer that you can use to do other spraying jobs.

One of the criteria to look out for is the ability to spray a variety of formulas with different thicknesses.

How to Paint a Door with Paint Sprayer

Here’s how to paint a door with paint sprayer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to spray paint interior doors?

Paint does not only make your home attractive, but it also protects the surface it lays on – especially metal doors can get rusted. Whether metal or wooden doors, we recommend that you spray them. Using quality paint on doors is what is essential.

The best paint for interior doors is one that self-levels; otherwise, the paint won’t bond over the surface into a smooth finish when dried. Always use interior paints for interior projects.

Should you remove doors to paint them?

The best way to paint doors is by laying them flat to avoid drips. This will make the paint, coat the surface evenly. Unfortunately, most doors are heavy, and if you are repainting all doors in your home, it may be too much work, having to pull them off their hinges.

You can, of course, paint doors while they are still on their hinges. The best way to do this is by using spray paints or use a paint sprayer to achieve a professional job.

Do I need to sand a door before painting?

This depends on the initial condition of the door. If your door is not in a terrible state, you only need a light sanding with sandpaper. This will enable the primer bond to the surface and get it ready for painting.

Similarly, it is also necessary to smooth out chipped paint and imperfections from previous paint jobs if you are repainting.

Can I use a paint sprayer for doors?

A hand-held, airless sprayer, or an HVLP sprayer, are also good choices if you’re only painting two to three doors. While it’s true that an HVLP sprayer produces a fine finish with less overspray, you can get excellent results too using an airless, equipped with a fine finish tip of the correct size.

Is it better to spray or roll paint on doors?

Whether you spray, brush or roll, you’ll get the best results if you prepare the door properly, and, because paint levels better on a horizontal surface, if you take the door down and lay it flat. Even if you have to paint the door in place, you can still get good results.

Can you spray paint wooden doors?

Opting to spray paint doors is a super quick, easy and cost-effective alternative to replacing interior and exterior doors. It allows you to achieve a professional finish through simple DIY methods.

Should doors be satin or semi-gloss?

Paint with a satin finish is formulated to hold up to cleaning and light scrubbing. Semi-gloss: Semi-gloss paint is most often used on doors, trim, and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. It is easily cleaned and lays down a nice, subtle shine, without being too glitzy.

How do you spray paint a metal door?


  • Set up a spray area by covering work area with a drop cloth.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove door from hinges and hardware from door.
  • Use painter’s tape to completely tape off any area that you do not want painted.
  • Using an all-purpose cleaner, thoroughly clean the door to remove dirt, oils and dust.

How much does it cost to spray paint a door?

Pricing varies depending on the size of the door, the number of doors to be painted, and the average labor rates in your area. Most interior doors cost between $50 and $200 to paint. However, doors opening to the outside may cost more, up to around $300. Most painting contractors charge by the hour.

What is best paint for interior doors?

Without further ado, here are the best paints for interior doors.

  • Best Overall: Behr Marquee Interior Paint at Home Depot.
  • Best Color Selection: The Spruce Best Home by KILZ Interior Paint & Primer in One at Amazon.
  • Best Budget:
  • Best Semi-Gloss:
  • Best High-Gloss:
  • Best Matte:
  • Best for Metal Doors:
  • Best Single-Coat:

What type of paint is best for interior doors?

Fingerprints and grime are to be expected on interior doors in high-traffic areas. So pick paint with a gloss or semi-gloss finish, rather than flat or eggshell, for a surface that’s much easier to wipe clean. A glossier paint also makes doors and trim stand out beautifully against the flatter wall surface.

Can you paint a door while its hanging?

Doors can be awkward to remove from their frames, so it’s often easier to paint them in place. That way, you can paint both sides without having to wait for one side to dry. You also don’t have to worry about nicking the fresh paint when you re-hang the door.

What is the best gloss paint for doors?

What is the Best Gloss Paint?

  • Dulux Trade High Gloss paint. Best gloss paint for a tough durable finish.
  • Rustins Quick Dry Small Job Gloss Paint.
  • Johnstone’s Interior Non Drip Gloss.
  • Rust-Oleum Universal Gloss Paint.
  • Sandtex 10 Year Exterior Gloss.
  • Farrow & Ball All White Full Gloss.


We commend your efforts for trying to get the right sprayer for the right job. We do not doubt that all the products we have reviewed here will give you precisely what you want from a sprayer.

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer[/amalinkspro] made it the best among all other products listed. It has got all the perfect features to paint doors, especially when they are still hanging vertically on their hinges. You can paint evenly without experience dripping.

Now that you have found the best paint sprayer for doors let’s go and get those doors painted.

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