best paint to remove mold on bathroom ceiling

Best Paint For Bathroom Ceiling To Prevent Mold

Mold loves damp surfaces in poorly ventilated areas, which makes the bathroom ceiling a perfect breeding ground for it. Sadly, you can’t use regular water-based paint to kill mold because, with time, it becomes a food source for these fungi.

Now, if you’re still sitting there scratching your head wondering what preventive measures to take beforehand, you should try the best paint for bathroom ceiling to prevent mold, such as the ones we’ll be talking below.

The mountain of research we conducted proved that these paints can drive mold growth into extinction, as well as creating a wow factor in the room.

Best Paint For Bathroom Ceiling To Prevent Mold

Benefits of Painting Bathroom Ceilings

Best Paint For Bathroom Ceiling To Prevent Mold

It’s Restores Your Bathroom lost Glory

Prevention is better than cure! Instead of folding your arms, praying mold won’t appear, it’s wise to prohibit this fungus.

However, if you already have fungi on the ceiling, scraping it will only put the mold on vacation. Then, it will reappear more hale and hearty.

So, here is the catch: mold will keep breeding, reappearing, and spreading across your ceilings if you don’t look for a permanent solution.

Using the best paint for bathroom ceiling to prevent mold is your number one breakthrough because it contains anti-microbial additives in them.

More importantly, the tight structure of these paints shields moisture from penetrating, which minimizes the amount of water that molds use to grow.

Aside from mold and mildew prevention, it gives a long-lasting one-of-a-kind look that won’t flake or fade any time soon.

It’s a Pocket-friendly Solution

When molds are in abnormally high quantities, they are detrimental to our health because they release poisonous mycotoxins that ignite allergies, causing disease and death in both humans and animals.

I wish I could elaborate on excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials.

But, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) insisted that “any mold should be removed and the moisture source that helped it grow should be removed.”

That doesn’t mean you should make an earth-scattering renovation, while you’ve got the best paints to prevent mold on bathroom ceiling. Besides, these paints can put mold away for decades, yet they are so affordable.

Multi-purposeful and User-friendly

Bathrooms are alone the only areas you can apply these paints. They’re excellent for use in any damp environments or flood remediation to decrease the risk of flood induced indoor fungi.

Lastly, they are easy to apply with a roller, brush, or spray for easy application, regardless of your painting experiences.

All you need to do is prep the surface, prime it (optional), and apply the paint – easy-peasy.

Best Paint To Prevent Mold On Bathroom Ceiling

Below is a list of the best bathroom paint with low odor formula that really gets to the root of shielding your ceiling against mold invasion, while adding beauty to space.

1. Modern Masters ME200-GAL Metallic Paint

The name of this product might sound like an engine paint, but it’s not.

If you have a problem with mold, you can bank on the Modern Master ME200-GAL. Because it is suitable for damp environments, you can use it to prevent mold and mildew from the walls, ceilings, furniture, trim, and more.

The metallic paint is available in a wide variety of colors, and they won’t tarnish, fade, or peel in humid areas.

Furthermore, the paint contains real metal particles, pearlescent, and traditional color pigments that will not only shield the surface from mold and mildew but also adds curb appeal to the room.

The impression Master ME200-GAL leaves a spectacular semi-opaque satin metallic finish on your ceiling.

The paint is low VOC. It doesn’t release toxic fumes after application.

Lastly, Master ME200-GAL only takes 30 minutes to dries. Meanwhile, it covers approximately 400 square feet, which is ideal for quick projection completion.
It is easy to apply

  • Adds curb appeal.
  • Available in various colors.
  • It prevents mold and mildew for a long.
  • Poor packaging.
  • Not truly metallic.

2. KILZ Restoration Maximum Stain and Odor Blocker

KILZ Restoration is one of the best paint for bathroom ceilings to prevent mold because it offers a superior finish that stops mold and mildew formation.

It prevents massive water damage, rust, grease, ink, and pet stains. On top of that, it seals out odors from fire, smoke, nicotine, food, as well as pet odors.

You can apply latex or oil-based paint as a topcoat with either brush, roller, or airless sprayer.

This paint serves as a sealer, primer, and stain blocker for interior surfaces. Although, it’s a water-based primer, yet it performs like a traditional oil or shellac-base primer.

Aside from bathroom ceilings, you can apply KILZ Restoration on glass, brick, ceramic tile, drywall, masonry, plaster, painted metal, and wood.

A gallon covers up to 300-400 square feet and dries to the touch in 30 minutes, while recoat is ready in 1 hour.

The coverage is easy to clean with soap and water. More importantly, it is a low odor, non-combustible, and non-flammable.
Tackles heavy water stains and mold growths.

  • Hide previous stains.
  • It seals out severe odors and smoke.
  • It offers superior adhesion, yet it dries quickly.
  • The paint often settles at the bottom.

3. Zinsser- Perma-White Mold and Mildew-Proof Satin

Zinsser-Perma-white is a smart option for bathrooms because it is durable as well as easy to clean, which makes it ideal for busy families.

You can wipe any dirt off painlessly with soap and water. The coverage is breathable and doesn’t release VOC fumes.

Other than that, the dry paint film is a dirt, moisture, and mildew resistant paint. Thus, making it the best bet for bathrooms and other areas with potential exposure to humidity.

It’s so affordable yet excellent for overhead professional projects. The white finish matches most painted ceilings and newer ceiling tiles.

In summary, the coat is self-priming and scrubbable. You can use it over other painted surfaces, as well as tile, and many more. It dries to touch about 20 minutes or less if you open the windows.
Fast-drying solution

  • Resists dirt and moisture.
  • It can be tinted.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Poor packaging (leakage and spill).

4. Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Primer

This product has an exceptional mold killing prowess that eliminates mold, moss, mildew, fungi, as well as an odor that lures bacteria in interior surfaces.

No existing mold and other fungal organisms can bleed through the Rust-Oleum 276087 coverage. It has an EPA registered anti-microbial to prevent future growth mold on the paint film.

If you already have mold or mildew on the ceiling, the Rust-oleum is a go-to option.

Additionally, it is ideal for homeowners whose fingers are itching to get the job done ASAP because Rust-oleum 276087 covers up to 160 square feet and dries in 30 minutes.

Whereas you can recoat within one hour. Besides, it is water-based and has low odor.
Also suitable for masonry, metals, and binds chalky siding.

  • It has the propensity to put mold on an exile.
  • Seals odor and stains.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Very difficult to mix (solidified).

Rust-Oleum 2774 Zinsser contains a mildewcide that not only immune moisture-prone areas against mold and mildew gatherings but also enhances the surface appearance.

This product promises to put mold and mildew away for 5 years.

It’s a self-priming formula; therefore, it requires no sanding. And, the finish is scrubbable and washable with soap and water, which makes it perfect for bathrooms, basements, and whatnot.

There are dozens of colors within your grasps, for instance, Tintable, pastel, off-white, and medium colors. Regardless its water-base low odor product, the paint resists fade and crack.
Resistants mold and mildew growth

  • No sanding is needed.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • The paint is tintable.
  • You need to wait for 24 before using the shower.
  • You can scrub it after seven days.

Buyer’s Guide For Bathroom Ceiling Paint

best paint to remove mold on bathroom ceiling

Choosing the ideal paint for bathroom ceiling to prevent mold is not an easy task, especially since there are tons of promising products and too good to be true hypes from ads.

You may end up spending a fortune on good-looking paints, only to forfeit its purpose.

Therefore, I’m going to show the exact buyer’s criteria, so you can identify the appropriate products that serve your needs – even if there are dozens of counterfeits in the market.

The Type of Paints and Finishes

There are different types of paints that can prevent mold and mildew in bathroom ceiling. But, from our research we’ve gotten, semi-gloss paint proves to be the ultimate.

Whether you are painting bathroom ceilings, walls, or cabinets, the choice hands-down to semigloss paint because they’re color matching, durable, washable, and fungus-resistant finish.

Furthermore, it’s preferably a fast-drying paint, unlike oil-based one. It dries quickly, stays smooth even in humid conditions, and is easy to clean with water when they get dirty.

If you’re choosing a semi-gloss paint, make sure you pick the one that is 100% acrylic latex – since it’s the highest quality latex paint.

The VOC Level

VOCs are harmful gases with a paint-like smell that we experience after the paint dries. Even the least toxic VOC paint contains 5g/L or less VOC –which is considered toxic.

Reading the prints on the paint cans is vital because you want the safest paint possible.

Most breathable paints have the terms “non-toxic” or “natural” printed on it. So, keep that in mind. Check for any mentioned additives or solvents on the package – as that could help as well.

The Product’s Capability

Do not go outside the box.

If the product requires priming or identify a suitable surface to apply the solution, ensure you stick to that, and follow other instructions.

Failure to do so often leads to a valley of disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I paint over mold on the bathroom ceiling?

Absolutely! But don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

If you rely solely on mold killing primers or paint, the fungus will reappear years to come.

Yes, these products can actively kill mold, but only on smooth, glossy drywall. As for chalky and porous surfaces, the paint won’t penetrate deep enough to kill it from its root.

For the best result, use the appropriate mold cleaner for the bathroom ceiling before applying the solution.

How do I prevent mold on my bathroom ceiling permanently?

The best paint for bathroom ceiling to prevent mold is the simplest, yet effective means to put a stop to mold and mildew, without pouring your money down the drain.

It’s imperative to remove the conditions that favor it, for instance, a weak exhaust fan, or damp and dirty towels dumped in there for too long.

What type of paint is best for a bathroom?

A lot of professionals prefer using semi-gloss paints for the bathroom since they provide maximum protection for humidity and moisture. It’s sturdy and a cinch to clean.

On the other hand, Satin is a better alternative because it’s more durable, and shinier than eggshell, yet it is easy to clean as well. You can use it for bathroom ceilings, walls, and even trim.

Can I use bleach or vinegar to kill mold?

Bleach and Vinegar are capable of killing mold, although bleach only eliminates it on the surface. Meanwhile, vinegar will penetrate the material to kill the fungus.

What paint to use in the bathroom to prevent mold?

To prevent these health hazards, homeowners should opt for paint with anti-microbial additives that resist mold. Many options for this type of paint exist on the market today, such as Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath And Spa Matte Finish (Benjamin Moore) and Zinsser’s Perma-White (Amazon).

How do I prevent mold on my bathroom ceiling?

A few things you can do to keep mold growth to a minimum include:

  • Fix water leaks. If pipes run through your ceiling be sure to check for and repair any plumbing leaks.
  • Increase ventilation. Open doors and windows to increase airflow.
  • Clean your bathroom regularly to eliminate any mold spores.

What is the best paint to prevent mold?

The Best Mold and Mildew Resistant Paints of 2021

  • Kilz Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint.
  • Rust-Oleum Perma-White Mold and Mildew Proof Interior Paint.
  • Fiberlock – Aftershock – EPA Registered Fungicidal Coating.
  • Kilz Masonry, Stucco, and Brick Paint.
  • Rust-Oleum Watertite 5001.

How do you protect a ceiling above a shower?

1. Drywall and green board. You can go for regular drywall in ceilings above the non-shower or tub areas of your bathroom. However, for the space where the shower is located, it is recommended to pick moisture-resistant drywall or green board.

Is there special paint for bathroom ceilings?

The best paint for bathroom ceilings will be an emulsion of 100% acrylic, water-borne, latex paint. If you have a small bathroom ceiling, in say a steamy spa or shower, you’ll want to go as glossy as you can, without disrupting the look as much.

Should you paint the bathroom ceiling the same as the walls?

Painting the trim and ceiling the same color as the walls can give the bathroom an enveloping feel. Light colors can help reflect light, making them a great choice for small or windowless spaces.

Why do I keep getting mold in my bathroom ceiling?

Mold on the ceiling is caused by moisture that has nowhere to go. Steam from hot showers and bathtubs rises to the ceiling, and without proper ventilation, it can settle there. If the moisture remains too long, mold spores begin to grow. In addition to being unsightly, mold can also cause health issues.

Why am I getting mold on my bathroom ceiling?

The primary reason why mold issues appear in one’s bathroom is primarily due to poor ventilation of high levels of moisture. Keep in mind that bathrooms are the perfect setting for mold spores to grow. There is always plenty of water and unless you live in an upscale home there is typically not so much air space.

What kind of mold grows on the bathroom ceiling?

Black Mold
Black mold is the most common type of mold that grows in bathrooms. Black mold is a type of fungi that typically develops in residential households. When it develops, these toxic mold spores can trigger allergies.

Is there a paint that is mold resistant?

Zinsser Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint – Best Bathroom Paint to Prevent Mold. Zissner’s Perma-White Mold & Mildew-Proof Interior Paint is our go-to mold preventative for moisture-prone bathrooms and living spaces. There’s no need to sand your walls before applying this low-odor water-based paint.


Aside from the irritating inconvenience and hazardous health risk it poses, mold can be a pain in the ass when it comes to painting.

And, using the best paint for the bathroom ceiling to prevent mold from spreading everywhere and ruining your bathroom curb appeal, is a cost-effective solution that is suitable for you, if you are a DIY homeowner.

These products go as far as neutralizing the odors causing the bacteria and eliminating the conditions that favor it.

So, rush to the review section and grab yours now!

If you’re still indecisive on which paint to use for the job, be sure to visit the buyer’s guide section for clarity.