best hvlp spray gun for lacquer

Best HVLP Spray Gun For Lacquer

I can see you’re worried about having an aesthetic lacquer finish for your painting projects, probably with an HVLP spray gun.

And I know it’ll be challenging, as there are thousands of products that claim to be the best HVLP spray guns for lacquer on the market.

But what if I could show you the ideal HVLP spray gun that can make even the most difficult-to-accomplish lacquer painting missions seem like a breeze?

What you don’t know is thousands of random painters are using these tools to get incredible finishes in less than no time.

And most of them aren’t professional painters, but their work always has a professional touch to it.

The secret behind their excellent work lies within the tools they use and not in their knowledge.

Best HVLP Spray Gun For Lacquer

Why You Should Listen to Us!

We don’t just recommend any product we see on the internet, we often take our time to research (and sometimes test) them before sharing them with you.

The spray guns here are made for both newbie and professional painters. We carefully handpicked the best in the market that is easy to use. So, even if you’ve never used a paint sprayer before for your lacquer painting, you can handle these devices.

Besides, these lacquer spray guns are designed to give you an aesthetically finish. They can convert your little effort into a stunning finish, even without any painting experience.

As the best HVLP paint sprayer for Lacquer, this equipment doesn’t frequently clog while spraying. You’ll also enjoy a non-stop spraying tool and get the job done in less than no time.

Why You Need A Spray Gun For Lacquer

best hvlp spray gun for lacquer

The spray gun is the most prominent method to propel lacquer today. They’re the only tools that put you off your painting miseries once and for all.

Whether you want a lacquer for furniture finishing, architectural work, or marine vessels, the spray gun does everything you could possibly want.

Although, other applications like brush and roller might be suitable for lacquer paints. But none ever takes out the guesswork of the hassle; painting plagues us.

It’s flexible, versatile, and 12x highly efficient than brush and rollers. It will improve your work by 80% while saving 75% of your time.

This type of material transfer is the best alternative on the market as we speak.

Furthermore, it’s a top-notch tool for refinishing specialists. It can handle the primer for auto refinishing, painting, and the clear coat altogether.

Get breakthrough results with these tools below:

Best Spray Guns for Lacquer

1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint

Toss your painting brush and rollers in the trash can and be x5 faster, and more effective with Wagner Spraytech 0518080. It’s undoubtedly one of the best hvlp spray guns for lacquer on the market.

Thanks to the adjustable settings, you can customize the paint flow with a simple dial and get the perfect finish, without fail.

This equipment is a combination of variable air pressure control, a heavy-duty two-stage turbine, and a metal spray gun.

That said, it allows you to spray on a wide variety of walls and surfaces easily and faster than traditional painting methods.

With this tool, you can spray a vast collection of paints, lacquers, stains, and primers on your decks, cabinets, sculptures, furniture, and more.

You can transition from spraying large surfaces to more detail-oriented areas like spraying on window panes or trim. Besides, the variable air pressure control reduces the risk of overspray the materials.

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is an economic stationary base combo machine, with a 20 feet hose connected to the spray gun. You can easily reach out to your desired project areas without hand fatigue.
Increase mobility with a long 20 ft hose.

  • Easy to clean up.
  • Affordable with great value.
  • It can apply to a variety of surfaces.
  • Might overspray.

2. Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer

Now we can be flexible at both indoor and outdoor painting projects because of Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890.

FLEXio 890 is excellent for dispensing superior finish on trim, cabinets, furniture, walls, ceilings, and more.

The gun sprayer is portable and lightweight. So, we can carry this tool around during a long project without being defeated by fatigue.

It also has a longer hose compared to the Wagner Spraytech 0518080, which means mobility within the working area is almost limitless.

Additionally, there are two nozzles; the spray nozzle and the Detail Finish Nozzle.

The spray nozzle is excellent for spraying broad surfaces. Whereas, the Detail Finish nozzle is ideal for a smaller project and fine finishing.

The three different spray patterns (horizontal, vertical, and round) allow you to paint at any angle, 12 times faster than a roller/brush.

Flip on the x-boost power dial on the gun handle to adjust the air pressure level and control material flow. In short, for maximum control over lacquer, use FLEXio 890.
Quick and easy to clean

  • The turbine has portable storage.
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior paints.
  • Adjustability and control at your fingertips.
  • Low price.
  • Hard to Clean.
  • Prone to overspray.

3. Ingersoll Rand 210G Lacquer Spray Gun

Ingersoll Rand 210G is an HVLP spray gun for lacquer that’s helping weekend warriors, handymen, and remodeling contractor meet their painting needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or moving up, select Ingersoll Rand 210G to help you handle your job with ease.

They’re excellent for lacquer, paint, stain, and other finish types of material.

Whether you’re looking forward to painting the entire house, furniture restoration, car restoration, decks, or fences, Ingersoll Rand 210G has you covered.

The adjustment knobs offer greater control. Also, this product has an air adjustment valve that adjusts the airflow.

For this reason, you can adjust the flow of lacquer suitable for your job.

Lastly, it’s comfortable and eases to use. The non-drip cup prevents the paint from dripping and making a mess. It saves you time and all the headaches after the project.

  • Very Affordable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Professional Result
  • Easy and safe storage
  • Quality declines with age

4. Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer

What other DIY enthusiasts won’t mention is the Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray.

It’s a powerful turbine/ gun that provides a superior finish on painting projects without marks.

This heavy-duty Spray Station was designed for severe woodworking, furniture, decks, and automotive enthusiast to achieve the perfect finish.

On top of that, it’s absolutely for beginners and serious woodworkers alike. Moreover, it’s ideal for any workshop, job site, and around the home.

The two-stage turbine consumes 650 watts of power to ensure masterful results. Additionally, the pro spray gun features a push-and-click mechanism that switches between three spray patterns, quickly.

Also, you can dispense a wide variety of materials with this tool such as lacquers, thinned latex, urethanes, oils, shellac, varnishes, stains, enamels, sealers, glazes, and many more.
Portable and lightweight in design

  • Suitable for a variety of materials and tasks
  • Absolute control in spraying
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Produces an exceptional finish
  • Poor quality hose

5. Fuji 2203G Lacquer HVLP Spray Gun for Lacquer

Fuji 2203G is the overall best HVLP spray gun for spraying lacquer. It suits your DIY and Hobby work.

If you’re a start-up business/ small shop painter, or a serious hobbyist, you should opt for this spray gun.

The semi-PRO two sprayer offers the best combination of spraying performance and versatility that results in a pleasantly-looking finish.

It’s an excellent tool for spraying cabinets, furniture pieces, ceilings, doors, trims, fences, shutters, and walls.

Furthermore, the multiple air cap sizes enable you to spray tons of materials in different levels of viscosity.

Dump other HVLP and pick up this tool that disassembles for quick clean-up and easy maintenance.

The needle tip barely wears, thanks to the stainless steel fluid passages. It implies it’s acceptable for solvent-based and waterborne coatings.

In conclusion, the fan pattern control delivers a precise finish with less waste.

  • Ergonomic stay-cool handle.
  • Less likely to waste paint.
  • Always deliver a stunning finish.
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Professional Grade Finish.
  • The nozzle may clog.

Looking for the most reliable paint gadgets available in the market now? Why not check out our list of airless paint sprayers?

What to consider when buying a spray gun for lacquer

best paint sprayer for lacquer

First and foremost, since we are working with lacquer, you should stay away from an Airless spray gun. Even if the airless model promises quality results, do not mistake HVLP for Airless.

Airless spray gun oversprays. Thus, you should always settle for HVLP designs as they always have the precise sprayer patterns ideal for lacquers.

Before going home with any of these HVLP spray guns, it’s crucial you memorize our buyer’s guide thoroughly.

1. Compressor Fed or Air Turbine

Top-notch HVLP models are the most standalone system that features turbines.

The turbine generates sufficient air needed for your spray gun to propel the materials appropriately.

Furthermore, turbine systems are portable and affordable.

Whereas, a compressor fed system generates air from an external compressor. And this system provides intense power suitable for professional use.

Your choice of which one to buy largely depends on your specific needs.

2. Check for Feed Types [On the Top/Bottom]

HVLP gun sprayer has two types of feeds. Firstly, is the gravity feed (the cup on the top)

Secondly, the conventional feed or siphon feed (the container on the bottom).

The gravity feed is usually expensive. However, they’re efficient and economical. Besides, they’re the prominently used feeds for lacquer.

On the other hand, the conventional paint sprayer gun is a quite affordable choice for small painting jobs.

3. Nozzle/Tip size

Endeavor to check the manufacturer’s instructions to know the particular size of nozzle tips.

It’s critical you have the exact tip size essential for your spraying material.

A larger nozzle size fits a thicker paint like a primer. Whereas, a smaller nozzle size is capable of thin materials like lacquer.

If you’re using the turbine system, opt for a 1.5mm tip size. They don’t require much power for propelling paints, which makes it good.

4. Price doesn’t Matter

Many painters get it all wrong by thinking an expensive HVLP would be of higher quality. But, it doesn’t play out that way.

All you need to do is to make thorough research on the product you want to buy. Also, bare your budget in mind while opting for a less expensive model that is even better.

Also, it’s wise to go the extra mile by looking at customer reviews. They’re always the most honest experiences; you could possibly find.

How to Spray Lacquer with HVLP Spray Gun

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I use to clean My HVLP Spray Gun?

It’s advisable to use the recommended thinner for the material you’re spraying. For instance, you should use water for latex, mineral spirits for Oil-base, and lacquer thinner for lacquer.

2. How often should I clean my HVLP sprayer?

Clean your HVLP sprayer thoroughly after every use.

3. What size fluid set should I use?

The size of the fluid set depends on what kind of material you’re spraying.

For example, the #4 Fluid Set is excellent for Lacquers, enamels, stains, epoxies, varnish, urethane, and primers.

And, #3 Fluid Set is perfect for Auto finishes, stains, enamels, lacquers, urethane, varnish, and epoxies.

Nevertheless, the #2 Fluid set is ideal for Inks, dyes, automotive finishes, and non-wiping stains.

Note: do not use the # 2 Fluid set for lacquers, you might end up with an ugly result.

4. How often should I clean the Air filter?

If your HVLP spray gun is a turbine system, you should always clean the filter.

If the filter is clean, it provides a sufficient amount of airflow to atomize the material and cool the motor.

Also, it’s essential to check if the turbine pre-filter and the main is clean.

5. When should I replace the motor brushes?

You should replace the motor brushes (HVLP spares and accessories) either annually or every 600 hours of use. However, failure to do so may result in motor failure.

What kind of sprayer do you use for lacquer?

HLVP (High-volume low-pressure) sprayers are the best option when working with lacquer thanks to their adjustable air pressure, which means your lacquer has enough pressure to be expelled, and the consistency it offers.

Can a paint sprayer spray lacquer?

Airless/ Air-Assisted Airless or HVLP

Airless paint sprayers allow you to easily spray lacquer and achieve similar results to HVLP but you don’t get the same level of control.

What is the best tip size for spraying lacquer?

The best spray tip for lacquers is usually in the range of 1.3mm, but if you are using an HVLP system consisting of a motor of fewer than three stages you can opt for a 1.5mm tip.

How do I get a smooth finish with lacquer?

If you’re spraying lacquer, apply two more coats, sanding the first one before applying the next. Allow the varnish or lacquer to dry for one day, then level-sand with 400-grit sandpaper to remove bumps and imperfections. This gives you a smooth substrate for the finish coats. Apply one more wet coat of varnish.

Can you spray lacquer with Wagner?

At WAGNER, we have two different types of devices for spraying varnish: the “High Volume Low Pressure” (HVLP) spray units and the airless spray units. Both are ideal for spraying varnishes.

Can I spray lacquer with Graco?

These conversion kits allow you to spray all lacquers and flush them with lacquer thinner when tackling projects with Graco Magnum ProX17 and ProX19 cart models.

Can you spray lacquer with Graco x5?

Lacquer is one of the materials that Graco’s Magnum paint sprayers are not able to spray right out of the box.

Can you spray water-based lacquer?

General Finishes water-based products can be sprayed through compressed air, HVLP, airless, or C.A.S. units. SURFACE PREPARATION: All surfaces should be clean and free from dirt and oil and sand.

Is lacquer glossy?

Both varnish and lacquer provide shiny and glossy finishes to fixture surfaces. While varnishes produce a semi-gloss or satin sheen finish, lacquers provide more sheen levels, ranging from high gloss to ultra-matte.

Can you spray lacquer with an airless sprayer?

An airless sprayer works by pumping paint at very high pressure, up to 3,000 psi, through a hose and out a tiny hole in the spray gun tip. Using different tips, you can spray thin liquids like stain, lacquer, and varnish or thicker liquids like latex house paint.


The truth is, the spray gun you have right now is probably ripping you off your highest productiveness as a handyman.

So, why not do something about it right now, when you still have the chance?

I feel everybody ought to know the simplest way to take their painting games to the next level.

And, that’s the reason why we presented the best HVLP spray guns for Lacquer above.

Bottom line, if you want the best-in-class HVLP spray gun for durability and performance, then you should take one of these products home with you, period!

Do let us know if you have any questions about the topic, we’re always here to help.

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