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Best Epoxy Spray Paints

Your household appliances, porcelain, and fiberglass materials might look hale and hearty now, but it doesn’t mean it will remain the same year to come.

So, don’t get your hopes up because moisture, heat, and harmful chemicals have a funny way to jog your memories that your properties are short-lived.

With this in mind, it’s smart to apply the best epoxy spray paints beforehand, to help extend the lifespan of your surfaces and make them vibrate with delight.

In this article, we listed the top-notch epoxy that really gets to the root of shielding your surface against rust, corrosion, and chemicals. So, endeavor to read till the end.

What is Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy paint is a coating compound that consists of two liquid components: epoxy resin and polyamine hardener, to create a sturdy, solvent-resistant finish.

Epoxy paints are the unsung heroes that will help protect your floors, decks, countertops, walls, and more; due to their exceptional chemical resistance, durability, low porosity, and bond strength.

Benefits of Epoxy Paints

Best Epoxy Spray Paints

Below are a couple of benefits you get to enjoy while using epoxy spray paint.

High Impact-resistant

When epoxy cures, it leaves a robust coating on the surface that can take on massive abuse without peeling, creaking, or depreciating its quality.

Therefore, it’s ideal for warehouses, auto repair shops, and garages because foot trafficking and vehicular traffic (like forklifts and heavy machinery) bombarding the surface, never seem to make an impact.

The coverage stays in good condition for a very long time, regardless of the torture.

Chemical Resistance

Harsh chemicals such as grime, acid, and other abrasive materials can be a pain in the ass. A handful of problems arise when they come in contact with any painted surface.

The beauty is doomed to fail!

However, the best epoxy spray paint is suitable for areas vulnerable to intermittent chemical contact. It prevents any water or liquid from soaking in, hence help maintain the surface’s integrity.

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Stains are Easy to Clean

Epoxy coating is easy to clean when a liquid spillage occurs. Due to its smooth and glossy nature, most materials will come off without effort.

No matter the spill challenges you are facing, whether it is from grease, eggs, harmful acids, solvents, or oils, you can still clean the area, painlessly. As a result, you would successfully eliminate the cost of untimely floor repairing.

Resistance to High Temperature

Just as epoxy paints are tough enough to resist chemicals, it also can withstand high heat/cold temperatures than most paints.

I’ve seen hundreds of USA painter dozens of times often apply epoxy paint around hot machinery or fluids.

Epoxy has high fire resistance capacity that can withstand heat up to 200 degrees Celsius or approximately 390 degrees Fahrenheit. They are used frequently in fire escapes, storage areas, commercial airline products, and explosive production.

Slip Resistant

If you’re looking forward to painting your floor, you can alter epoxy to use because they provide a safe, slip-resistant surface.

The textured surface that they provide adds an extra level of protection even when wet or oily – no wonder they exceeded the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements.

Non-toxic Fumes

Another thing about Epoxy paints is they are environmentally friendly, which makes it ideal for industrial and residential use.

DIY homeowners and professional painters can conveniently use this paint because once cured it won’t erode or dissolve into its environment like fumes in the air.

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Best Epoxy Spray Paints

Below is the topmost reliable epoxy spray paints that are both Epoxy all-weather and appliance paints. So, you can tackle wooden materials and household appliances, as well.

1. VHT SP652 Satin Black Epoxy All Weather Paint

Poor adhesion tends to drive us crazy. In less than no time, the paint starts peeling and dropping like flies.

For this purpose, the need for VHT SP652 is important because it sticks firmly to the surface.

The VHT SP652 epoxy is an all-weather paint, which means you can do a lot of wood renovations, without primer.

Also, it’s a mind-blowing one-step epoxy coating that gives the appearance and durability of a baked-on finish.

The spray paint sets out a porcelain-like coverage that is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, rust, and salt.

Furthermore, it dries to touch in 30 minutes – although it dries thoroughly overnight before it can resist heat temperature up to 250 250°F (121°C) Intermittent.

You don’t necessarily have to cure it. You can turn jobs around fast with VHT SP652 best epoxy spray paint.  Lastly, the spray tip offers ultimate control and reduces finger strains.
A go-to paint for intense durability

  • No need for curing.
  • It is ideal for all DIY woody renovations.
  • Fast-drying time.
  • Easy to use.
  • It requires much prep work.
  • It is super thin.

2. Rust-Oleum 280882 Specialty Tub and Tile Epoxy

With Rust-Oleum best epoxy spray paint, you can rejuvenate your cabinets, countertops, tubs, and more, in just minutes.

The epoxy formula withstands moisture and hot temperatures, which makes it suitable for ceramic, porcelain, or fiberglass application such as tiles, tubs, and sinks.

A spray covers approximately 15 square feet and dries to touch in just 15 minutes, durable enough to withstand corrosion. Although, it’s advisable to allow the surface dry for three days –before water exposure.

But, I’m sure this product lays down a glossy, smooth, porcelain-like, waterproof finish. Additionally, it has outstanding color retention in high moisture areas – available in white.

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The Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Epoxy spray Paint is a cost-effective solution for DIYers who want nothing but a professional-looking result.

Put it bluntly, you can update bathrooms or kitchens easily with no messy demo.
Superior Adhesion in Water

  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It offers better adhesion.
  • Ideal for all bathroom and kitchen applications.
  • Intense prep work, before application.
  • The white color won’t blend with most white bathtubs.

3. Rust-Oleum 7887830 Epoxy Paint

Rust-Oleum epoxy spray paint specializes more on home appliances.

It produces a sturdy coat that looks and feels like an original appliance finish. For this reason, it’s excellent for indoor metal surfaces.

You can refinish the exterior of your appliances such as refrigerators, laundry machines, dishwashers, and other indoor metal applications, like cabinets and tables.

The coverage will not only prevent abrasion but also provide superior scratch and moisture resistance.

I’ve personally used Rust-Oleum 7887830 Appliance Epoxy on my refrigerator in the apartment. It was all rusted and old-fashioned looking. However, this product breathes life into it and makes it look brand new.
Lowest cost alternative

  • Ideal for household metals.
  • It prevents abrasion, scratch, and more.
  • It gives the original color match.
  • It contains chemicals that cause reproductive harm.
  • Not for objects exposed to heat (stovetops, oven interiors, and more).

4. PJ1 16-GLS Gloss Black Epoxy Spray Paint (Aerosol)

For best-in-class protection and superior luster gloss topcoat, PJ1 Epoxy Gloss Clear is a must-have.

The PJ1 16-GLS Epoxy model is ideal for automotive usage. The product provides a factory-like durable finish for all motorcycle frames and other metal components.

Similarly, they are easy to apply and are both chip and scratch-resistant. You can preserve your vehicles against rust and corrosion with a simple lick of PJ1 epoxy paint.

If you have dirt and mud on your ride, you can easily wash it off with soap and water, without reducing the epoxy value.

The glossy black finish will not turn brittle or fade even when exposed to UV rays. Although, consistent of exposure, in the long run, can lower its shields and make the paint pop off – but barely!
Easy to clean

  • Maximum protection.
  • Provides a factory-like durable finish.
  • It can resist high heat temperatures.
  • Not a deep black.

5. Krylon K03207000 Appliance Epoxy Paint

Krylon K03207000 is quickly becoming the best Epoxy spray paint for use in household projects, due to its adhesiveness and waterproof prowess on a wide variety of materials.

The product makes time your ally when painting on metals.

It’s a durable, scrubbable epoxy paint that can easily update the outlook of your household appliances and withstands grease, stains, as well as grime. Yet, the sturdy finish is easy to clean and can resist household cleaners.

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The solution dries to the touch in less than 30 minutes and is colorfast. Therefore, making it ideal for larger tasks.

Above all, this product is dependable no matter what challenge you are facing. Even though you’re a DIY homeowner using Epoxy paint for the first time, you can effectively spray epoxy and obtain a desirable finish, with Krylon K03207000.
Matches the initial appliances’ color

  • It covers little surface imperfection.
  • Resist high heat temperature.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • It offers more control.
  • NOT Bisque, much darker.

What to Consider When Buying Epoxy Spray Paint

epoxy paint reviews

Below are proven tip that serves as a north star for you to QUICKLY and EASILY identify an authentic epoxy.

The Type of Project At Hand

While opting for epoxy paint, it’s crucial to consider the type of project you have on the table because most epoxy might be suitable for metals only, and not wood, and vice versa.

So, if you’re working on kitchen appliances and other metals, endeavor to pick an Epoxy appliance paint.

On the other hand, projects like cabinet doors, indoor stools, bar tops, boats, and fiberglass renovation should be handled with Epoxy all-weather paint.


Epoxy models differ in levels of durability. Some are excellent for indoor purposes only, which means they’re less likely to survive in the hands of UV light.

Meanwhile, other variants have labels that say “both indoor/outdoor,” but are just empty promises.

So, if you’re looking for sturdy Epoxy that can withstand any abuse, you should consider the ones with rust-resistant, moisture-resistance, and UV resistance properties.

Look for Directions

Endeavor to go through the label for instructions like preparing the surface, how to mix the epoxy, and recoat time.

However, if the instruction is complicating, then consider buying Epoxy paint that is easy to use.


There are tons of Epoxy colors.

Thus, if you are redecorating a given surface, you should pick a color that closely matches the material. Test each color on a plank of scrap wood or scrap piece of metal would be efficient.

However, if you are buying online for a metal project, look for Epoxy Appliance paint that tends to be dull or flatness, else you want a shiny finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do epoxy countertops scratch easily?

Due to epoxy is heat, moisture, and scratch-resistant, you shouldn’t have any issues using it in the kitchen. Epoxy spray paint is highly durable and offers a long-lasting coat on your countertops – if you choose the appropriate epoxy.

While this may be true, it depends on the impact. Higher impact can pierce through the epoxy countertops.

Can you mix acrylic paint with epoxy?

No! And, here is why:

The epoxy resin is a byproduct of oil. For this reason, acrylic-based, water-based, and other oddly blended oil-based pigments don’t mix well with it.

They get clumpy and leave a strange film on the finished product.

While this may be true, we recommend using either concentrate or solvent-based pigments as additives to produce your desired colors.

Powders such as Mica powders and Glow powders are suitable for our epoxy, as long as the mixture doesn’t exceed 5%.

Is epoxy safe for kitchen countertops?

Yes! But I won’t say 100%.

Once the epoxy resin has cured, they are considered non-toxic and are food-safe for countertops, although not all models.

Also, epoxy paints are heat resistant but no heatproof. It implies they can withstand heat, as well as fire temperature to some extent.

Thus, it’s imperative to use trivets for hotpot to protect the epoxy – to be on the safer side.

What can I use to color epoxy?

You can use colorants such as children’s dyes (for home use) or watercolor paint to add flavor and texture to epoxy resin.

Such color combine help produces a smoother finish in your resin, which makes it relatively easy for novice and amateurs painters to use.

If you don’t have either of these colorants, you can as well use alcohol inks and nail polish to color epoxy resin.

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Is epoxy spray paint any good?

Is Epoxy Spray Paint Durable? Epoxy spray paint offers a durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and often chemical resistant finish. Thanks to its strong adhesion to all kinds of surfaces, epoxy spray paint has become a popular tool for DIY projects.

Is there epoxy spray paint?

Epoxy spray consists out of a hardener, which then needs to be mixed with resin. Once sprayed, it will form a durable and waterproof coating. The spray epoxy paint can resist grease, household cleaners, stains, and can hold fast onto a variety of materials.

Can you color epoxy resin with spray paint?

Spray paint can be used as a color additive for custom coloration when initially mixing the resin, it can be used on top of cured resin, and it can be used to create an artwork before applying a resin finish. Each method gives a unique style to the art piece.

How long after spray paint can I epoxy?

How Long After Spray Paint Can You Epoxy? Epoxy spray paint usually dries to touch in two to four hours. However, you should wait around 24 hours before using it completely.

How long does it take for epoxy spray paint to dry?

Dry and recoat times are based on 70°F (21°C) and 50% relative humidity. Allow more time at cooler temperatures. Dries to the touch in 2-4 hours, to handle in 5-9 hours and is fully dry in 24 hours. May recoat within 30 minutes or after 1 week.

What is acrylic epoxy spray paint?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. RJ ACRYLIC EPOXY SPRAY PAINT. is a versatile spray paint that has a high gloss, fast drying, and excellent color stability / durable. It is suitable for both decorative and protective coatings for interior and exterior use.

Does rustoleum make an epoxy primer?

Rustoleum 2K Epoxy Primer is a true two component, amine cured epoxy aerosol rust inhibitive primer. Adheres directly to clean/rusty/galvanized metal, aluminum, painted surfaces, etc. Ideal for hard-to-reach areas exposed to corrosion and chemicals like welds, seams, bolts, etc.

What can I use to tint epoxy?

These include powdered and liquid makeups, wood shavings, colored chalk dust, food coloring and various paints. Almost anything that can be added to epoxy resin may be used to add pigment to artwork and craft creations. Keep in mind however, that professional tints and dyes will help ensure the best results!

Can you put clear spray paint over epoxy?

Absolutely, epoxy takes other finish very well, as it is completely inert once its hardened. That looks great by the way. I have used spar varnish on top of epoxy for a boat before. I’ve also sprayed high gloss clear coat – if you have a hvlp spray gun, I recommend that over a can for better results.

What kind of paint can you add to epoxy resin?

Acrylic paint can be mixed in epoxy resin and serves as a great colorant choice due to its water and abrasion-resistant properties. It also dries quickly and isn’t flammable, helping to preserve the major properties of the epoxy resin.

Why did my second coat of spray paint bubble?

Blisters in spray paint occur when a layer of paint is laid too thickly or is subjected to adverse conditions. The outermost later of paint dries before the volatile solvents underneath can evaporate. The continued evaporation causes blisters, or air bubbles, to accumulate under the dried layer of paint.


Don’t wait until your home appliances and furniture start turning bad. Instead, investing a couple of dollars in the best epoxy spray paint to prevent future damage and more expense. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Besides, you can use these products regardless of how unhealthy the surfaces look. They leave an impressive, glossy finish on the surface, and transform the dull surface as though it were new.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide section to ensure you’re going home with the appropriate product for your home/industrial renovation.