best paint brushes for oil based paint

Best Paint Brushes For Oil Based Paint

To get the best result from painting, it is wise to use the right brush for the right type of paint, which is where the best paint brushes for oil based paint comes in.

Let’s face it: Working with oil-based paint can be tricky. One of the ways to reduce the stress associated with it is by using the appropriate type of brush.

Oil-paints are thicker and stickier than acrylic paints. So you need brushes with bristles that are not too soft, especially those solely made from natural material.

If all these terminologies seem like a mirage to you, then you should relax because we have done all the hard work and brought to you, the best oil-based paintbrushes in the market right now.

All you need to do is pick the one that best suits you from our reviews here, and you are good to go.

Let’s get started with an oil-based paint brushes comparison table:

Best Paint Brushes for Oil Based Paint | Comparison Table

Best Oil Based Paint Brushes Reviews

best oil based paint paintbrushes

1. Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set

Thousands of satisfied cannot be wrong, and that is why the Presa premium set made it to our list. This set consists of 5 pieces of paintbrushes of different sizes to enable you to perform all painting tasks requiring brushes.

The brushes are made durable and can perform heavy-duty jobs. Use it on the most abrasive surfaces, and you will get a professional job.

The SRT filaments are there to give the brushes more holding capacity than others. They are fairly tough, and so will give a smooth and even release – thanks to the premium filaments.

Whether you intend painting flat surfaces or edges, you have got the right brush set as it contains the angle sash, square-cut, and round sash brushes in the right size.

The brush is durable and can be used over and over again, not forgetting to mention that they are easy to clean. This brush set is one of the best for oil-based paint.

  • The filaments have good absorbing quality
  • It does not leave brush stroke lines on the surface
  • It is easy to clean and reuse
  • Durable filament will not easily shed
  • It is available in a range of sizes and style
  • It may be too soft to use on thick textured paints

2. Pro Grade – Paint Brushes

If you are looking for a brush that can handle oil-based paints for both indoor and outdoor projects, then this will be a great choice.

Whether for painting walls, trim, cabinets, doors, fences, decks, touch-ups, arts and crafts, the prograde will perform the task without challenges.

The set is available in 5 pieces of different sizes you will need to do all your paintings. The angle sash paintbrush is there for cutting crisp lines or edging, while others are there to paint flat surfaces.

The brushes apply paint smoothly and evenly on the surface. The SRT filament blend is designed to hold more paint. This helps to save time, thus improving the user’s performance.

The Smooth hardwood handle is well-shaped and comfortable to allow comfort while painting for a long time.

The brushes are easy to use, which makes it perfect for all skill levels. For a cheap price, we think it has given sufficient value

  • Affordable paintbrushes
  • A wide range of brush shapes and sizes to perform all painting task
  • Versatility for both interior and exterior projects
  • Not just for only oil-based paints, but great for all paints and stains
  • Also great for arts and craft projects
  • The hairs are few compared to others

3. Wooster Brush Z1120-4 Paintbrush

The Wooster is not just only perfect for oil-based paints, but also does excellent for almost any type of paints, making it one of the most versatile paintbrushes you will ever use.

This is one of the best paint brushes for oil-based paint. All materials have been carefully and rightly selected to achieve this. What can you expect from one of the top manufacturers of paint products in the United States?

A walk through the material will clear all doubts.

The brush features white china bristle with chisel construction. This allows the brush to hold more paint. It also features a solid plastic handle, which improves the user’s performance.

It is better than wooden handles. The brass-plated steel ferrule is durable and strongly holds all the parts together.

It is not available in a set, but it has got all the sizes you will need for your projects. Just select the sizes and shape you need.

  • Made with durable materials
  • Perfect for all paints or stains and urethanes
  • White china bristle with chisel construction
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and style for all tasks
  • Applies paint smoothly and evenl
  • The bristles fall out when washing and when working on rough surfaces
  • It’s a bit expensive

4. Purdy 140853100 XL Brush 3 Pack

If you are looking for a multipurpose paintbrush that can work perfectly for all paints, including latex and oil-based paints, primers, and stains, then you can never go wrong with the Purdy professional brushes.

This product is available in a set of 3 pieces, which includes 1 inch and 1 ½ inch angled brushes perfect for edging and a square cut brush of 2 inches for flat surfaces. The filaments are made from a combination of tynex nylon and Orel polyester blend.

It is ideal for all types of painting projects, both indoors and outdoors. It is one of the most versatile brush series you will ever find in the market.

The Purdy paintbrush has an excellent paint distribution and applies smoothly on the surface. While other paintbrushes may shed and leave brush marks on the workpiece, Purdy has been made to deal with these challenges.

Purdy paintbrushes are hand-made without compromise by craftsmen and for craftsmen of all skill levels.

  • Perfect for all types of paints
  • Hand-made without compromise
  • Ideal for interior and exterior projects
  • Work great in all types of environments
  • The 3 pieces of different size and style will fit all job
  • The brads which attach the handle to the metal ferrule do wiggle and loose after moderate use
  • It is expensive

5. Bates Paint Brush Set

It is available in a set of 4 pieces, including 3, 2.5, 2, and 1.5 Angled brush. If you have the complete set, you will be able to do any painting job requiring brushing. It is specially designed to get the job done quickly with a superior finish.

You can work for a long time without getting fatigued because the overall design is such that it is lightweight. The handles made from quality wood are ergonomically designed to allow for the best maneuver and control.

The synthetic filaments hold more paints, helping you save time while giving you the perfect finish you will be proud of. The set is priced low, yet it measures up to standard when compared to other expensive products.

Whether for a professional or a beginner, these paintbrushes are great for any user. If you intend to use this brush, it is better to thin the paint with thinners first to reduce brush marks.

  • Affordable quality paintbrush
  • The lightweight brush helps reduce fatigue and improves maneuverability
  • Has all complete brush sizes for the job
  • Brittles do not easily shed
  • May inflict brush marks on the surface if the oil-paint is too thick

How to Choose Right Brush For Oil Based Paint | Buyer’s Guide

best paint brushes for oil based paint

Choosing the right paintbrush for the right paint will make a difference in your performance on the project. To help you make the best choice, we have listed some criteria you should consider.

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The type of material used for the filament

There are two materials used for making the filaments of brushes. They are either natural or synthetic material.

If you need a good brush for oil-based paint, then we recommend using brushes made from synthetic material. Natural filaments from animal hair are also great, but they are expensive and sometimes might be too soft to hold much paint.

The major synthetic materials used are nylon and Orel polyester blend. If you can afford to use natural filaments, then you have no problem. We will only suggest sticking to one rather than alternating between synthetic and natural filaments.

Are you applying to get a fine finish?

Most painters working with oil-based paints often work towards applying a fine finish. The type of brush used for painting dramatically affects the kind of finish you will have, especially if the paint used is not self-leveling.

Other factors

Other factors to consider are the thickness and handle’s design. Brushes with full filaments tend to carry more paint. This makes the job faster. But this also comes with a con. It becomes heavy and difficult to maneuver.

For brushes with fewer filaments, they are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Handles are either made from plastics or wood. They can either be long or short. We think that plastics last more since they will not easily decay or react with chemicals used in the project.

On the other hand, short handles are better to work within tight corners and spaces because they are more maneuverable than the short ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use acrylic paint brushes for oil paint?

Acrylic paintbrushes can be used for both acrylic paints and oil-based paints because they are versatile brushes.

Brushes solely made for oil-based brushes should not be used on acrylic paints. Luckily, all brushes we have reviewed here are versatile brushes and can be used on almost any type of paint.

Does oil paint ruin brushes?

Oil paints are sticky. If left to get dried on the brush, it will damage the filaments, and you may not be able to reuse them for other projects.

To make your brushes last long, it is recommended to immediately clean them off. This is done by washing them in paint thinner.

How long can you leave oil paint on brushes?

Do not leave your used brush unattended to for more than one hour. Within an hour, the oil brush is still workable and okay to use. If left beyond this, it may affect the bristles.

If you would not be reusing it within the next hour, then you should consider washing it.

How do you clean oil paint brushes without paint thinner?

Thinners are the best solvent for washing oil-based brushes. But in case of scenarios where there is no thinner available, you can wash thoroughly in hot soapy water. Linseed oil is another good alternative to thinners.

Can you clean paint brushes in the sink?

It is better to wash your paintbrushes in a separate container. This way, you will not be too careful to contaminate or stain anything around.

After washing, you can pour the wastewater into a bathroom sink. Do not pour wastewater in an area where it might seep into the groundwater.

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What type of brush do you use for oil-based paint?

For oil-based paints, most professionals choose a natural China-bristle (hog hair) paint brush. If you are painting a smooth surface with oil-based paint, a natural White Bristle paint brush is your best choice because it is soft and supple.

Can you use synthetic brushes for oil-based paint?

A synthetic, firm brush is best for this application even when using oil-based coatings because it’s very durable and will resist wear on the rough surface. Synthetic brushes are recommended for latex and acrylic paints and water-based wood finishes.

What size brushes for oil painting?

Choosing the right brush size

That means that a brush that’s 2 inches wide is designed for a canvas that’s at least 2 or 3 feet in either direction. For a 14-x-18-inch canvas, sizes #3 to #6 are best. A 6-x-9-inch canvas requires smaller brushes, and a large canvas of 3 x 4 feet or more calls for very large brushes.

How do you thin oil-based paint for brushing?

What About Oil-Based Paint?

  • Pour your paint into the container.
  • Add one part turpentine or mineral spirits for every three parts of paint.
  • Stir with a stick you’ll never use for anything else.
  • Brush the paint onto a test surface and inspect the results.
  • Add more thinner if the paint is still too thick.

Can you use foam brushes with oil-based paint?

Paint Brush Types

Foam brushes are well suited to intricate work such as painting molding or window casings. Natural-bristle brushes are made with animal hair and used mainly with oil-based paints. Latex and water-based paints will dry out the bristles.

Are Harris brushes any good?

No, the Essentials from Harris are the very best brushes you’re going to find at a budget price. Featuring soft, synthetic heads, use these brushes with emulsion and they will hold the paint well, minimising mess and guaranteeing a good, even finish.

Can I use a polyester brush with oil-based paint?

Paint brushes with polyester bristles are durable and won’t absorb moisture. They are an excellent choice for applying water-based paints but can also be used for oil-based paint and stain, varnish, lacquer and shellac.

What is a Fitch brush?

Fitches Brushes. Fitch – can be round or flat and are useful little brushes for touching up little areas and getting into awkward nooks and crannies (like behind pipework and plus sockets).

What brushes did Bob Ross use?

Bob uses the same four brushes for the majority of his paintings: a 2-inch flat brush, a 1-inch flat brush, a fan brush, and a palette knife.

What are Filbert brushes?

Filbert brushes are a flat painting brush with an oval shaped end and medium to long hairs. This brush is a blend between flat and round as it combines properties of both to create wide variety of strokes. The Filbert brush is a narrow, flat brush with hairs that come to a rounded point.


Everyone wants to work smartly and complete every project fast. This, of course, can only be achieved by using the best-recommended tool.

We have listed the best paint brushes for oil based paint. The good thing is that they are also multipurpose products and so can be used on a lot of paints other than oil paints.

To pick the best from our list, we urge you to browse through the pros and cons of each product and see the one that has got the best features that you will want to see in a paintbrush.