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Best Extension Ladder For Painting

Working at height can be challenging, especially considering the risks involved. Painting requires flexibility, hence the need for a tool that can easily increase and decrease height with little efforts; otherwise, it could be frustrating.

The best option for this is an extension ladder. We understand that there are lots of extension ladder out there, and maybe challenging to pick the one that is best for you. So we have taken the challenge to make a review of the best extension ladders for painting to enable you to make a choice quickly.

Whether you are looking for an affordable ladder for quick jobs within the yard, or you are looking to buy a more sophisticated ladder for more professional jobs, we’ve got you covered.

We have tested and researched a lot of ladders and picked only the best based on some factors which we have also listed below – we also thought you’d love to consider them by checking the “Extension ladder buyer’s guide” section below.

Best Extension Ladder Comparison

What Is Extension Ladder?

An extension ladder is one that consists of a session fitted into the other, with guides, capable of sliding, in order to increase or decrease height.

Extension ladders come in different styles and designs but fulfilling similar purposes. An extension ladder can get you to heights and areas that the standard conventional step ladders wouldn’t.

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In summary, an extension ladder is a non-self-supporting ladder that is designed to ensure that a single person can conveniently use without needing assistance.

What Is Extension Ladder Used For?

extension ladder reviews

Extension ladders are versatile and hence, find its application in lots of mechanical activities where working at heights is paramount.

Generally, they are used to extend height during construction, roof construction, house remodeling, and for the purpose of this article, painting.

Best Extension Ladder Reviews

1. Luisladders aluminum telescopic extension ladder

Luisladders telescopic ladder as the names imply extends and decreases in height – using telescopic mechanism. You can adjust the height to your desired level with the inward slide latches with little effort.

Typically, it increases by 1 foot and can reach up to 12.5 feet in height. There is a protection spacer that ensures no bumping during retracting.

This extension ladder is made from aluminum, which happens to be highly resistant to corrosion. So you can be sure of longevity.

Aluminum tends to have an excellent surface finish; hence it may be slippery to climb, this is why they have designed to rungs to be slip-resistant, capable of withstanding weight up to 330 lbs, thanks to the sturdy frame. It is EN131 certified, which is credited to its high performance.

The overall design is great as it provides optimum safety for the user. It features double coupling on every rung to ensure that your hands are in the best position. This is to avoid pinching. There are also caps on the feet to prevent tipping over.

One thing we like in an extension ladder is portability. Luckily, the luisladders telescopic ladder happens to pass this criterion. Not only being portable, but it is also lightweight, making it convenient to use and maneuver. The ease of transport and storage is overwhelming.

With the use of a securing strap, the ladder can be secured firmly and easily carried with one hand. It won’t take up much space in your garage; this makes it one of the best choices for domestic jobs and DIY. Despite all these fantastic features, it is one of the most affordable extension ladders out there

  • A lightweight ladder made from aluminum
  • Very affordable
  • Best for domestic use, however, built with industrial standards
  • Easy and convenient to store
  • Can easily pinch your fingers during collapsing without precaution

2. Ohuhu 12.5 ft Aluminium telescopic extension ladder

Anything that makes the painting job easier will be worth every penny. This is why the Ohuhu Aluminium telescopic ladder will be one of the best extension ladders for painting.

The most attractive and notable feature is the retraction, which is triggered mechanically with the press of a button (simply press the thumb buttons at each rung, and the ladder slides down with no effort).

The Ohuhu extension ladder is made from aluminum alloy with lightweight characteristics. You can easily carry from one point to another effortlessly. Despite being lightweight, it is sturdy and compact, with a weight capacity of up to 330lbs.

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Stability and safety were also considered during the design as it features no-slip caps at the feet of the ladder. This enhances stability, and you are secured while working at the best possible height.

The rungs are wide, to accommodate your feet and to avoid slipping off. You can’t be wrong from a product that meets the European safety standards and is EN131, and SGS certified.

Ohuhu is designed to correct the major con associated with Luisladders telescopic ladder reviewed above by ensuring that there is no pinching witnessed during expansion and retraction.

This is achieved by its inculcating intelligent pins, which hold the sections in place and also slide down smoothly and slowly with the push of the thumb buttons.

We love the versatility, and luckily, it finds its application in lots of activities, including; painting, electrical jobs, industrial purposes, and simple DIY home projects.

The ladder can extend up to 12.5 feet. Since it slides down to 35 inches, you can store it in a small corner in the garage. It’s also easy to lift and carry from one point to the other with one hand

  • High-quality aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion
  • Takes small storage space
  • No pinching of fingers during retraction
  • Designed to European safety standard
  • A bit more expensive compared to other telescopic ladders of the same class

3. TackLife Multi-Use Ladder

If you work with lots of tools, you probably should have come across the brand, TACKLIFE. They are manufacturers of great work tools and accessories.

They boast of making life easy with their designs, and the tacklife multi-use extension ladder is not an exception to this claim as you will find every bells and whistles you’ll need from an extension ladder.

It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a total weight of 34.39lb. It’s lightweight and capable of withstanding weight up to 300 pounds. We love the fact that it is versatile.

Typically, owning a tacklife multi-use ladder means you’ve got a five-in-one ladder, which includes a 90-degree ladder, step ladder, A-frame ladder, wall ladder, and a scaffold system. This makes it suitable for a variety of jobs.

The length ranges from the initial length of 4.6 feet and extends up to 7.2 feet on the A-frame. The fully extended vertical length reaches 15 feet. This means you can conveniently work on heights up to 17 feet.

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There is more; it features a “J QUICK-LOCK” mechanism, which enables you to easily extend the height by pressing the orange knobs at the sides and maneuvering the “J” lock on both sides to lock into position.

The ladder is designed for stability as it features a wider base with a non-slip rubber base. The rubber base is shaped like a horseshoe with a wide surface area and deep stripe texture to increase friction.

All these ensure that the ladder stays firm while in use. The double-riveted steps don’t only make it comfortable to climb; it also increases its sturdiness.

The tacklife multi-use extension ladder comes fully assembled and ready to be used. It’s easy to carry along, transport to the trunk of your car, or for storage because of its large two wheels. Pull it along as it gives you a smooth and almost quiet ride. It also requires just a small space for storage since it folds to a small size

  • Approved by American national standard institute (ANSI)
  • Five-in-one extension ladder
  • Comes fully assembled and ready for use
  • 2-years service warranty
  • Made with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Maybe a bit noisy when working and adjusting the length

4. Toprung Model-17 ft. Aluminum extension multi-purpose ladder

Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that owing this toprung extension ladder gives you a wide variety of options for height jobs, especially painting. As a matter of fact, just like the tacklife multi-use extension ladder reviewed above, it gives you all five options you’ll want from a ladder.

It’s the choice to go with if you want a multi-use ladder. You can use it as a 90-degree ladder, step ladder, A-frame ladder, wall ladder, and a scaffold system.

You can conveniently work at a height up to 17 feet with a 1-foot adjustment/increment in length. The ladder frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which contributes to its lightweight. This doesn’t cheat on the sturdiness, because this ladder can take up to 300 pounds of weight.

Comfort has been taken into consideration during the design as it features wide rungs to provide not just only convenient climbing, but more importantly, standing comfort during work. The feet of the ladder also has a slip-resistant design, giving the system stability even with vigorous jobs.

The toprung extension ladder gives you almost every feature and working mechanism just like its mate reviewed above, only for the fact that there’s no presence of wheels for easy transport. This will not pose a problem though, after all, it’s lightweight.

It comes fully assembled and ready for use. You wouldn’t need to lift a finger as regards coupling. There is a 2-year warranty on this product. If there are any damages or defects within this period, you’ll get it fixed at no cost

  • 2 years warranty
  • Lightweight and made from quality material
  • Easy to use
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Durable and sturdy
  • It will require two persons during extension to avoid damaging the surface it leans o

5. Louisville ladder FE3216 fiberglass extension ladder

The Louisville fiberglass extension ladder is no doubt one of the best extension ladders for painting and other jobs that require working at height. One thing we love is the choice of material. It’s made from fiberglass, which makes it also the best choice for electrical jobs since it is non-conductive.

From mere looks, we thought the ladder would be heavy because not just only that it looked rugged, we also thought fiberglass would be weighty. But we were wrong because it weighs only 30 pounds, which is even lighter than previous ladders made from aircraft materials reviewed above.

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Overall, this product is compact and sturdy, with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. The ladder can reach a height of 24 feet. This is an excellent option for working on story buildings and other taller structures.

Increasing the length is made easy by simply sliding the inner section over the other, and since it’s lightweight, you can do this almost effortlessly. Slide to your desired height and use the “MAX LOCK” to lock it in place.

The max lock is the real deal, as this company has taken time to test the system for all-weather and held strong through all extreme weather conditions.

The D-shaped rungs are designed to give comfort and easy climbing for the user even as it features anti-slip surface patterns. At the base of the ladder is a steel-plated swivel with rubber shoe to prevent slipping and enhancing stability. All these, coupled together, are precautions to ensure maximum safety.

The Louisville fiberglass extension ladder gives you everything you will want from an extension ladder and for almost any purpose. It is rugged, durable, and strong for all conditions.

We didn’t find any notable defects or cons, except for the fact that it may require a wider space in the garage for storage. It also won’t fit into the trunk of a small car except for a van because of its original length.

  • Great stability for rugged jobs
  • Non-conductive makes it suitable for electrical jobs
  • Easy to use
  • Meets safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA
  • Effective MAX LOCK system
  • Lots of models to choose from, including ladder length up to 28 feet
  • It may be difficult to store in a small garages
  • Challenging to move around while in the upright and extended position

6. DeWalt DXL3020 fiberglass extension ladder

Almost every technical worker will be familiar with the brand name “DeWalt” because not only are they popular, they also have a variety of work tools, and they boast of quality products. And of course, the DeWalt DXL3020 fiberglass extension ladder is just a proof.

The frames are made from fibreglasses, which are highly resistant to electric shock, thus making it a great option for electrical jobs. Because fiberglass is durable and poses high tensile strength, the product is strong and rugged. It will conveniently carry and withstand load up to 300 pounds.

Sometimes, working at height may be frustrating, especially if you always have to go up and down the ladder picking different tools for each stage of the job. This is why Dewalt has inculcated a hardware tray, large enough to accommodate all your work tools at once.

The ladder is elegantly designed with a smooth surface finish. All ends of the rungs got end caps for the purpose of eliminating noise during transport.

Safety is considered during the design, and that is why they have. One special feature that distinguishes it from others is the T-top, which provides a working surface, thus improving the user’s performance.

This also increases stability while working as it increases the surface area of contact with the wall it leans on. And of course, it has got a non-marring rubber side to prevent scratches on the surface.

Talking about stability, the feet of the ladder features a heavy-duty swivel with rubber base shoes to provide stability. The DeWalt DXL3020 fiberglass extension ladder is rugged and able to perform complicated tasks while reaching great heights even up to 40 feet.

We also love the ease of use. You can conveniently increase or decrease the length almost effortlessly by sliding the inner section against the other with the aid of the Nylon rope lever system. Secure the desired length by using the latch to lock into place.

  • Low noise during transport
  • Designed for optimum safety
  • Lots of models to choose from, including ladder length up to 40 feet
  • Hardware tray for better work surface and increased user’s performance
  • Somewhat expensive price tag

Extension Ladder Buyer’s Guide

best extension ladder

The right ladder makes your job safer and easier as it increases the user’s performance. Buy the wrong ladder, and you’ll hate your job for no reason. We have reviewed the best extension ladder already, and we are more confident that any choice from our reviews will be worth it.

But before making a choice, there’s a need to consider some criteria to help you make the best choice for the job, and we list them as follow:

Match the ladder design to your job

All extension ladders reviewed on this page have a distinctive design, and each design is crafted for a particular task even though all of them are multi-purpose. However, some ladders are better for some jobs than the other.

For example, if you will be working on a tender surface where scratches are almost inevitable, it is a wise choice to go for a ladder such as the TackLife multi-use extension ladder that gives you an option for a scaffold structure.

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Ladder load capacity rating

This is also an important criterion for choosing an extension ladder. Painting requires you to lift heavy buckets of paint and sometimes may require two workers to mount on the ladder simultaneously; this means more load.

Not all ladder can do this; thus, a rugged one that can withstand much weight is advised. We recommend you go for a minimum of 300 pounds capacity. Luckily, all products reviewed here meets this recommendation.

Consider ladder material

There are 2 material best for extension ladders. They are aluminum alloy and fiberglass material. The former offers strength and lighter weight; however, they may not be best for all-purpose, especially for electrical jobs since they are highly conductive.

The latter offers ruggedness and sturdiness while offering a better choice for electrical projects since they are non-conductive. Whichever you choose, they both are highly resistant to rust, which increases longevity and durability.

Ease to store

While many may not consider this an important factor, it still makes sense because the longevity of a ladder is dependent on how it’s stored when not in use.

Ladders are better stored in a dry space in a garage. You will have to consider the available space before considering the size to buy. For limited spaces, telescopic ladders are a great option; otherwise, you can go for others that take up more space.

Extension Ladder Accessories

Working with ladders can improve your experience and performance if you have the right accessories to go along with. The following are extension ladder accessories every professional should have for the job.

Universal Pail Shelf: while some ladders like the DeWalt DXL3020 fiberglass extension ladder may provide options for a tray to hold your tools, they may not be wide enough to accommodate all your needs. Hence, a pail shelf will be an excellent option for this purpose.

Extension Ladder Covers: it is wise to have an extension ladder cover on when working on surfaces where scratches are inevitable. This also helps increase friction on the contacting surface, thus enhancing stability.

Ladder Stabilizers: working at window level requires optimum precautions, and of course, you can’t place the top of the ladder on the glass. For such cases, a ladder stabilizer will be required, which acts as a support, repelling the ladder from contact with the window glass.

You should consider the width of your window and compare it with a span of the ladder stabilizer to ensure you get the appropriate size. However, the recommended size will be a 48-inch span.

Extension Ladder Safety Rules

Here are a few extension ladder safety rules you should always pay attention to when using extension ladders:

  • Ladders must be placed on a leveled surface to ensure firmness
  • When erecting extension ladder, it should be erected such that, the upper section, rests on the lower section so that the button section, faces the wall
  • Observe the 4 to 1 rule when erecting ladders. This rule states that for every four feet of height you have to climb, move the base of the ladder, one foot from the wall
  • Always ensure that the locking system is in place and secured before climbing on
  • Do not use extension ladders near power lines. Keep at least 10 feet away
  • Precaution should be observed while getting on or off the ladder to prevent the ladder from tilting sideways or slipping off the base
  • Do not bring down a ladder while it is still extended
  • If possible, brace or tie the base of the ladder if there is a structure, otherwise, put a stake in the ground.
  • As much as possible, wear good non-slip shoes
  • Maintain a minimum overlap section, as stated on the ladder’s label.
  • Do not leave extension ladders unattended
  • Do not climb beyond the fourth rung from above while working

How To Place Extension Ladder While Painting to Avoid Accident

how to paint with extension ladder

Painting requires vigorous activities, and hence, it’s crucial to place your extension ladder rightly to avoid tilting during work. First, you will need to observe the four-to-one rule when resting the ladder on the vertical wall.

This maintains an angle of 75 degrees at all times between the ground and the side rail of the ladder. It is also essential to maintain the 3 points of contact rule.

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This means two hands and one-foot contact on the ladder, or 2 feet and one hand on the ladder at all times. Follow all safety rules mentioned above.

How To Store Extension Ladder In Garage

There are various ways to store your extension ladder in the garage. This will depend on the type of ladder you have, the size and the available space you’ve got to allocate to your new tool. Some of the best ways include using hooks to pin your ladder on the wall.

You can also hang the ladder to the ceiling using a manual pulley or motorized pulley system. Whatever method you choose, it will be just fine.

When using overhead extension ladder storage, precaution should be observed in ensuing that the hangers are firmly fastened to the ceiling to avoid dropping unexpectedly. There are lots of different designs you can copy to construct excellent hangers for your ladder using simple woodworking techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to separate an extension ladder?

Yes, of course, you can disengage both sections from each other and use a single part for a lower height

Why should ladders never be painted?

Don’t try to paint an extension ladder to make it look new. This may be dangerous as it may hide some defects from being noticed

Does extension ladder get expired?

A good extension ladder can last almost a lifetime, especially if well taken care of. However, always inspect your ladder before use to ensure it is in good condition.

What is a good brand of extension ladder?

Little Giant HyperLite Series

If your idea of the best extension ladder involves lighter weight and still hitting a 300-pound duty rating, the fiberglass Little Giant HyperLite is our current favorite. It’s incredibly lightweight. In fact, our 24-foot model weighs just 42 pounds.

What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house?

On most two-story homes, this can only be done with a 28′ extension ladder. (This 3′ extension rule also holds true indoors and for shorter heights like one-story dwellings; you’ll just need a shorter ladder.).

Which is better fiberglass or aluminum ladder?

Fiberglass tends to be much stronger than aluminum. This doesn’t mean aluminum ladders are not strong. … An aluminum ladder is fairly resistant to weather, but a fiberglass ladder is even more resistant. In addition, fiberglass ladders are resistant to electricity, which means they are safer around power lines.

Are Werner ladders the best?

Best Overall: Werner Reach Fiberglass Podium Ladder

For a sturdy ladder that provides enough reach for most household tasks, consider the innovative Werner Fiberglass Podium Ladder. This stepladder comes in heights from 4 to 10 feet and features a Type 1A rating to hold up to 300 pounds.

Which brand ladder is best for home use?

Best step ladder for home use in India

  • Bathla Advance 5-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Sure-Hinge Technology (Orange).
  • Eurostar 104 Aluminium 3 Step with Platform Ladder (Silver).
  • Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder With Wide Steps Milano 4 Steps 4.1 Ft Ladder (Made In India).

How high is the gutter on a 2 story house?

about 5.7m.
How High is it to my Gutters? As a rough guide, the height to the gutter on a single storey house is about 3.3m and the height to the gutter on a two-storey house is about 5.7m.

What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house UK?

For a two storey house you would need an extension ladder with an extension of around 7m. This takes into account the 4 to 1 placement of the ladder angle and variations in gutter height. Our AEEND EN131 Professional aluminium extension ladders would be suitable ladders for this task.

Why do electricians Use fiberglass ladders?

Wooden ladders are not conductive to electricity, but they can rot when exposed to moist conditions over time. Fiberglass ladders offer the best choice for both for long life and safety from electrical conductivity.

Why are aluminum ladders bad?

Ultimately, safety is the most important factor when choosing a ladder, and the safety level of a particular ladder depends on how and where it’s used. Aluminum ladders can also bend when exposed to heat, making them unsafe to use unless they aren’t too badly damaged and can be repaired.

What is the life expectancy of a fiberglass ladder?

between one and three years
A fiberglass ladder that has not been maintained at all can be expected to last between one and three years, but its lifetime can be extended by periodic washing and waxing.


We have spent time, resources, and money to bring you the best extension ladder for painting, and we are very confident that any choice you make from the listed products above will be the right choice.

All ladders recommended on this page are easy to use, durable, reliable, and easy to increase and decrease the length. We also considered safety. You are free to make your own choice.

It is made from the best material and designed with unique features that make it outstanding from others. We will love to hear from you, leave us a message or use the comment section and let us know which you will be buying.