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Best Interior Paints

The colorful layer of paint on your home interior walls and furniture go a long way in spicing up your living environment.

While painters may concentrate and spend more time in choosing the best color to match their already existing or proposed furniture, the real battle here is actually finding the best interior paint that will last more than a decade without considering repainting.

There are tons of brands and paints out there. Some are manufactured with a selected formula for exterior purposes, while others are made for interior painting.

The best interior house paint must be able to cover a larger area, easy to clean, and last more than a decade without defects.

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Best Interior Paints of 2020

Why Some Paints Are Not Good For Interior Walls

best interior paints

The formula used in paints differs with purpose. For exterior paints, the formula has to be different from interior paints.

Even when come brands may label their product as “interior and exterior” paint, you still need to do a thorough check to ensure that it meets all standards for interior purposes.

While exterior paints are designed with a formula that can resist defects caused by UV-rays, adverse temperature, and weather conditions, interior paints are designed to be eco friendly.

Some paints are made using a basic formula that emits VOCs and unpleasant smells, and such paints cannot be used for internal purposes as they release toxins into the surrounding air.

For these reasons, exterior paint should never be used inside the house.

The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about all these because we have carefully considered all these in selecting the best paints for interior walls.

Best Paints For Interior Walls

1. Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

It uses the best formula to produce a paint that dries to an ultra-matte and produces a smooth, creamy finish.

Wherever and whatever you intend painting indoors, it will just be suitable as it finds its application in a range of interior surfaces like walls and items such as wood, metal, ceramic, and canvas.

The product is latex-based, which allows for easy clean-up. It has a fast drying time as it dries to the touch in 30 minutes and ready for re-coating if necessary. The paint is economical and affordable as it boasts of 1-coat coverage.

This means that your project can be completed twice faster than others that must require more than one coat. The Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint available in 30 oz container, can cover up to 150 square feet.

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It’s ultra-thick, and because of this, most surfaces will not require priming and sanding before application. The product is available in a range of colors. You can be sure to find a color that will suit your plan.

Rust-Oleum 285140 is manufactured for indoor use and not suitable for exterior application. The paint is durable, has high adhesion power, and almost odorless

  • Low odor
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Affordable and economical
  • Wide range of colors
  • Fast drying time]
  • Not versatile. Cannot be used for exterior purposes

2. Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint

A remarkable product from KILZ that will make your home glow more than you can imagine is the spruce Interior Eggshell Paint.

This product guarantees longevity and will take years before requiring painting. Not only is it durable, it is so easy to maintain as it is stain and mildew resistant.

If there is a stain on the wall’s surface, you can easily wipe it off using ordinary water. This low odor house paint can also be used anywhere inside the house. Kitchen, living room, children’s room, you can never be wrong.

Painting has never been so easy using the Spruce Best Home by KILZ. It’s easy to apply. A brush, roller, or airless sprayer will give an impressive blend.

The product is available in three sheens (Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Matte). It’s also available in a wide range of colors. The paint has a fast drying time as it dries to the touch in an hour and ready to be re-coated after 2 hours.

It’s affordable since it’s available in gallon and got an extensive coverage. Typically, it can cover between 250 – 400 square feet per gallon.

  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Affordable and economical
  • low odor and low VOCs
  • Features a paint and a primer
  • Over 32 Foolproof Colors
  • Easy to apply

3. KILZ TRIBUTE Interior Eggshell Paint and Primer

One of the criteria for choosing the best interior paint is low emissions of VOCs and low odor. Luckily, this is the first qualities the Kliz tribute eggshell boasts of.

It shares almost similar features like the spruce Interior Eggshell Paint reviewed above. However, there are lots of added advantages to consider buying this.

Of course, the added pros come with a price, and that is why it is slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

Tribute will resist stains. Using tribute ensures that every painted surface becomes easy to maintain and clean. Marks from daily wear and tear can easily be wiped off.

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The product, compared to others, is more economical. It has fantastic coverage. A gallon of tribute paint can cover up to 400 square feet for smooth surfaces.

Whatever is your texture and color preference, you can be sure to find it from the wide range of collections. It is available in a 1-gallon container and ranges up to 5 gallons. The acrylic-based paint also comes in four sheens, which includes satin, semi-gloss, eggshell, and matte

  • Wide range of collection featuring sheen and colors
  • Low VOC and odor
  • Advanced technology features paint and primer
  • Economical
  • Scrubbable
  • Mildew-Resistant Finish

4. Rust-Oleum 332143-2PK Simply Home Interior Wall Paint

The latex-based paint is one of the best paint for interior walls. Whatever type of application you prefer, rolling, spraying, or brushing, the paint will easily and conveniently follow suit.

While some interior paints are limited to a particular wall texture and material, this paint is versatile as it can be used on drywall, wood, masonry, steel, or aluminum, creating an unusual and smooth finish.

Just like most interior paints, it is almost odorless with low VOCs present in the formula. The water-based formula makes it washable, easy to clean, and maintain.

Depending on the porosity of the surface being painted, a gallon of Rust-Oleum paint can cover up to 380 square feet.

The eggshell sheen gives a smooth and trendy touch on your wall. The paint is available in 4 different colors to give you the elegant home that you so desire.

For better effectiveness, it is recommended to use a primer first before applying the paint, especially when painting bare metal, bare wood, new drywall, or when painting over dark and contrasting colors.

  • Specially designed for interior wall
  • Features paint and primer
  • Low odorless with low VOCs
  • Good coverage area per gallon
  • Few colors and sheen available

Best Paint For Interior Garage Wall

5. Diamond Brite Paint 31000 Oil Base All-Purpose Enamel Paint

A garage paint should be able to resist stains and easy to clean off. This is why an oil-based paint will be the best for garage wall. Diamond Brite oil-base paint is no doubt one of the best paint for interior garage walls.

The good thing is that it can be used both for interior and exterior purposes because it is sturdy and possess excellent adhesion. It’s also highly resistant to common defects such as scuffs, cracking, fading and peeling

The product is versatile. It can be used on a range of wall types like wood, masonry, concrete, plaster, hardboard, and metal.

It adapts to all methods of applications, including brushing, rolling, and spraying.

A typical oil paint will always take a longer time to dry, and the Diamond Brite oil-base paint is not an exception. It takes between 4 – 6 hours to dry, and thus, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before re-coat.

A gallon of the diamond brite paint will cover 300 square feet for smooth surfaces.

The paint is best for places that receive large traffic, and a garage is one of such. It is available in more than 12 colors.

  • Versatile paint that can be used on a range of wall texture and material
  • Affordable and economical
  • Available in 5-gallon container
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior purpose
  • Durability and longevity
  • Slow drying time requiring a user to wait 24 hours before re-coat

6. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer In One

The 100% Acrylic latex paint from prestige is manufactured with the best formula to give a fantastic paint that is easy to clean up with soap and water and posses low VOCs.

One notable feature we love is that they have a wide range of bright and comparable colors using industry-leading technology. So your garage can have a glowing appearance while allowing you to easily navigate around the garage without much electrical lightening.

Because the colors are light and bright, it may require proper priming and more than one coat for complete hide. Depending on the porosity of the surface, a gallon of prestige paint can cover between 250 – 400 square feet.

We also love the fact that it has a fast drying time. It dries to touch in an hour and ready for re-coat after 4 hours.

It is available in different sheen. However, for garage walls, we think the eggshell is the best choice because they are soft and have a washable look that works well for garages.

  • Easy soap and water clean-up
  • Wide range of bright colors
  • Low VOCs and low odor
  • Fast dry time
  • Washable and Easy to Clean
  • Large coverage
  • Can only be used for painting interior walls
  • May require multiple coats for an excellent finish

7. Montage Signature Interior/Exterior paint

For garage paints, we always prefer light colors. If you also have the same preference, then you should consider the Montage Signature.

Comparing with other products reviewed above, we consider the Montage Signature as the best paint for garage wall. At least, if not for anything, for the fact that there is a 10-year warranty on the product, you can be sure of the durability.

The Improved sealing technology is there to ensure the painted surface resists and withstand moisture, mold & mildew.

It can also be used for almost every purpose, including home, office, garage, and furniture. This amazing latex-based paint is available in over 24 bright colors and two deluxe finishes (Semi-Gloss and Low-Sheen).

Montage Signature has got everything you will need for a garage wall. With fast dry time and great coverage, you can rest assured of value for money.

  • Great for both interior and exterior walls
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Fast dry time
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Available in many different colors and styles
  • Made in the USA
  • Versatile usage
  • Poor shipping packaging
  • Colors are very light

Interior Paint Buyer’s Guide

best paint for interior walls

Sometimes, even if you have a list of the best interior paint, you may still find it challenging to narrow your way down to pick the best choice because most of the paints are versatile. In order to help you make the best choice from the list, we have to consider some criteria.

While making our selection, we also considered these criteria to pick the best, and we will be highlighting those considerations.

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Suitability for the surface

While some interior paints may be suitable for just any surface, some may be better for wood or masonry surfaces. It is essential to put this into consideration when choosing paints.

You should choose the one that holds up best on the surface you’ve planned to paint. We have done more of this job for you by listing paints with the best adhesion power and exceptional versatility for most wall surfaces.

Low or no VOCs

VOCs are toxins present in the chemical formula used in the manufacture of most water and oil-based paints. Emission of these can cause health problems such as nausea, headaches, liver, and kidney damage.

This is one of the most considered criteria for picking an interior paint. You need to watch out for this. So even if the manufacturer states that they are low VOCs, you still want to check out previous customer’s reviews on the sales page because manufacturers can write anything to trigger sales.

We also considered this during our selections. We can conveniently say that every product reviewed here are low VOCs (Volatile organic compounds).

However, when selecting paints other than those reviewed here, look for paints labeled either zero-VOC” or “low-VOC” to minimize exposure to harmful fumes.

Fast dry time

Drying time will increase and enhance your effectiveness and user performance. More importantly, paint with fast drying time actually poses low VOCs.

Typically, VOCs emission from paints span from the time of application up to a few months after application. Go for paints with drying time not more than 6 hours to help minimize your exposure to VOCs.

Paint and primer in one

Products that come as “paint and primer” should be considered worthy. Sometimes you will come across paints labeled “paint and primer.” These are self-priming paints and usually have great adhesion compared to ordinary paints.

Depending on the condition of the surface, you may not need a separate primer, which of course, reduces the cost of painting by almost half. However, for some cases, you may still need a separate primer.

Type of finish

Paints come in different finish or sheen. While the choice of finish may be based on preference and differ from persons, some finishings are better for some surfaces than the other.

The major available finishes available include eggshell, satin, matte, high-gloss, and semi-gloss.

Eggshells have the color and texture of an egg with a slight satin blend. Garages are lovelier when painted with eggshell finish.

Gloss reflects light. While semi-gloss demonstrates a bit of light, high-gloss reflects the most.

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How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

Now, watch the short video below to learn how to choose interior paint colors:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can interior paint be used on furniture?

Depending on the finish and method of application, interior paints will work well on furniture, especially those made with wood. So whether chairs, tables, counters, cabinets, or beds, most interior paints will serve the purpose.

However, we recommend looking at the labels when making a choice. Oil-based paints are best for furniture.

Can garage wall paint be used for garage floor?

Garage paints for floor are also considered as concrete floor paints and are either water-based latex or acrylic paints, explicitly developed for heavy-duty use and concrete floors.

Most floor paint has epoxy added to their formula to make it thicker and stick better. This is not the case of wall paints, so they can’t serve the purpose.

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Which interior paint brand is best?

The 10 Best Paint Brands for Your Interior Painting Projects

  • Best Coverage: Behr Marquee.
  • Most Durable: PPG Diamond.
  • Easiest Application: Sherwin-Williams Cashmere.
  • Best Zero-VOC Paint: Behr Premium Plus.
  • Fastest Dry Time: Ace Royal Interiors.
  • Best Kitchen & Bath Pick: Glidden Interior Premium.

Which is best interior paint in India?

Best Wall Paints In India – Top 5 Paints for Home in India

  • Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion.
  • Berger Easy Clean Luxury Emulsion.
  • Nerolac Beauty Smooth Finish Interior Emulsion.
  • Dulux Stay Bright Gloss.
  • Asian Paints Ace Exterior Emulsion.

Is Farrow and Ball paint worth the money?

The quality of Farrow and Balls interior and exterior paints are better than ever. Compared to when we first started selling F&B we hardly hear any complaints about coverage, or having to apply multiple coats, and I would say these days Farrow and Ball paints stand up in quality with other designer or trade brand.

Why is Benjamin Moore so expensive?

Benjamin Moore Aura is highly regarded and very expensive, closing in at over $70 a gallon. This price likely has to do with the high amount of solids, ranging from 40 percent to almost 48 percent (depending on sheen), more than any other paint we looked at.

Which wall paint is washable?

Best washable paint: Valspar Premium Blend V700 Walls & Ceilings. Runner-up washable paint: Designers Guild Perfect Matt Emulsion. Best budget washable paint: Wickes Tough & Washable. Best investment washable paint: Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion.

Which paint is best for bedroom walls?

10 Best Trending Bedroom Paint Colors That Should Inspire 

  • Gentle Green. Green always reflects nature and prosperity, painting your bedroom walls with green will give you an outdoorsy flavour even in your petite bedroom.
  • Impeccable White.
  • Dazzling Red.
  • Dynamic Orange.
  • Lavish Purple.
  • Pitch Black.
  • Vivid Yellow.
  • Umber.

Which paint is low cost?

Popular cheap and best paint in the economy segment are Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion. One step above this on the price and property scale are Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Emulsion, Berger Easy Clean, Nerolac Beauty Gold, Nerolac Beauty Smooth. These paints range from about Rs 220 to 280 per litre.

Which paint is good for wall painting?

Acrylic emulsion paints are water-based and some of the most preferred paints for homes. Emulsion paint is quick-drying, with a very low level of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The paint is available in various finishes, such as matte, satin and silk. The paint is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Which paint is best for kitchen walls?

Since kitchens are such a busy part of a home and often need extra cleaning, a satin or semi-gloss finish is the best options. Satin and eggshell finishes are commonly believed to be the same, but in fact, satin is a bit shinier. Satin finishes are easy to clean and good at standing up to mildew, stains and dirt.

Why is Farrow ball so expensive?

Well I did a bit of research and it turns out that designer paints are more expensive because they have less binding agents, less water and more of the all important pigment. Plus, most cheaper paints use synthetic pigments as they are easier and cheaper to produce. High end paints don’t, they use real pigments.

Best Interior House Paint | Conclusion

There you have it, the best interior paint. There are lots of paints we researched, and only a few were able to make it through our list.

We are more than confident that any choice you make from our list will be worth it. But we were still able to narrow our choice down to picking the top-rated

With fast drying time and large coverage, it makes the job faster and improves user performance.