best paint protection for car

Best Car Paint Protection

Car protection films offer lasting protection to the car’s body and paints. It is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from dents, sticky bug grime, stone chips, and other debris.

Depending on the part of the car exposed to these threats the most, car protections can be applied behind door handles, on the rocker panels, and mostly, to the front of their vehicle.

Installing car paint protection can either be done professionally or by yourself because they aren’t difficult to install. For such cases, the best option is to buy online since you will have a range of choices.

So in this article, we will help you choose the best car paint protection that will be worth your money.

Best Car Paint Protection

Why You Need A Car Paint Protection

best paint protection for car

When buying a new car, you may be offered an optional car protection treatment from the car dealer.

Car protection can either be a thin protective and transparent film or a liquid/paste called sealants. Whichever one you choose, you get to protect your car to increase the longevity of the exterior.

Car protection will offer protection from stone chips, tree sap, bird droppings, and fading. However, car paint protection doesn’t offer protection against heavier damages such as parking scuffs and dents.

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Is Paint Protection For Car Worth It?

It is always better to spend on protectives than having to repaint the entire car often. Paint protection offers an excellent and low-maintenance way of keeping your car’s exterior in good condition.

Before you consider investing in car paint protection, you should first consider where your car will spend most of the time, especially when not on the road.

If the car will be parked outside, under trees or overhead cables, and exposed to UV-rays and extreme temperatures, then you should probably consider opting for car paint protection.

If you also drive on rough terrain and where the car can pick up minor damages or scratches, then you should also consider using paint protection for cars.

However, you should care less about having it installed if your car often stays in a garage or ply a smooth road.

Car Paint Protection Reviews

1. VViViD 3M Scotchgard

The 3M company is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive products, laminates, and films. VViViD 3M Scotchgard is a thin polyurethane film with eight mils (0.0008″) thickness and excellent adhesion.

This thin and transparent film can be installed to the front of your vehicle, shielding it from debris. If you have little experience with car paint protection, then using this won’t be a problem. Many customers have testified to the ease of application.

Because of the excellent adhesion quality, the film is invisible after installation. It leaves your car looking new and more attractive. VViViD 3M Scotchgard, if properly installed, last long.

Some users have complained that the film is too thin, therefore defeating the purpose. Depending on what you intend to achieve with a car paint protection film, it is still a great choice if you want the protective film to go unnoticed.

It’s available in 2 different sizes measuring 6” X 60” and 6” X 120”.

  • It’s affordable
  • Easy to apply for professionals
  • Very sticky
  • Very thin and transparent
  • May be too thin for some
  • Can be hard to apply

2. Track Armour TA6X100 Paint Protection

While some car protection film may be easy to apply, some may be difficult when taking off. It can cause more scratches or even peel off the paints while removing it.

Track Armour is called temporary paint and surface protection because of its ease to take off. Installation is smooth and fast. In a few minutes, anyone will be done.

The Clear adhesive film makes it so perfect without observing any squeezed portion on the surface. The thin 4 mils poly-plastic film gives you a flawless surface.

The film has been tested and found with no defects in all weather, including cold conditions along with brutal summers.

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If you do not like leaving car paint protection in your vehicle for long, then this is a good option because it’s made for temporary use.

It may not make your car as beautiful since it can be easily noticed, but it is worth it because repainting your car isn’t cheap. It is also better than blue painters tape when compared

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy to remove
  • Very thin and transparent
  • Doesn’t appears smooth on the surface, so it’s easily noticed
  • Temporary paint and surface protection

3. XPEL Clear Paint Protection Film

This product gives a clean and clear blend to the surface being applied. When applied, it is almost invisible, except you are told there’s one.

XPEL will give your car surface, protection from light scratches, and swirl marks. The finish will leave you astonished as it gives your car a glossy appearance. Dirt can be easily wiped off without causing scratches or dents.

Apart from the fact that it is easy to put on, it is also easy to remove when it requires replacement, leaving the paint intact, flawless, and as new as before.

The clear polyurethane film is 8 mils thick with great adhesion. XPEL is versatile, so you can use it for almost any automobile. Feel free to apply on cars, marines, motorcycles, and any flat smooth surface to keep it looking brand new.

It is available in three different sizes measuring 6” X 25”, 6” X 60” and 6” X 84”.

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  • Nearly invisible when applied
  • Glossy appearance on your car
  • It’s versatile
  • Low price tag
  • Easy installation and easy to remove
  • Not as thick as others

4. 3M Clear Scotchgard Paint Protection

This is no doubt one of the best car paint protection film you will find in the market as it comes with amazing features. Everyone always like a protection film to be invisible as much as possible, and the 3M Scotchgard has managed to achieve this.

The Clear polyurethane film is 8mil thick and has a tremendous adhesive backing. Despite the adhesion, removing it is almost effortless, and it’s achieved without peeling off the paint. So if you want your car paint to keep looking newer as it ages, then this is a good choice.

Scotchgard is an effective way to protect your car from damages caused by sand, gravel, stones, road debris, and other contaminants. It is long-lasting and thick enough to resist scratches

  • Well priced
  • Easy to install
  • Strong adhesion
  • Is nearly invisible once applied
  • Tough to install if there are any edges on your car hood

5. Install Proz Self-Healing Clear Paint Protection Film Kits (Best door edge protection film)

Over time, car edges develop scratches resulting from sand and shoe heels activities. This can disfigure your vehicle and may require repainting often to keep in class. One of the best ways to prevent this is by using film protection specially designed for car edges.

The product is durable and self-healing. Highly resistant to yellowing, so the actual color of the car paint remains clear and blended until you decide to take off.

It Protects against chips, abrasion, scratches, and weathering. One roll may not be enough to cover an entire car, so it may be required to buy more than a roll.

It is recommended to use a hairdryer (or heat gun) for installation to supply heat on the protection film. The film becomes very flexible and easy to install when heated.

It can be waxed over for extra protection. It is available in different sizes, depending on the intended use and placement.

It is the best choice to guarantee your car, the optimum protection from scratches on edges.

  • Almost invisible if adequately installed
  • Easy to install
  • Strong adhesion
  • Specially designed for car door edges
  • Will require a source of heat for better installation

Car Paint Protection Buyer’s Guide

Best Car Paint Protection

Measure your car

Before buying a car paint protection film, it is essential to know the dimension of your car. This is important in knowing how much quantity you will need for the project. You should also determine where precisely, or how much of the vehicle you need to cover.

It is recommended to overestimate; after all, they are affordable. They do not get deteriorated easily, so you can store the leftovers for another time.

Temporary or long-lasting

Car paint protection films are available in 2 options, temporary or long-lasting.  Temporary car paint protections are best for people who only want it on when they are about to ply a rough terrain. They can be easy to install and remove, but they are noticeable and don’t look flashy.

Long-lasting car paint protection is suitable for people who want optimum protection more often than normal. They are smooth, with exceptional adhesion, so it is not easily noticed.

Easy to install and remove

Paint protection films are easy to install. But not all may be easy to take off. Some may end up causing more damages when removing. If care is not taken, a bad film with poor adhesive choice may peel off the paint.

So when buying one, you should watch out for products that are easy o install and, more importantly, easy to take off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Protection film or sealant, which is better?

Car paint protection films are more easily noticed compared to car sealants. However, because they are easier to install and take off, some may prefer films. Both are a great way to protect your car paint. Paint sealers give better blend on the surface, while films are easier to install.

How long does paint protection film last?

Good car paint protection can last up to 5 years, depending on the quality of the film and the quality of installation. The lifespan is also dependent on exposure to harsh conditions.

Frequent exposure to inclement weather, temperature, bad terrain can drastically reduce the longevity.

It is recommended to hire a professional car detailer for installation if you have no idea about it.

Will paint protection film dull my car’s paint?

Apart from the original intention of car paint protection, most protections are designed to add extra shine to your car.

There is no doubt that some low-grade versions may dull your car, especially after much exposure to UV-rays and severe weather conditions. This is why it is important to buy protection films with great durability.

What is the best car paint protection system?

This list shows our top five car paint sealants.

  • Formula types. Before moving onto the list, there are a couple of different formula types to be aware of.
  • Wolfgang WG-5500.
  • Meguiar’s M21 Mirror Glaze.
  • CarGuys Hybrid Wax.
  • Griot’s Garage 11075.
  • Supagard.

Is protective car coating worth it?

Yes, it is worth considering because of the money it can potentially save you down the road. If your car is protected, you won’t have to worry about getting it painted before you resell it. The cost of painting a car is quite expensive. It is also a very detailed process that can potentially delay a future sale.

What is the best paint protection product?

The Chemical Guys JetSeal Paint Sealant and Protectant is one of the most durable protection products you can buy. It’s designed to shield from dirt and grime and can perform in extreme temperatures and weather, providing protection up to a year in total.

What’s better PPF or ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating makes your car easier to clean and hydrophobic, but it wont protect as well as PPF against road debris. PPF can come in matte, ceramic coating provides an unmatched enhancement to gloss. PPF absorbs scratches and actually self-heals.

Do ceramic coatings work on cars?

In its fundamental form, ceramic coating creates a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint that does not wash away or break down, at least for a few years. Sure, scratches can be repelled by ceramic coating, but it’s also not completely resistant to all sorts of damage.

Is wax or polish better for car?

Wax is best used after cleaning and polishing to make your car’s paintwork shine. So instead of removing a fine layer of paint like polish does, car wax puts a smooths coating on top of the paint. So simply speaking, polish removes and wax smooths! The most common ingredient found in car wax is Carnauba wax.

Why ceramic coating is bad?

Ceramic coating will not protect your car from the usual threats: scratches, swirl marks, and rock chips. Despite its blending properties, it still retains the characteristics of paint. This is why you should still expect your car to be at the receiving end of these common, undesirable elements.

Is ceramic coating a gimmick?

No it is not a scam at all, In many cases, ceramic coating your paint is absolutely worth the price. It provides great protection against contaminants and minor scratches, all while making the vehicle much easier to clean up.

How long does paint protection last?

Most paint protection packages that are offered at car dealerships are sealants that last 6-12 months (or less depending on what they actually use and how well it is applied!) and aftermarket coatings offered by professional detailers last around 2-5 years.

How do I protect my car from chip paint?

How To Protect Your Car Paint From Scratches and Chips

  • Wrap your bodywork with clear film vinyl. This is the ultimate protection against stone chips and even heavier scratches.
  • Buy a high-quality car paint sealant.
  • Keep your car regularly waxed.
  • Use plastic door-edge protectors.
  • Apply bumper and door rubber strips.


When choosing paint protection, we recommended choosing products from top manufacturers or brands such as 3M or XPEL. All products reviewed on this page will give you the best value.

Our top pick for the best car paint protection is the XPEL Clear Paint Protection Film. It is a thin film, which produces a perfect blend on the surface with a glossy appearance. It is available in different sizes, so you will have a more perfect blend with no joining.

When buying protection films, ensure you buy an extra in case you need to reapply it on some portion.