5 Best Concrete Stain Reviews [Top Rated]

Hello, Everyone! In this article, we are going to discuss the best concrete stain. What is meant by stain? What to know about concrete? What are the benefits of concrete stains? How long does it take for the concrete stain to dry? Top 5 best concrete stains? What is meant by concrete satin? Benefits of concrete stain? And many more questions about this topic will be discussed in this article. Let’s discuss the topic of how to paint an exterior house. Before completion of this article, you may get a clear idea of the topic by reading between the lines of the content.

Best Concrete Stain

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The most commonly used materials for building are brick and masonry. Most people use this because of its durability and strength. However, this does not necessarily mean that the walls and surfaces built using bricks are weather resistant. If concrete and bricks happen to seep water into it, cracks and structural damage can occur. But don’t worry this can be prevented with the help of brick sealant or concrete stain. As this product ensures lasting protection, how do you choose the right one is the main thing. We will help you to find the best concrete stain for your project. Just keep on reading!

Best Concrete Stain In Deep

Before going to the main topic let’s first know about what is meant by a concrete and concrete stain.

What Does Concrete Mean?

Concrete is an important material for constructing different buildings and structures. Concrete is an alloy that is made of Portland cement, sand, gravel, or aggregate, and water in varying proportions depending on the task. Concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world. As of 2006, about 7.5 billion cubic meters of concrete are made each year—more than one cubic meter for every person on Earth. Concrete is strong in action but weak in tension. For some purposes, it needs to be braced with steel rods.

what does concrete mean

Prop up concrete buildings can be made to link all the parts together(like foundations, walls, floors, and roofs) but concrete construction does not make buildings earthquake-proof. The main pitfall of this stain is that concrete is permeable. Concrete is a penetrable material, hence it can take action like a sponge. To get back your garage floor or concrete wall to normal you need to appeal extra elbow grease and a few reapplications to get it back. Address the stain as quickly as possible to steer clear of a permanent stain.

What Is Meant By Concrete Stain?

The concrete stain protects surfaces built using concrete and brick from potential water penetration and damage. Most bricks are made up of concrete, clay, stone, and ceramic the overall structure. Most damage occurs as a result of moisture, or water penetration. This results in cracks that eventually lead to breaks.

What Is Meant By Concrete Stain

To prevent water from seeping into the brick or concrete surface, concrete staining adds a layer of protection and seals it off from any potential moisture. The concrete stain maintains the structure, appearance, and durability of the brick. Most sealants are clear and add a protective surface layer. For appearance and finish concrete stain works well.

Best Concrete Stain- Our Top 5 Picks

The below-mentioned concrete stains are selected based on our in-depth research considering various aspects of the product. We have picked those by evaluating the formula, bonding capability, durability, etc. For detailed information check out below.

Top 1- Best Concrete Stain: Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer

The Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer is one of the best sealers that you can select to seal a variety of surfaces effectively. This product brings you superior performance. One of the great advantages of this sealer is it works on both unsanded and sanded ground. As it is made of quality ingredients to improve its durability it brings a natural appearance. You can seal up to 500 sq of the tile and grout using one quart of the sealer.

Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer

Use a paintbrush and tape to apply it while standing. Then leave it for five minutes and mop the remaining with warm water. This sealer is a fluoropolymer-based sealer that can penetrate deep through the grout lines. As this sealer removes the top layer of the grease before sealing, it provides superior durability. The only remarkable about this product is it will not change the original color of the grout.


  • Professional strength sealer that works on both sanded and unsanded surfaces.
  • Can be used for Slate, Marble, travertine, Limestone, etc. surfaces.
  • Improve durability and preserve the natural appearance of the surface.
  • Easy to use; require five to ten minutes to work.
  • A fluoropolymer-based sealer that doesn’t cause any odor.
  • Produce a moisture barrier to protect the grout from dirt and spills.


  • Not suitable for outdoor surfaces.

Top 2- Best Concrete Stain: SuperSeal 2000

The name SuperSeal 2000 itself says it is a powerful and commercial concrete stain that is suitable for a variety of surfaces. The paint will not change the primary color of the surface as it is colorless. Instead, it will enhance the previous color for a better look. One of the unique things about this stain is it is suitable for use on both interior and exterior surfaces. You can use it on any natural floor of homes and offices.

SuperSeal 2000

SuperSeal offers you an impressive glossy wet look. More so, it doesn’t get yellowish over time. This SuperSeal 2000 is safe for the environment. The VOC content in the product is 99-599g/g. which meets the VOC requirement of most of the states. Another remarkable thing about the product is it arrives in leak-proof metal containers. The product comes with one gallon of the coating, which is suitable for covering approximately 200 square feet.


  • Leaves a beautiful aroma feel after applying.
  • Suitable for different surfaces along with concrete.
  • Meet the VOC content requirement for most of the states.
  • Produce a permanent and durable wet-looking coating.
  • Don’t cause any harm to the primary color of the surface.


  • You need to leave it for a few hours after applying.

Top 3- Best Concrete Stain: Rust-Oleum 247161

Are you looking for specialized concrete stain spray, then Rust-Oleum 247161 Concrete Spray Spray can be a great choice for you. This product arrives with a quality formula to produce a durable stain. These stains protect against the UV rays of the sun as well as from the weather exposure. As there are multiple color options available you can purchase depending on your applications.

Rust-Oleum 247161

For outdoor surfaces, this product shows you excellent results. Generally, outdoor paints are not durable. When you use Rust-Oleum 247162 Concrete Stain this helps you to make your outdoor concrete surface durable for a long time. If you are not happy with the Rust-Oleum 247161 result you can wash using soapy water. Rust-Oleum 247161 is suitable for small sculptures, concrete, stone, masonry, and accent pieces.


  • UV rays and weather-resistant concrete stain spray.
  • Suitable for accent pieces, concrete, stone, masonry, small sculpture, etc.
  • It can be mixed with other colors of the stains for a custom look.
  • It can be easily cleaned off with soap and water.
  • Available in different color variations.


  • Restricted in some places.

Top 4- Best Concrete Stain: KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic

The KILZ377611 1-part Epoxy Acrylic is another top-rated prod from the manufacturer KILZ. This product is top-rated because of its highly durable capacity and it doesn’t scuff, fade, blister, or crack with time. It contains a water-based component that is formulated to last long. This paint produces a silver-gray color with a satin finish. The great advantage of this product KILZ377611 is this paint can be used on both coated and uncoated surfaces.

KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic

This paint is suitable for a variety of surfaces (like concrete, stone, masonry, brick, etc). As this is durable epoxy paint it can be an excellent choice for high-traffic surfaces. You can easily utilize it with the help of a brush, sprayer, or roller. This product produces a satin finish that looks smooth and it applies evenly on horizontal and floor surfaces. {Note: It is not suitable for vertical surfaces}. It takes two hours to dry and requires four hours for a recoat. One gallon of the paint can cover around 300 to 400 square feet of rough surfaces and 400 to 500 square feet of smooth surfaces.


  • Highly durable and easy to clean concrete paint.
  • Don’t scuff, crack, fade, or blister easily.
  • Suitable for hard-to-clean areas like garage, basement, and decks.
  • It can be applied on both coated and uncoated surfaces.
  • Resist stain and damage the gasoline, oil, and chemicals.
  • Produce a durable and beautiful silver-gray color with a satin finish.


  • Some users claimed that the color inconsistent.

Top 5- Best Concrete Stain: Black Diamond Stoneworks

If you are looking for an impressive glossy appearance then go with wet look sealers. You may get a doubt what is best wet look sealer? Right! If you’re searching for wet look sealer, then Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Natural Stain Sealer will be an excellent choice. It can be used on a variety of surfaces(including stone, concrete, pavers, slate, driveways, garages, floors, and so on).

Black Diamond Stoneworks

Using this sealer you can easily make the floors shiny and beautiful. The one great thing about Black Diamond Stoneworks is it is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. Apart from making the surface beautiful, it can also make it wear-resistant, chemical, and water-resistant, as well as protect it from the UV rays. This sealer can be easily applied with the help of a sprayer, brush, or roll. The premium-grade product can be an excellent choice for treating your floors.


  • Put an impressive glossy finish on the surfaces.
  • Protect the surface from water, chemical, wear, and UV rays.
  • Suitable for concrete, bricks, driveway, bricks, floors, and other
  • It can be easily used utilizing a brush, sprayer, or roller.
  • Durable sealer, don’t become darker or yellowish with time.
  • It is made in the USA with a money-back guarantee.


  • Not suitable for granite or marble surfaces.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Concrete Stain

To make a finished look, you will need to know how to apply it and understand the surface and how to use the product. When it comes to applying a brick or concrete stain, there are a few tricks and tips to know to get close to perfection as possible. This include:

  • Wait 28 days after completing construction before applying the sealant. This allows the alkaline balance in the mortar to restore which is essential in the sealing process.
  • If you clean the surface, ensure that is properly dried before application to ensure that the sealant sticks.
  • Do not let the stain pool, apply thin layers.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Concrete Stain

  • While acrylic products are suitable for indoor surfaces, they are not suitable for concrete floor stains. Floors should have an oil-based sealant applied.
  • For smaller jobs, you can use a paintbrush to apply the stain.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area and have the relevant safety measures on hand – with extras just in case. This includes masks, gloves, and goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Concrete Stains Made of?

When it comes to concrete stains, you can choose between oil, water, and acid stains concrete. The option that you go with will need to be suitable for your project and the materials being used to finish it.

What Is The Difference Between Concrete Stain And Concrete Dye?

When it comes to concrete stain vs. dye, the main difference is that a stain will chemically react with the concrete, while a dye will simply permeate the material.

What Is The Easiest Concrete Stain To Use?

Water-based stains are available in a wider variety of colors and are often easier to apply. This type of non-reactive produces color by bonding to the concrete surface, filling the pores, and making a colored film or coating. These formulas generally have fewer toxic chemicals, and they dry more quickly.

Do You Really Need Concrete Stains?

Due to the porous nature of bricks, they can easily absorb moisture which can affect the integrity of the structure. Applying a stain assists in protecting and waterproofing the brick, preventing possible damage from occurring. If you are in a notoriously wet area, you need to use a brick stain to ensure the safety of your structure.

How Long Will a Brick or Concrete Stain Last?

This depends on what you used to seal the surface as well as the environmental conditions that the stain or stain is exposed to. In most cases, it should last between 7 and 10 years before needing a fresh coat. The easiest way to determine if reapplication is necessary is to look at concrete stain colors and whether or not they have begun to fade or change.

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Final Words

Now you know have known the best concrete stains as well as how to select the suitable one from our list. It doesn’t matter what your budget is; you should easily find the right one as per your budget from the list. I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and maybe ever knowledgeable.