Best Paint Sprayer for Cars

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If you’re a DIY painter, then using a good paint sprayer for cars will make the painting task an easy one and also help you to maintain your car’s value.

That’s not all, with one of the best paint sprayer for cars in this article, you can even restore your car to normalcy after an accident.

Unfornutaly, car painting is a very tedious and delicate task. This is because the majority of car owners often pay more attention to details, which is why the painter is supposed to have enough training and experience before taking up any car painting job.

But you don’t have to stress yourself much on this. By investing in a reliable paint sprayer for vehicle painting, you can easily do all the work on your own like a pro.

And if you’re a car owner, instead of spending a huge sum of money to have your car repainted, why not take a look at some of the top rated paint sprayers for cars we have here and get yourself one immediately.

Best Paint Sprayer for Cars

1. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity Feed Paint Gun


If a kind of paint sprayer like Devilbiss Finishline is within your reach, one can guarantee a better result. It provides a recent improvement in the value of atomization technology.

The air sprayer is known for its accurate machined fluid nozzles, and air cap achieves excellent finishes.

When it comes to the cleaning process, it’s much more comfortable as a result of its internal passages and anodized body – an unusual quality to other paint sprayers.

Furthermore, it’s an HVLP paint sprayer which gives a soft spray with a secure, adjustable system.

  • It is pretty to clean
  • It has a low bounce back and overspray
  • It’s a multipurpose device
  • Sculpted from durable and sturdy material
  • No room for thinning of paint
  • Availability of Multiple tips
  • It is lightweight; about 1.5 pounds
  • It works perfectly well with other heavier colors
  • Less storable case
  • No availability of filter in the cup
  • Fan pattern isn’t wide enough for large jobs


2. Wagner Spraytech 0529031 Black MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer


Among the other best airless paint sprayer for cars, the Wagner 0529031 is for installers and DIY auto-enthusiast. It has an additional two separate nozzle and cup attachments alongside a portable X-boost turbine.

This paint sprayer does not need additional equipment on any surface – not even an air compressor.

With the help of the iSpray nozzle, it sprays a protective coatings top that creates a textured and thick coat. Moreover, the nose does excellent finishes for thinner paints.

The gun sprays the paint productively without waste to create a smooth finish.

  • Availability of 39-foot hose for flexibility
  • It’s suitable for Plastic Dip
  • It comes with a 2X Nozzles
  • It’s less expensive; more affordable
  • It applies to vast coatings
  • Separation of cup & nozzle attachment
  • Easily adjustable
  • Wagner MotoCoat is cleanable
  • Complaint on clogging of the guns


3. Graco-Sharpe 288878 HVLP FX3000 Paint Spray Gun, 1.0 mm


The FX3000 is a less stress HVLP spray. Secondly, it’s a lightweight device of 1.0m HVLP gravity fed spray gun. The FEX3000 is one of the most trusted car paint sprayers out there.

I give a personal assurance for the FX3000 as it’s compatible with most paints, and works great.

Furthermore, handling this device is more natural, and it doesn’t require any unique painting experience to use – it’s both for professional car painter and Do-it-yourself.

  • Give an excellent finish
  • Many tip sizes are available
  • Compact and lightweight
  • For pro experience starters
  • Easy to control the spraying pattern
  • New tips are expensive
  • Smaller fan pattern
  • Frail nozzle gasket
  • Customers often complained of nozzle leakage


4. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System, Blue


The Fuji 2203 semi-pro is a high-quality airless paint sprayer for cars with an affordable price. It’s a superior design for beginners and professionals.

Thus, no specialized knowledge required before operation. Also, this device has an adjustable fan control system. It’s one of the best sprayers on the market.

As part of the HVLP paint sprayers, Fuji has a very-ease-to-notice feature of 2-stage 14w bypass motor.

  • 2-year Warranty given
  • This device has a high motor
  • It applies to paint proper
  • The fan control pattern is top
  • Availability of air control valve
  • Availability of powerful 2-stage system
  • It’s highly multi-purposed
  • No room for a bleed spray gun
  • It’s quite expensive
  • Its metal easily corrodes
  • The Fuji 2203 is not adjustable


5. TCP Global Brand HVLP Spray Gun Set – 3 Sprayguns with Cups, Air Regulator & Maintenance Kit for All Auto Paint, Primer, Topcoat & Touch-Up


TCP is one of the best paint sprayers for cars available at the moment. It works productively well on top coats, base coats, and final touch-ups jobs. If you don’t have enough time, with TCP at hand, you can finish the job in time.

Interestingly, the TCP comes with three spray guns with different cups, sized nozzle, and steel needles. The spray guns are manually adjustable and controls air pressure and fluid flow more quickly and easily.

  • Interesting finishing style
  • It’s a unit with three spray guns
  • The Sprayer Comes with kit & instruction manual
  • It’s Lightweight
  • Arms are all manually adjustable
  • It’s faster and saves time
  • Buy one, to get three spray guns
  • Not the best quality for large jobs
  • The guns clog

How to Chose the Best Paint Sprayer for Cars

best airless paint sprayer for cars

Here are some of the things you should always be mindful of while purchasing a car paint sprayer:

 1. Type

The most important thing is knowing the different types of paint sprayers other than quality. Now I’m not saying that quality is less critical, but instead, TYPES come first.

If you can understand what type of sprayer for cars to use or avoid – based on the nature of your work – either Siphon feed sprayers or automotive painting, you have succeeded with the first step of picking the best tool.

There are three major types of car sprayer required for the car painting job, which include:

1. Air gun Spraying

Air gun sprayer is a highly admired tool for the industrial project. It’s the means of spraying that uses an air-pressurized spray gun that releases paints onto the object. It has a nozzle, air-compressor and paint basin.

However, there are no unexpected disrupt in the works while using air gun sprayers.

Just pull the trigger, and the paint automatically mixes with the compressed air stream and give a smooth spray pattern. You can go for this category of car sprayer for they’re always suitable for large works.

2. High-Pressure Paint Sprayers (HVLP)

HVLP is a standard and more comfortable spray gun. HVLP spray enables the paint to cover the surface aggressively. This spray gun dispense finishes at a high volume, low pressure which results in less overspray with a proper finish touch.

3. Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP)

LVLP has some resemblance to HVLP in operation, but it’s slightly different. The LVLP uses a small volume (LV) of air with a spray gun that operates at a lower pressure (LP) to perform brilliant coating on the target surface.

Manufacturers of mass-produce wood products commonly use a method of LVLP. The mechanical spray combined with a paint-saving system to recovers paint. It’s ideal to choose an LVLP sprayer if you’re into mass-production.

4. Airless Spray Guns

This system of spray made for contract painters is for heavy-duty chemical, marine an industrial linings and coatings.

It’s anatomization of coating found using about 300 to 7,500 pounds per square inch (2,100-51,700kPa) high-pressure pump. It uses different tip sizes to get the desired spray pattern size and atomization.

2. Quality

Secondly, it is Quality! Quality is essential. It’s the one thing you can’t ignore; focus on the quality of the product.

If you by chance settle for a low-quality sprayer, it’ll give unsatisfying results.  Nevertheless, high-quality paint sprayer ensures an excellent finish.

If you’re going for an automotive paint sprayer, ensure you choose a well-trusted brand. A good quality paint sprayer makes every job smooth and easy.

Despite the quality checked, you don’t want to ruin the look of your car. There’re other factors to be considered.

3. Tips

Endeavor to look for a quality paint sprayer whose tip is changeable or adjustable. When painting a vehicle for excellent jobs use a 1mm tip, whereas, a 1.4mm tip for a topcoat. Then, primer, you’ll want to use 1.8mm tip.

4. Cups

Another crucial factor to consider is paint sprayer cups. To ensure a perfect job, look for at least a 3-4 ounce cup for detailed work. However, get about 20-ounce cups for topcoats and primers.

5. CFM rating on Your Paint Sprayer

CFM is Cubic feet per minute, and the CFM rating on paint sprayer is essential if you’re choosing an air compressor for painting.

The CFM helps to measure how much air could deliver a specific pressure. If using paint guns, they require a much higher CFM rating. Please endeavor to check the CFM rating before purchase.

6. Prices of Paint Sprayers for Car

Finally, money speaks last. There’re certainly no fixed price for paint sprayers –specifically automotive spray guns.

Depending on the high-quality spray guns, it should be very affordable. But if you go for multiple paint guns or kits paint sprayers the higher the cost.

Best airless paint sprayer for cars

Many people get confused; they often choose general sprayer over a car paint sprayer. Well, there’re noticeable differences. Car paint sprayers are smaller in size and have a shorter hose. However, they’re lighter in weight.

Different car paint sprayers come in different sizes and shapes from various manufactured car paint sprayer brands. Each has its features, benefits, and unique design.

Remember the secret is to get the best tools. Frequently, the painter’s output is made better with the help of the quality of his weapons. On the other side, the finish of the car will be the opposite if you use the wrong tool.

So if you’re looking forward to setting up your own car painting business or you want it for your home car spraying projects, then look no further.

Car Paint Sprayers | Conclusion

The painting of a vehicle is so different and can not be compared to other painting like house wall or furniture. Here imperfections on the painted car surfaces are very transparent, and a single mistake can ruin the entire beauty.

The best paint sprayers for cars will enable your complete repair or even maintain the value of your vehicle.

I take it with our guide; you don’t need to pay or hire a professional painter anymore. Now is the time to get high-quality results by your own hands with just the right tool.

We hope the review above will guide you to pick the perfect paint sprayer and make matter much easier for you.

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