latex paint brush reviews

Best Paint Brushes For Latex Paint

When preparing for a painting project, most DIY homeowners concentrate more on getting the ideal paint but pay little or no attention to the quality of the paintbrush they are using for the job.

And, you might be tempted to the same because taking the time to select the appropriate brush out of the thousands of paintbrushes in the market might be tedious and hassle for you.

But don’t worry! We have already weeded out some of the best paint brushes for latex paint from the market that will save you time and give you the professional-looking results you need.

So, keep reading.

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Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint

Latex Paint Brush Reviews

Best Paint Brushes For Latex Paints

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of “too good to be true” hypes and the empty promises you’ve heard from other paintbrush brands. Below are a couple of reliable paintbrushes for latex paint, you should try now.

1. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash PaintBrush

Wooster Brush is the best choice for latex paint because it has synthetic bristles.

It’s a nylon/polyester blend that offers the maximum maneuverability needed while painting details, cutting in edges, and areas that require more attention.

Also, the white nylon and gold polyester blend applies to all types of paints – especially latex paints. It provides uniform coverage and can resist wearing with all latex, acrylics, and water-based stains.

You can use it for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects like painting metal, wood, plaster, masonry, unglazed ceramic, and more.

The valuable time you spend painting won’t be a waste because the Brass-plated steel ferrule ensures the bristle doesn’t flake off in paint when painting so you won’t have a lousy result.

Besides, the bristles can hold a larger quantity of paint and release it with better precision. So, you can get the job done within a flash and move on with other activities of the day.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for all latex paints
  • It’s excellent for both DIY and Professional use
  • The handle doesn’t cause hand fatigue
  • Short handle –can’t hold for long
  • The bristles may come off

 2. Purdy 144400340 XL Series Paintbrushes for latex paint

The Purdy XL Series not only has the workability needed to apply latex and oil-based paint efficiently, but also for all types of primers, varnishes, and stains. It’s the most versatile paintbrush you can have in your toolkit.

It has a medium stiff bristle blend of both nylon and Orel polyester that ensure superior finish and performance.

Said that the Purdy fits your DIY and hobby renovation project, including vast surface areas such as ceilings and walls.

The square edge brush copper ferrule ensures the bristle stays in place while painting. The self-flagging tip offers consistent stiffness retention and long-lasting brush life.

Lastly, the bristle is stiff enough and has extra-long filament for the outstanding paint-holding capability to apply the paint smoothly and evenly, without drips or brush marks. On top of that, it’s affordable and easy to clean/maintain.

  • High quality
  • Easy to clean
  • It provides coats evenly
  • Cuts in corners efficiently
  • The ferrule rusts after first use with latex

3. Wooster Brush Q3108-4 Paintbrush

If you’ve been switching between paintbrushes because of the low-quality production that is affecting your credibility, it’s high time you met Wooster Brush Q3108-4.

Wooster Brush Q3108-4 gives the maneuverability needed for any brushwork. The handle is super comfortable to grip and it reduces hand strain during extensive workload, as well.

Painting by hand might not be the best alternative heavy-duty project. It’s time and energy-consuming and while results in fatigue.

On the other hand, Wooster Q3108-4 can hold a massive amount of paint and apply it for fast and superior coverage.

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The brush is also ideal for trim, ceiling, walls, and floor. Additionally, the bristles allow you to blend vibrant colors effectively.

The product gives outstanding results with all types of paint, especially oil-based and latex. You don’t have to bother about drips or shred bristles.

Soft brush tips not only provide a smooth, even finish, but also sturdy enough to resist wear from any material. You need this paintbrush in your garage for the next painting project

  • Durable & smooth
  • Short handle for better control
  • Easy to clean
  • Bristles might separate

 4. Purdy 144152125 Angular Trim Paint Brush

If you’ve got the ideal latex color for your DIY and professional brushwork, you still need the best paint brushes for latex paint that can save you of the brush working riddle.

Purdy breaks down the complicated and unsexy apply when it comes to detailings, cutting in, and excellent touch-ups.

Even though it was your time using a paintbrush, you can paint a 30minute project in just 15 minutes, without any beginner’s mistakes. Expert painters can as well take their painting game even further with this brush.

The tipped-only, nylon polyester blend provides superior cutting-in capability, which enables you to quickly cut in around edge, molding, trim, as well as ceilings without hassle.

Also, the exceptional design of DuPont SRT Dynex nylon and Orel polyester filaments increases stiffness for use in any climates with any paints and primers.

The Purdy 144152125 adds great value that ensures painting perfection for all types of painters.

So cool your jets and paint confidently – knowing you will end up with a smooth finish throughout your painting project.

  • It offers more control
  • It holds a lot of paint
  • Long-lasting quality paintbrush
  • Ideal for all surface, paints, and stains
  • Easy to clean
  • None found

5. Wooster Brush 4IN P3974-4 Factory Sale Polyester Paintbrush

This Wooster paintbrush has a golden polyester filament that can withstand hot weather and resist wear, which makes it the best choice for all paints – latex and oil-based.

On top of that, the solid black plastic handles offer flexibility and comfort, to making monotonous task, stimulating. Whereas, the brass-plated steel ferrule keeps the bristles intact for a uniform finish.

To put it bluntly, you can feel confident knowing Wooster is the reason behind your successful painting projects.

The brush is adequate for both interior and exterior painting. It is efficient at spreading the mixture, yet it’s less expensive. It might not be the best option for cutting in edging.

The Wooster Brush 4IN P3974-4 offers much control and doesn’t require any expert painting experience.

That said, if you’re not a professional painter and are dubious on what brush to use for the job, I highly recommend this product for fast and maximum coverage.

  • Plastic handle, less fatigue
  • Quality brush at a good price
  • Ideal for most DIY/professional task
  • You always get a smooth finish
  • May shed bristles

What To Consider When Buying Latex Paintbrush

latex paint brush reviews

Buying a paintbrush nowadays is just like buying a toothbrush. Almost anyone can afford it. However, the unlimited options in the market make it a headache to pick the right one.

To make your purchase count, here are few things to consider when buying the best paintbrushes for latex paint.

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The Type of Bristle

The key feature to look at is Synthetic bristles

The bristle must be synthetic, else you’re just picking a random brush for your latex paint, which will have a devastating effect on your project.

Synthetic brush either of polyester or blend of nylon and polyester is suitable to lates paint because they do not soak up water. Thus, becoming limp and less effective.

High-quality synthetic bristles with flagged ends hold more paint and spread paint more smoothly. And, they are not cut flat and straight. Also, the flexible bristle tips ensure they spring back into shape.

The bristles should be short on the outside and longer toward the center for better precision and maximum control.

Lastly, A quality bristle is 50% longer than the width of the brush itself, to enable you to pick up the sufficient amount of paint needed for superior coverage.


Paintbrush usually comes in these designs: Round paintbrush, Angled paintbrush, Graining paintbrush, and Flat paintbrush.

For the sake of the article, we recommend going for an Angled brush with a special blend of synthetic bristles.

Although, Angled brushes are short-handed, yet they are excellent for various detailed work because they’re easy to maneuver and offer great stability.

That said, you can apply your latex paint on groves, edges, panels, corners with ease.


The size also matters when buying the appropriate paintbrush. Brush varies in size from one-to-six inches. You want to choose the following based on your project type.

Firstly, tighter areas like window areas, corners, and trim demand a smaller brush of about 1-2 ½ inch brush.

Meanwhile, a 3-inch paintbrush is suitable for cabinets and shelving.

Lastly, for large, flat areas such as ceilings and walls, a 4-6-inches brush will be the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a latex brush for acrylic paint?

Yes! It’s doable.

Our top picks are versatile with any latex paints, acrylic paints, and water-based wood finishes because they’re all synthetic brushes. Some of them are chinex, nylon, polyester, or nylon/polyester blends.

Are expensive paintbrushes worth it?

You’re a bit safer to invest a couple of dollars in a pricey paintbrush because there are higher chances of getting an authentic paintbrush that is long-lasting.

Additionally, pricey paintbrushes have the premium bristles that can hold up a massive amount of paint for better coverage, without separating or shredding.

What are the best quality paintbrushes on this list?

All the paintbrushes mentioned here are reliable and will deliver on the job.

What is the best paintbrush for edging?

Paintbrush might not be as efficient as paint edger when it comes to edging. So, go check out our list of the best paint edgers.

How do I clean my hardened paintbrush?

Caution! This technique only works with latex or acrylic water-based paints.

First thing first, you need a little amount of fabric softeners like about 1/8 cup and 4 cups of water –depending on how large is the paintbrush. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Try to remove excessive paint from the paintbrush
  • Mix the fabric softener with warm water in a bucket/container
  • Deep the bristles in the mixture, then swirl it until the paint starts coming off
  • Let the paint sink to the bottom of the container (optional)
  • Rinse the bristle in the sink. Secondly, wipe it clean with a paper towel
  • Let the brush dry in a horizontal position on a flat surface. Because if it dries upright, the water will seep into the handle and that might damage the brush

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Can I use a natural-bristle brush with latex paint?

No. Just remember that humid weather can make someone’s hair turn frizzy. Water-based paints do the same thing to natural-bristle brushes, so you will want to use a synthetic brush with latex paint.

What paint brush gives the smoothest finish?

The best paint brush for a smooth finish is the Purdy Nylox Glide brush. It has super soft bristles that do not leave brush marks. It’s perfect to use with latex paint. Projects that are perfect for this paint brush include painting cabinets, trim, furniture and doors.

Can you use foam brushes with latex paint?

Foam brushes are well suited to intricate work such as painting molding or window casings. These brushes are used with latex paints. Natural-bristle brushes are made with animal hair and used mainly with oil-based paints. Latex and water-based paints will dry out the bristles.

Does latex paint leave brush marks?

Brush technique is the same whether you are painting with latex paint, chalk paint, mineral paint, or oil paint. The type of brush, however, may differ from product to product. Natural bristles are ideal for oil-based paint products, but they have the potential to absorb the water inside latex paints.

What is the best paint brush for latex paint?

For latex products, a 100 percent nylon paint brush, or a combination of nylon and polyester, is the best choice. For oil-based products, a Chinex bristle or ox-hair bristle paint brush will give you great results.

Can I use an oil-based brush with latex?

Yes, but you must make sure you clean them extremely well. It’s best if you just buy two sets of brushes-one for latex and one for oil-based paints. Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions.

What brushes do professional painters use?

For oil-based paints, most professionals choose a natural China-bristle (hog hair) paint brush. If you are painting a smooth surface with oil-based paint, a natural White Bristle paint brush is your best choice because it is soft and supple.

What is a good paint brush that doesn’t leave streaks?

The Staalmeester Ultimate ONE synthetic brushes will change how you see paint brushes and it is absolutely the best paint brush for no brush strokes! The blending and quality make of this brush is so good that Jennylyn could not stop raving about it when we got them in stock for the first time.

How do you avoid brush strokes when painting?

How to Minimize Brush Strokes on your Painted Furniture

  • Use the Right Brush for your Paint.
  • Use Good Brush Technique.
  • Paint in the Same Direction as the Wood Grain.
  • Lightly sand in between each coat of paint and after the final coat.
  • Try Rolling On, Laying Off.
  • Give Yourself Some Grace!

What is a flat paint brush used for?

Flat or Rectangluar

Flat or rectangular brushes have square, flexible ends and can hold a lot of paint. When used flat, they can make long strokes and are well suited to blending and painting in large areas. The tip and sides can also be used for more delicate lines and small touches.

What are angled brushes used for?

The angled shape allows for more precise shading. Softer, fluffy angled brushes are great for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter. Angled brushes with stiffer, more densely packed bristles can be used for more controlled contouring.


Using any of the best paint brushes for latex paint for your DIY/ hobby projects will save you time and money. They offer the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to apply latex paint effectively, without headaches.

But, you have a choice. You can either use random brushes to apply your latex and put your credibility at risk or arm yourself with any of the above products (that weeds out all the painting hassle) for a successful latex mission.

The ball is in your court now!

However, if you’re still indecisive at this juncture, endeavor to check our buyer’s guide, alongside the review section for clarity.