best paint rollers for wall imperfections

Best Paint Roller To Hide Imperfections

There are a lot of ways to hide imperfections. However, the majority of those processes are usually expensive because you will have to employ the services of a professional painter. If you have a little DIY skill, you can do it yourself using affordable brushes and rollers.

Using thick paint to apply on the surface will be one of the most cost-effective ways to hide imperfection on walls. Unfortunately, the majority of the low-cost paint sprayers are only able to spray a thin layer of paint.

Using the best paint roller to hide imperfections will help you achieve the result more cheaply and less messily.

So in this article, we have been able to select five of the best products that you can buy today and get the job done even without much experience.

Best Paint Roller To Hide Imperfections

Benefits Of Using A Roller Over Brushes For Hiding Imperfections

best paint roller to hide imperfections

We understand that using brushes have a lot of advantages, but also does paint rollers. No doubt that some brushes can also hide imperfections. But for roller lovers, we will highlight some of the benefits of using rollers so that you can remain positive when buying one.

Better coverage

Rollers offer better coverage than brushes. Rollers are wide, which ranges from 4 inches to 9 inches. Some rollers measure up to 18 inches depending on the wideness of the surface you intend to paint.

A single pass with the smallest roller will give you larger coverage than using a brush of the same size.

Increased pace

A tool that gives better coverage directly means that it will make the job faster. Using rollers no doubt makes the job faster because it also holds more paint than brushes.

Rollers apply paint faster as it reduces random and irregular uneven spots. It is going to take longer to cover a spot when using brushes. But with paint rollers, with two or three passes, the imperfection is gone.

Better surface finish

It is easier to achieve a smooth finish when using rollers. If you have no good experience, you may find it challenging to paint without having brush strokes on the surface, especially when using a paint that is not self-levelling. With rollers, you worry less about having this.

Haven said all these; it is certain that rollers cannot do all the jobs. But when it comes to painting corners, brushes are better off.

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Top-Rated Paint Rollers For Hiding Imperfections

1. Bates- Paint Roller Covers

Having multiple roller covers will allow you to complete a large project while maintaining the same texture and finish throughout the entire house. This is why we have decided to review the Bates- Paint Roller Covers that come in a pack containing five pieces of cover.

All pieces of the cover measure the standard nine inches length. The nap, which is one of the most essential criteria in choosing a roller to hide imperfection is an ½ inch thick.

Combining the thickness of the nap and the material which happens to be micro-fiber, it holds more paint, thus making it easier for you to get a smooth surface even with the worse, imperfect wall.

Even though the set of covers is affordable, they are still durable, and you can use them over and over for more projects because they are easy to wash and clean after use.

No matter the type of paint and stains, this roller covers will do a great job in applying to achieve a perfect finish.

  • Ideal for both professional and beginners
  • Works perfectly with all paints and stains
  • Easy to clean and reuse for different projects
  • 1/2inch roller holds more paint to cover an imperfection
  • You may notice small tiny fibers on your wall at initial use

2. 9 PCS Paint Roller kit

If you do not have the complete painting tools, this will be a fantastic option for you. It comes in a complete kit containing nine pieces of painting tools including, tray, roller handle, four roller covers of different nap materials, cleaning tool, sterling bar, and a paintbrush.

This is a complete painting toolset you need to complete your painting project. The paint roller’s frame is sturdy as it features a comfortable plastic handle that allows you to paint for long without feeling a strain on your hand.

The four roller covers are made from sponge and polyester fur. The thick filament holds a lot of paint. This allows you to paint surfaces with varying levels of imperfection to achieve a smooth surface.

The tray is made with quality material of high strength. It prevents the paint from splashing thus saving your resources. It is also easy to clean for re-use.

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Overall, this product is a good choice if you want a tool that can perform all your painting tasks.

  • Four covers for roller frame
  • Paint tray allows for better storage
  • Contains most of the tools needed for most of the job
  • Suitable for confined spot
  • The roller cover is small, and so offers small coverage per stroke
  • Slight shedding occurs

3. Bates Paint Roller set

This product also comes as a kit containing most of the painting tools you will need for your project. It includes 11 pieces of tools which is more compared to the others reviewed above.

Some of the tools included are the tray, two roller covers (9 inches), 9-inches roller frame, two roller covers (4 inches), roller frame (4 inches), 2 inches angel paintbrush, and a high-density foam brush.

The nap measures ½ inch in thickness which is sufficient enough to hold as much paint needed to close up imperfections. The synthetic filaments are strong and durable and will not shed while painting even the roughest surface.

The value of the paint tray is incredible for the price. It is durable and can be used over and over for different projects. It is easy to wash off the paint and prepare it for another job.

We like the fact that it has got covers and handles of different sizes, which means you can handle a variety of large and narrow surfaces with a single product

  • Durable design allows easy cleanup
  • Thick filaments hold more paints
  • Two different sizes of roller cover
  • Additional foam and paintbrushes included
  • Little lint may take place

4. Bates – Paint Roller with two covers

The bates paint roller is also one of the best paint rollers to hide imperfections. It comes with a durable frame and two paint roller covers.

The handle and frame are designed to be efficient while improving the user’s performance. It is easy to use and maneuver. Made from a sturdy five-wire cage with nylon end caps, it will last long. Since it is a 9-inch frame, it can be used for other roller covers of the same length.

The covers measure 9 inches each. The nap thickness is ½ inch. This will offer great coverage while increasing the pace at which you will complete the job.

It holds more paint and releases it evenly on the surface. Made from high density and shed-resistant micro-fiber, it offers reliable durability.

While some of these thick nap paint roller covers shed their filaments, this one is tough. It is great for all paints, easy to clean and re-use, and for the price, it is worth your money.

  • The handles are lightweight with nylon end caps
  • High-density microfiber cover
  • Offers great coverage
  • Can be used multiple times for different projects
  • The nut holding the internal support bar loses easily, thus detaching from the cover

5. The Wooster RR929-9 Super Fab Roller Cover

The Wooster Company offers you a roller cover capable of giving you the smoothest finish while hiding the worst imperfection with no hassles.

This is perfect for rough surfaces to make them smooth as it offers shed-resistant filaments. The HydroFlow technology provides controlled release of the paint. This means that it will release paint evenly.

It comes in a pack containing three-roller covers of 9 inches length. This gives you great coverage. Also, the nap is 3/8 inch thick, which provides for better absorbent of paint. We think that it is expensive compared to others, but this is expected since it is from a reputable company.

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There is a feature of a double-thick polypropylene core that resists water, solvents, and cracking. This is a common feature on all paint roller covers from the brand.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this roller cover is ideal for all skill levels.

  • Shed-resistant
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Gives the finest paint finish on the surface
  • For rough surfaces
  • May not roll well on super-smooth surfaces

What to Look for When Buying a Paint Roller For Wall Imperfections

best paint rollers for wall imperfections

Buying a general paint roller for painting is different from buying one specifically for hiding imperfections on your walls. So we find the following criteria necessary for choosing the best.

The thickness of the nap

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a paint roller. The cover is available in different nap sizes, and this determines the type of surfaces that will be ideal for it.

For rough surfaces that have got so much imperfection, it is recommended to use either a ½ inch or 3/8 inches thickness. These are probably one of the common sizes you will find the market.

All products we have reviewed here fall within this category, so you will not have to do a lot of work.

Roller length and cover length

Just like the nap, the roller and cover have also got a length. There are ranges of length available. The most common lengths are 9 and 4 inches.

The length of the cover determines the coverage per stroke. If you use a longer length, it will offer you better coverage. This helps to increase the speed of your project.

On the other hand, if you will be painting narrow surfaces where the 9-inch lengthy roller cannot get in, then the 4 inches roller will be useful.

If you are not sure of the type of surfaces you will be painting; then you can choose to opt-in for those that come in a set containing both roller sizes.


If you want to hide imperfection; it will be unwise to do this with a roller that sheds because this will forfeit the purpose.

For rough surfaces, there is more possibility of shedding, which is why you should concentrate on buying one that offers super durable filament. We have also considered this during our research, so you will have little or no lint shedding for the worst surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint hides imperfections?

Using the right paint roller with the right paint will hide imperfection and give you a perfectly smooth finish. Haven found the best paint roller; the question is, what type of paint hides imperfections?

Reflective paints are the perfect choice for hiding imperfection. Flat and satin paints fall within this category, so it is ideal for this purpose.

How do you hide imperfections on the wall?

There are many ways to do this. If these imperfections appear at a lower part of the wall, you can use furniture to cover them up. To permanently deal with this, you need to employ proper prepping and painting.

Prep the surface to the best possible. Then use the appropriate paint roller and recommended paint to apply. It may require multiple coats to achieve a fine finish.

How do you remove roller mark on the surface?

If you have used good paint, you should not worry about roller marks. It becomes smooth as it dries to touch.

The best possible way to avoid marks is to thin the paint. Using thick paints increases the chances of printing roller marks.

Will a thick nap roller to hide imperfections?

A thick nap roller will hide imperfections but it will not fill any holes. Rollers are made to cover a large area in one stroke so they will miss some places where you will have to touch it up with a brush.

What is the best paint to hide imperfections?

Satin paint is similar to eggshell, but it stands up well to moisture and is the best choice for hiding problems in a heavily used area. Semi-gloss and high-gloss paint are extremely reflective. Both tend to highlight imperfections rather than hiding them.

How do you hide imperfections when painting a wall?

The more reflective or glossy the paint sheen, the more noticeable those imperfections will be. Conversely, flat or matte finishes absorb light, helping to hide bumps and bruises. So, paint with a flat finish is the most effective paint for hiding wall imperfections.

How do you hide imperfections in drywall?

Hide drywall imperfections and flaws by using the paint ragging technique. After your repairs, add a primer coat to the wall with a roller. When the wall is dry, apply a base coat of, for example, sky blue by roller and then a cloud-white glaze coat ragged onto the walls for a soft cloth-like effect.

Is there a thick paint to cover bad walls?

Polycell Polyfilla SmoothOver for Damaged & Textured Walls is the easy way to create a perfect foundation for a great finish. Its special self-levelling formula fills between ridges and bumps and covers cracks and large areas of damage giving a smooth finish that’s ready to paint.

How do you hide ceiling imperfections with paint?

Paint the ceiling a dark color to hide any imperfections. While darker paint can sometimes make a room appear smaller, dark paint also reflects much less light than paler paint shades, therefore making imperfections virtually unnoticeable. Practice making the texture pattern on a piece of cardboard or scrap plywood.

How do you hide a bumpy wall?

If you don’t want to paint or wallpaper your lumpy walls, the easiest way to camouflage the bumpy texture is to hang photos, artwork or other framed items to cover the problem areas. Because the uneven texture may span a large section of wall, one or two framed pieces are probably not enough to hide the lumps.

Will a second coat of paint cover roller marks?

Roller marks, which painters sometimes call “holidays,” are a routine hazard when painting with a roller, and there are many ways to avoid them. When you notice holidays after the paint has dried, you can usually make them disappear by applying another coat after sanding lightly—if necessary—to remove drips and humps.

Will paint fill in drywall imperfections?

Paint drywall dark hues. Dark colors act like matte paints. They too reduce the reflection of light and so they hide flaws. It works well in rooms, where light can make drywall imperfections visible.

How do you hide a damaged wall?

Create an art collage. Magicians know the power of misdirection, and so do designers.

  • Hang an art piece on a swing arm.
  • Add a shop-style clothing rack.
  • Use chalkboard paint.
  • Hang draperies.
  • Explore your options for brick.
  • Panel an unattractive ceiling.
  • Cover wall vents with screens.


Using the best paint roller to hide imperfection is one of the most affordable ways to handle such cases rather than hiring the services of professionals.

It is important to note that some of the products on our list are only available as a roller cover. So always endeavor to buy a suitable handle/frame and be sure it’s going to come complete. This will help you avoid visiting the market twice.