Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Best Airless Paint Sprayer (Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews)

Are you a painter or a homeowner and you’re wondering why you need the best airless paint sprayer?

Just give me 5 minutes, and you’ll be able to decide if you need one or not.

Now, let’s take it this way!

You just entered your home or office and discovered that the whole wall is dirty and looks old as if the building has lasted for centuries.

But why haven’t you noticed this all these while? Could it be the reason why you’ve been losing your friends and clients? Well, it probably is because no one likes visiting or doing business in a dirty environment. Therefore, you have to do something about this fast.

Deep down your heart, you know you have to repaint the whole place to give it that alluring and enticing look once again, but there’s a little problem!

You don’t want to waste your precious time doing the painting manually because you may end up messing it up, or it will take you forever to finish. If this sounds like you, then continue reading.

What Is The Best Airless Paint Sprayer?

What Is An Airless Paint Sprayer?

To put succinctly, an airless paint sprayer is an electronic gadget designed to make painting jab easy and effortless (as the name suggests).

This gadget simplifies painting job in two ways:

Firstly, if you wish to speed up a painting job that needs lots of gallons of paint, you can just apply it three times as fast as with a brush or roller.

And secondly, if you desire for a glass-smooth finish on doors or woodworks, an airless paint sprayer can flawlessly lay the paint.

Additionally, with an airless paint spraying machine, you’re simply pumping paint – and not mixing pressurized air & paint. Essentially, the best airless sprayer can make easy and fast work out of your next painting project.

Interestingly, even if you’re not a professional painter and there’s a painting job that has to get done as soon as possible, then choosing this type of paint spraying machine will help you get the project done quickly.

Why You Need an Airless Sprayer

You’re probably not a painter, and you wish there’s a way you could just push a button and your whole house or office will be fully and professionally painted. Thus, you want something that’s insanely easy that even a toddler can use it.

And even if you’re a painter and you’re not entirely happy with your job. Then what you need is an airless paint sprayer to always get the job done with quality, timely, and efficiency – and that’s why we wrote this airless paint sprayer reviews.

Here’s the thing!

Painting large areas by hand is tough, unreliable, tiring, and time-consuming. When the scale of a paint project is too much for a brush to handle, a good paint sprayer becomes your best choice.

For paint experts, homeowners, and hobbyists alike, a good airless sprayer will help speed up a painting project while leaving a consistent, even coat behind on what you’re painting.

Now, if you find yourself searching for the best airless paint spraying machine, you might get confused while trying to decide between all of the different options available in the market.

Fortunately, there are lots of airless paint sprayers out there on the market for you to pick from! The bad news, however, is that it can be a very daunting task to tell which of them best suits your needs.

As a result of this, we suggest you go through our airless paint sprayer reviews as well as our comprehensive buying guide as this will educate you on all the essential features to look out for, which accessories you do and don’t need and lots more. It’s pretty nice and straightforward!

Here on our site, we’re highly committed to researching, testing, and recommending nothing but the best products. Although, we may get commissions from sales made after visiting links within our articles.

Before we proceed, we have to answer an important question…

How Does An Airless Paint Sprayer Work?

An airless paint sprayer works by simply pumping paint at high pressure (up to 3,000 PSI), via a hose and out a small hole in the tip of the spray gun. Basically, the tip is built to evenly break up the paint onto a fan-shaped spray pattern of little droplets.

You can spray thicker liquids such as latex house paint or thin liquids such as stain, varnish, and lacquer using different tips.

With a small practice, an airless sprayer can be used to apply an incredibly smooth finish on cabinets, doors, and even woodwork.

Furthermore, since an airless paint spraying gadget directly pumps paint from a can, you can easily apply an ample of material in a short period.

This makes an airless paint sprayer specifically perfect for large paint jobs such as painting a 300-ft.-long privacy fence, or priming bare drywall in a new house.

That said, the bad news is that with different airless paint sprayer brands coming into the market today, it’s difficult to choose one that’ll really of higher-quality, and will be suitable for your needs.

However, the good news is that this how-to guide is meant to help you in choosing the best airless sprayer for your needs right now.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer(best rated airless paint sprayer)

The Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer is undoubtedly a top-rated airless paint sprayer – and it’s ideal for the heavy-duty do-it-yourself fanatics and slightly professional painter work.

It gives excellent coverage on all exterior furniture, interior walls and ceilings, decks, fences, and sheds.

The paint spraying machine is incredibly lightweight, durable, and is fortified with a fold-down handle giving the user ease of movement when spraying as well as easy storage. Apart from that, the flexible hose equally lets the user get to all those delicate areas.

Additionally, the unit is pretty easy to assemble, clean and you’re not required to prime before you can start painting. The Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer can deliver about 0.34 gallons of paint/minute and can contain about 5 gallons of paint.

You’re also not required to thin paint as you can use from the tin directly. This gadget makes painting extremely fast and easy, and there’s minimal overspray.

Furthermore, the paint gun is insanely easy to use and can transform a beginner who’s not familiar with any of these devices all the way to an industry expert.

Graco X7 paint gun is a top-rated airless paint sprayer because

  • It features a saver pail hook with flexible paint suction tube
  • It can spray all materials such as light stains, thick latex, etc.
  • Comes with a powerful motor with pressure controller for custom paint spray variation
  • The tip is pretty easy to clean with reverse function feature, and equally uses flash adopter to clean pipe after a paint job
  • A very convenient cart for easy mobility
  • Super-fast and efficient painting
  • It offers portable sprayers on wheels
  • It’s lightweight and pretty much affordable
  • Can be used to spray anything
  • Features a power flush for easy cleaning
  • You can effortlessly work with 1 – 5 gallons paint filled bucket
  • It’s quite big and heavy, and it’s not easy to store
  • The hose is short
  • It’s somewhat costly but is totally worth it

2. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun, Power Painting for Home Exterior, Fence, Shed, and Garage

With a 2800 PSI, and 1/2 HP motor, the HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 is one of the most potent airless paint sprayers in the market. Hence, it’s essential that the unit has enough stability when spraying which is provided by the two metal legs.

Typically, we recommend this airless paint sprayer to DIY lovers who have a range of projects to handle.

While it’s a superb airless paint sprayer, it still needs the thinning of thicker paints – which can be time-consuming and daunting. But this is a minor issue with such tools and is more expected in cheaper products than this one.

One more thing we really admire about this paint sprayer is that it offers speedy spraying coverage with up to 0.24 gallons per minute.

Regardless of the speed, it’s basically an easy paint sprayer as it provides a very convenient cleaning compared to some of the other options on the market.

  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Has a low profile design and metal legs for stability
  • 2800 PSI is excellent for heavy-duty jobs
  • Offers fantastic speed and power
  • It probably requires thinning of thicker paints
  • Setup manual aren’t in-depth and could cause complications

3. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

The top spot of airless paint sprayers requires a feature that’ll let you get plenty of painting job done in your preferred way. In other words, you need lots of control and reliability.

Excitingly, the Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer does this with fewer efforts, thanks to the quality parts used and a fully adjustable pressure setting on the paint head.

For the price of this product, you’re getting an excellent paint sprayer tool to use for sporadic paint jobs around the home as Graco rates it for up to 50-gallons per year,

Furthermore, the flexibility of the paint sprayer shows in the types of tasks and paints you can use it for. It handles unthinned paints easily at high pressure and can also produce a wide range of even coats from stains to latex.

Arguably, this makes it perfect for interior projects, sheds, decks, small objects, and others. The 50 inches hose will also offer you lots of lengths to reach difficult spots on a home’s exterior. Once you’re done, hooking the sprayer up to a garden hose will help for easy cleaning.

This is paint plus gadget which you can use for many other purposes like suction of water (sump pump). Aside from that, the affordable price makes it a best budget paint sprayer.

  • It has adjustable pressure with metal SG2 gun
  • It’s lightweight and has a compact design
  • Perfect for large surface
  • Not the best for small spots

4. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

This paint spraying gadget is perfect for the homeowner who loves DIY. It is incredibly portable, lightweight, and is very easy to store away when not in use.

It allows you to choose from light to medium spray coverage – and it features a control knob from which the user can select the ideal pressure setting.

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer is suitable for use on both interior and exterior walls, decking, and fences. It’s especially useful when you’re required to cover large areas.

Although you have to learn how to properly set up and clean the sprayer, once you’ve mastered it, it’s pretty easy to use. Interestingly, it comes with a DVD guide which is a fantastic idea as it makes the entire learning process easier!

The paint gun can be used in whatever direction you choose as it has a swivel nozzle and the key benefit is that it’s light and effortless to hold. It equally delivers the paint onto a large surface somewhat quickly and provides impressive coverage.

However, the only thing you need to remember while using this paint sprayer is to cover any nearby items that you do not wish painting! In my humble opinion, this is one of the best airless paint guns on the market.

  • Ideal for a wide variety of projects
  • Excellent value for money
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Lightweight yet very durable
  • Fully adjustable pressure control
  • There can be a loss of suction if the paint in the bucket gets low
  • It doesn’t swivel on the hose

5. HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Paint Sprayer Power Painter, Home Paint Sprayer Tool for Spray Painting, HVLP Spray Gun for Painting Projects (best budget airless paint sprayer)

Nowadays, it’s essential to have a top-rated airless paint sprayer with other households. Graco, Fuji, Flexio, Earlex, critter, Wagner deck ject, and many others are among the leading paint sprayer brands in the market.

But when we consider the most suitable indoor paint sprayer gadget, then HomeRight Finish Max C800766 tops the list. This product ranks pretty high among the best home use paint sprayer out there.

You don’t have to hire an expert spray painter for your home or small office interior walls as you just need to invest in this affordable Paint gun, and the rest will be history. That’s not all; this smart painting machine is also considered to be among the best airless paint sprayers for latex.

With this electric paint spray gun you will be able to:

  • Paint in three different ways circular, vertical, and horizontal.
  • Become a pro painter in less time
  • It has do it yourself (DIY) project versatility
  • You are not limited as you can add color and stain of your choice
  • Designed for high-level performance, it features a brass tip of 2.0 mm as well as a durable hose for long lasting life
  • It has an adjustable knob for changing spray pattern from a range of 1 to 6
  • You’ll get 2-years warranty from the company on all parts
  • Highly recommended for small spot such as the painting of inside home for superb finishing
  • Can be used to cabinet spray, spray latex, wall paint, poly, chalk type, furniture spray, etc.
  • Features a rotating nozzle
  • Very easy to clean with water
  • Lightweight, small in size and easy to use
  • Come with lots of extra accessories
  • Has multiple spray type
  • Best cheap airless paint sprayer
  • Limited for personal use and small project only

6. Titan ControlMax 1700 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan ControlMax 1700 High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer eliminates the fear of airless spraying, making it much easier to paint like an expert.

It features a HEA system tip technology, which helps to reduce overspray by about 55% while giving softer spray, enhancing control and offering a more consistent finish.

Furthermore, the .60 horsepower HEA pump is a very durable and robust sprayer, which can spray unthinned coatings using a rebuildable fluid section which boosts sprayer life to a significant extent and it’s backed by the industry’s longest and best warranty.

The ControlMax 1700 paint spraying gadget has a flow rate of .33 GPM and accommodates up to a .017″ Tip. Additionally, the unit features a 515 ControlMax tip, a 30-foot hose, and a tip guard.

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  • Softer spray enhances control for a more consistent finish
  • Eliminates the intimidation of airless spraying
  • Up To 55 percent Less Overspray
  • Has the power of spraying unthinned coatings
  • Lasts up to 3X longer than similar airless sprayers
  • 2-Year limited company warranty
  • Replaceable fluid section increases sprayer life
  • It’s lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Comes with a durable pump
  • Has the capacity to accommodate a hose up to 80-feet long
  • Not meant for ongoing commercial use
  • Will be required to thin thicker materials before use

7. Apollo Eco 4 Stage Spray System w/e7000 Non-Bleed Spray Gun(Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Cabinets)

With the Apollo Eco 4 Stage Spray System w/e7000 Non-Bleed Spray Gun, you no longer need to spend money on rental paint sprayers, which are usually roughly used by everyone.

It’s made of a solid case that offers correct up-to required level pressure while carrying out a painting task.

The spray gadget comes with a hand carry design which helps for easy transportability. Aside from that, it also has a dual air filtration, which helps to prevent clogging while painting, and is used for perfect mix air that provides optimistic quality. It’s built with quiet technology so you can always work without making noise.

Additionally, the Apollo Eco 4 Stage Spray System features one bleeder gun that provides airflow to finish and equally spread the right spray of paint covering a broader range – and also offers a more substantial versatility.

Regrettably, there are no casters for this paint sprayer, but believe me, it’s one of the best hand paint sprays on the market. And you can also use Apollo E7000 and Apollo E5011 spray guns as both are best and worth trying.

It’s a powerful 300 PSI pressure generating paint sprayer and comes with:

  • Non-bleed metallic spray gun and 4 stages turbine
  • 20 feet long hose which is sufficient to meet your requirements
  • Wrench and lube for the spray gun
  • 2 years of labor and parts warranty to build strong customers relations
  • Free shipping everywhere in the USA if you order right now from
  • It’s the best homeowner airless paint sprayer
  • Handsome metallic body with a robust solid case
  • Recommended by top rated paint brands
  • It’s not the best sprayer for house painting
  • The design can be improved more

8. Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

This is one of the latest releases from Graco, and it’s an improved version of the well-known True Coat Plus II. The Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359 is handheld and an electric version that still gives power and precision.

Simply plug it in, and you’re all set!

The majority of the smaller models with this style are HVLP and operates on low pressure too. The Ultra Corded (as well as a cordless model) are airless paint sprayers and features the quality Graco technology.

Here are some of its features:

  • Reversible spray tip
  • Triple piston pump
  • Very high max pressure of 2000 PSI

This little jewel paints with the professionalism of bigger models but is pretty easy to set up and portable. Homeowners and contractors alike use the 17M359 for smaller areas such as interior walls, fences, decks, and doors.

Finally, if you want a smaller, handheld paint spraying gadget that packs power, then this is for you.

  • Very easy to clean
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • You can use it with latex paint
  • Not meant for bigger projects
  • Needs regular refilling

9. 5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit; Includes Stainless Steel Paint pick-up, Gun with Built-in Filter (best handheld airless paint sprayer)

The 5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit by Krause & Becker is one of the best home paint sprayers in the market having good auto spray guns.

Krause & Becker is an impressive sprayer option for cars, painting indoor walls, tabletops, furniture, decks, staining deck, the old bicycle, and many others.

This painting machine has amazing quality paint equipment that is remarkable during the performance. This electric pump sprayer keeps a dominating edge in airless paint sprayer and air sprayer comparison.

  • The spray gun features an automatic triggering lock that equally helps in cleaning and flushing out paint
  • Has a knob pressure controller allowing up to 8.3 gallons of paint in 1 hour
  • It’s the best handheld airless paint sprayer and is pretty easy to carry due to its lightweight
  • It’s considered best for painting cars due to its 5/8 Horsepower with 3000 PSI pressure
  • No performance changes while working with oil mixed paints or others
  • Very affordable price with added value
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Has a powerful, strong motor for long working
  • Very durable
  • It’s the best professional airless paint sprayer
  • It can be difficult to find spare parts sometimes

10. Fuji 2894-T75G Q4 PLATINUM – T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System (Best Portable Paint Machine)

Fuji is generally known as a brand for wealthy peoples due to its expensive but high performance, top quality, and never disappointing products with lots of fantastic reviews from happy users – and the Fuji 2894-T75G Q4 PLATINUM – T75G Quiet HVLP Spray System is one of its newest and modern technological painting gears.

This painting gear is ranked pretty high in the best paint sprayers 2020. The paint gun is very easy to use with the portable facility – and it provides:

  • A powerful turbine for smooth and continuous work
  • 25 feet long hose with air controller, which helps to prevent bounce back and overspray
  • Heat Dissipation Box (HDB) helps to keep the paint sprayer for decks pretty cool during excessive use

Furthermore, this paint sprayer model is not a single pneumatic paint spray gadget, but a complete electric paint sprayer system that comes with all supporting accessories needed during regular operations.

  • Platinum quality airless paint sprayer
  • Best pneumatic paint sprayer system for heavy duty and commercial projects
  • Its parts are readily available with universal standardization
  • Best paint spraying machine for money
  • It’s somewhat expensive

11. Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM – T75G Gravity HVLP Spray System(Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Furniture)

We often hear about deals and sales of spray tools on spray gears guide. But if you have the Fuji 2804-T75G Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM – T75G Gravity HVLP Spray System, then there is no need to even consider any other similar product.

This is a complete package paint spraying system and can be used for both homes and offices. It reduces the time needed to complete your painting projects and saves you money by making a one-time smart investment for the long-term benefits.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is one of the best paint sprayers for furniture.

The paint spraying machine is outstanding because:

  • It has different pattern spray control
  • Features a huge container for the coverage of a larger surface
  • The professional non-bleed function of pistons
  • Has 4-stage turbine with a 600 cc gravity spray gun
  • Smart design for easy mobility and a better grip of the gun
  • Features an air and pressure control valve with a user manual
  • Comes with a 25 feet long hose with free HVLP kit

Interestingly, lots of other incredible features made this craftsman pump sprayer pretty much revolutionary – and these additional features can only be experienced while using the machine.

Therefore, I’ll advise you to give value to your money by getting this excellent value hand pump paint sprayer machine immediately; you’ll be happy you did.

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  • It’s lightweight
  • Super sturdy and easy to maintain motor for a consistent flow of air
  • Effort and time-saving machine
  • Affordable best in budget
  • It’s the best sprayer for house exterior and fence stain
  • It’s a bit noisy while in use

12. Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer 805-000 / 805-015 with Free Painters Pack

The Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer is made with residential use, commercial application, and property maintenance in mind. This gadget has a maximum delivery up to 0.54 gallons per minute and can also hold a maximum tip size of 0.023.

It’s not a cart-based sprayer though but has a heavy-duty handle for mobility and comfortability. The frame is compact and small with the motor occupying the majority of the design.

Additionally, the paint sprayer has a 7/8 HP DC motor with a maximum psi of 3300 – which totals the actual weight of the unit to 35 pounds, pretty bulky and inconvenient for mobility.

This model features a 50-foot long hose for those tougher to reach projects. Apart from that, the user can equally buy an extra hose reel for storing it with the unit itself. The Titan brand has been around for over 40 years and has created lots of products trusted by professionals.

Most of Titan’s models (including this airless paint sprayer), come with a 4-year lifetime motor, lifetime drivetrain, and manufacturer defect guarantee. That’s not all; you also have 35 days to return the machine if you’re not happy with it.

Several happy users have touted this model for being extremely reliable, and for needing little to no maintenance.

Additionally, the Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer has stable performance, is durable and works solidly for multiple projects. This machine never wears out and can effortlessly take care of heavy projects, thanks to the permalife cylinder.

The cylinder is built to help clean the gadget and keeps material continuously moving with every use. With the inbuilt gun filter, it is a very significant upgrade from the previous Titan models.

Furthermore, this filter lets paint move more effectively via the gun and help the model to prevent continuous build-up.

Finally, the only problem we discovered with this Airless Skid Sprayer is the plastic cover around the motor – it appears to be of lower quality and does not offer a solid structure for a long-lasting sprayer.

  • It can easily spray up to 100-gallons per week
  • Pressure is controlled electronically
  • Features the AutoOiler Technology
  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Can be costlier than other models
  • Can take some time to Setup

13.Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer

This is yet another revolutionary paint sprayer for serious painters.

The ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump used on the Graco ProX17 makes it an excellent option for remodelers, property maintenance experts, and general contractors.

This lets you spray unthinned paints at high pressure – and it also helps you to hook your garden hose to the PowerFlush Adapter for fast and straightforward cleanup.

The sprayer unit has a 50-foot DuraFlex hose, but can also support up to a 150-foot hose to give you that additional reach required to get the job done.

Aside from that, you can also enjoy the flexible suction tube that lets you directly spray from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket of paint.

Furthermore, the 3000 PSI combined with the ¾-horsepower motor will let you paint at 0.34 gallons/minute. The annual recommendation of usage for this paint sprayer is up to 300-gallons per year.

It also has a 515 (0.015) RAC IV Spray Tip, which will help you to easily pump numerous materials – but equally supports up to a 0.017 spray tip. Additionally, using the reversible tip lets you keep spraying even while dealing with a clog.

Finally, the ProXChange Pump Replacement System offers you the chance to replace the pump without tools effortlessly. This gets rid of downtime while working.

  • It features a PowerFlush Adapter for easy and quick cleanup
  • Has ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump
  • Uses a ¾-horsepower motor
  • Can be used for up to 300 gallons per year
  • Not meant for irregular household use
  • Costlier than the lower line models

Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews | Types of Paint Sprayer

Different types of paint sprayers are available at the paint store that could confuse consumers in making a good buying decision. However, they come in various categories that are not too difficult to understand.

But the most challenging question is…

…Which is the best-rated paint sprayer?

With that in mind, here are the various types of paint sprayer available in the market:

1. HVLP Paint Sprayer

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure – and this delivery method means that paint is delivered at a higher volume while using lower pressure, this also means that more paint enters the surface than in the air.

The HVLP paint gadgets are incredibly popular due to their versatility, and this makes them the best paint sprayer for shelves, small objects, trim, and doors.

2. Hand-Held Cup Sprayers

These are a much smaller type of paint spraying machines – and the paint container (known as the cup) is directly attached to the gun.

This type of paint sprayer operates with the help of electricity, not air, so they’re equally known as “airless paint sprayer.”

Furthermore, this type of spray gun is suitable for the homeowner and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiast and can vary in both price and quality.

3. Airless Paint Spray Machines

Airless paint sprayers are mainly used in residential and commercial painting firms. They mix the paint using a compressor and produce a fine mixture in doing so.

Although you can use this type of spraying machine for painting utterly everything, the overspray can be daunting to control. This is because the machine is usually bulky and heavy, newer models are becoming smaller in size though.

4. LVLP Paint Sprayers

This stands for low-volume, low-pressure (LVLP). It is meant to be used for interior or exterior household. The LVLP paint sprayer can produce up to 40 percent less air consumption compared to your regular HVLP spray gun.

This means a smaller air compressor can be used to complete the job. Generally, you’ll discover that an LVLP paint sprayer has greater material transfer and less waste.

5. Conventional Spray Guns

This type of spray gun will pressure the paint and the air. Overall, it’s made up of a large cup for materials alongside hoses for the air and paints to go through.

Moreover, the air mixes with the paint and vaporizes out via the nozzle opening, creating a fine mist. They’re predominantly used with solvent-based paints or when the painting job needs a high-quality fine finish.

Airless Paint Sprayer Buying Guide

There are several features to look out for when planning to buy an airless paint sprayer, but some features are more important than others, and we’ll be focusing more on those important ones in this airless paint sprayer reviews.

For instance, the color of the machine or whether it was packed and shipped in styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap does not really matter much.

That said, here are the things to always consider when buying an airless paint sprayer:

1. The Output: Measured in Gallons Per Minute (GPM). Knowing the output of the machine is of utmost importance as it directly affects the speed you can paint as well as the coverage. This will help you get the painting task finished quicker.

2. Choose a Trusted Brand: I don’t want to sound biased, but it’s essential to note that some brands are well built and more reliable than others.

It makes no sense to save a few dollars for a painting machine that will easily break or underperform. Some of the best and most recommended paint sprayer brands Include:


3. Know the Maximum Tip Size: Measured in inches, knowing the diameter of the tip is also vital as it affects both overspray and coverage.

NOTE: Different sizes work best on different surfaces.

4. Electric vs. Gas vs. Battery Powered: Obviously, an electric paint sprayer will need the use of a nearby outlet to function, while the gas model paint sprayers weights are more due to the extra fuel, but can be used anywhere because it does not require an electric outlet.

However, battery paint sprayers became popular in recent times because it’s easier to carry about. But among the three types, the battery and electric models are easiest to use.

5. Know the Horsepower: In order to get the paint job correctly done, the motor must be potent.

Simply put…

More power => more flow => faster finish

6. Proper adjustments: Many paint sprayers will offer easy to use adjustments – and this can come in the form of knobs or dials.

However, paint sprayers that have just one setting or need multiple steps to modify the settings will be less effective. This is more critical when you’re spraying cabinets.

7. Volume (Paint Capacity): You need to pay more attention to volume if you want to paint large areas at once.

Here’s the point:

The lower volume paint sprayers will be lightweight and pretty easy to transport, but will usually demand more refills. The manufacturers will most likely provide you with the necessary information on the spray guns capacity.

8. Spray Patterns: Spray patterns is the pattern that’ll end up on your surface. Paint sprayers that have a smaller spray pattern might need various coatings to complete the job – essential when you’re spraying furniture.

9. Pounds per Square Inch: Measured in PSI (Pound per Square Inch), the greater the number, the more powerful will the paint sprayer be. Additionally, higher numbers can equally accommodate larger tip sizes as smaller sprayers may eventually clog tips.

10. Accessories: Some paint sprayers come with extra accessories that help to simplify the job. This might be something you’ll need, depending on what you are painting.

For example, using a hose extender will simplify the process of spraying high ceilings. Similarly, using extra paint roller attachments can help you provide a smooth coating.

Airless Paint Sprayer Pricing Guide

Airless paint sprayers come at different prices; in other words, you’ll undoubtedly find something to work with regardless of your budget.

It’s going to have lots of price differences depending on the amount you’re willing to spend. For instance, the lower budget of airless spray guns can generally be found for somewhere around $200 – these are designed for the occasional home user and not strong enough for consistent use.

Furthermore, you’ll equally discover that the models designed for the home user will not feature as many settings as a professional model. In other words, you will not have much control over the finish applied to the painting surface.

As a result, spending $300 or above on a high-quality airless sprayer is good if you’re a contractor, property manager, professional painter, or home user who plans to use the spray gadget very often or for bigger projects.

These higher-end and more costly paint sprayers will last longer and withstand extra abuses.

Additionally, they’ll feature more adjustments and settings so you can easily customize the paint finish as you wish. Some of these high-quality sprayers will equally come with a longer warranty time – this will give you peace of mind about the investment.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Brands

Below are some of the different and most popular airless paint sprayer brands available in the market. We highly recommend that you go for any of them whenever you decide to buy a paint sprayer.

1. Graco

Graco provides a complete line of excellent airless paint sprayers for every need – that’s what makes them my number one choice of the airless sprayer. They designed the TrueCoat series, as well as the Magnum Project Painter Plus, meant for the DIY home user.

Handymen who handle small to midsize household painting projects will perform better with the Graco Magnum X5 or Magnum X7 paint sprayers.

On the other hand, professionals will discover that the Graco Magnum ProX17, Magnum ProX19, Magnum ProX21, TC Pro and even the Pro210 will be perfect for their needs.

2. Wagner

Wagner has remained a top brand in the painting industry for a very long time. Their attention to detail, as well as their ability to create a quality product, have set them apart from others.

When planning to buy an airless paint sprayer, you’ll want to check out the Control Pro line.

Additionally, Wagner is mostly known for the HVLP paint sprayer line. These comprise of the Control Spray, Studio, and the Flexio series. Furthermore, they provide a full range of surface prep tools, heat guns, and rollers.

If you love Wagner products, you can easily use their brand to complete all your painting needs.

3. Titan

Titan is yet another leader in the industry – and they offer a wide range of airless paint sprayers for any need.

Some of their electric airless paint sprayer models include the AirCoat, the Impact, PowrBeast, and Multi-Finish.

Moreover, if you prefer a gas-powered airless sprayer, Titan equally offers the Advantage, Powrtwin, Hydra, and the PowrBeast Series.

Apart from Titan’s full-line of airless paint sprayers, there is equally a wide range of other products that they sell such as:

  • Pavement markers
  • Fine finish sprayers
  • Texture sprayers
  • Air-powered sprayers

Finally, you can find a fantastic selection of accessories on Titan airless sprayers.

4. Dusichin

Although Dusichin designs impressive airless paint sprayers, they’re better known for their excellent pressure washing equipment.

With a complete line of accessories and nozzles for pressure washers, Dusichin has been able to find out how to adequately spray materials.

With this same technology, they provide an improved paint sprayer nozzle and tip compared to some other brands in the market.

If you’re looking for a brand that is simply outside the box and a bit unconventional, you will want to check out Dusichin’s line of products.

When it comes to painting jobs, the only thing that matters to a DIY enthusiast and a professional painter is to get the perfect smooth finish, and you can’t achieve that using conventional methods such as rollers and paintbrushes. In other words, using paint sprayers is the ideal way to make your painting job perfect.

That said, here are the various advantages of using an airless paint sprayer for your painting tasks:

Advantages of Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

1. Easy to Use

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, it’s pretty easy to use a paint sprayer. You just need to attach the sprayer to the paint, and you’re good to go. Additionally, backbreaking work is better done using a paint sprayer when painting.

2. Speed of work

Using a paint sprayer for your painting tasks can save you a bunch of time and effort than painting with a roller or a brush.

Apart from that, it’ll also bring a stunning result because the paint sprayer evenly paints on any surface – and you can quickly get done with the job even when you’re working in a large area.

3. Thorough Painting

Interestingly, the little particles of paint often emitted from the nozzle when painting can coat slats in a fence, small corners, or any other little spaces which are nearly impossible to do with a roller.

Although, paint brushes can also do the job but will result in an uneven finish – that’s not all, paint sprayers don’t create a cluttered finish as well.

4. Even Coats of Paint

A brush or a roller cannot always give you a smooth finish, which a paint sprayer can easily and quickly do. When applying paint with a sprayer, the fine mist of paint uniformly coats any surface.


How To Use An Airless Paint Sprayer

Always keep the following in mind while using an airless paint sprayer:

It’s always advisable to take a little practice before applying on a surface. After you’ve achieved a clean and even coverage on cardboard, you can then proceed to paint your walls.

Below are a few steps that can help make your painting job effortless:

  • Always paint when it’s not above 75 degrees or below 45 degrees
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight while painting as it’ll make the paint dry up fast, preventing it from sticking to the surface. Additionally, the slow drying of paint can block your gun when it’s too cold, and attract bugs and dirt.
  • Always finish every prep work before painting with a sprayer
  • Ensure the work area is cleared
  • Get rid of everything that can trip you when going around or anything that can hitch your hoses
  • Protect the areas that are not included in the painting task
  • To avoid clogging, try to stir and strain the paint before you start
  • Move the gun in straight, long strokes so the coat will be even
  • Ensure that brush strokes are fast so they can cover 2 – 3 feet in a second

That said, below is also a short video of how to use an airless paint sprayer.

Airless Paint Sprayer Maintenance

Maintaining your paint sprayer is entirely not a difficult task as long as you observe the procedures to make it last longer.

Below are some maintenance procedures to be mindful of:

  • Always clean the paint sprayer immediately after use so you can still use it again next time.
  • Before using your paint sprayer, endeavor to follow the manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • When you don’t have any painting job, lock the safety latch which will also help to prevent against activating it by accident. You should always enable the guard feature as a protection against accidental activation.
  • Before beginning any painting projects, consider weather conditions, temperatures, and other environmental factors.
  • Always observe the malfunctioning problems and its resulting health risks and hazards.
  • Always examine and replace faulty parts like a gun filter, tips, and other replaceable parts.
  • The user manual can offer the best expert advice about your unit, so always keep it in a safe place
  • Always keep the paint sprayer 10 to 12 inches away from the painting surface. This is because if the nozzle is too close to the surface, it’ll apply too much paint.
  • Never tilt the sprayer downward or upward as this will lead to splitting and uneven paint coats
  • Always paint slightly and apply a little more when you return. Else, you’ll make it dry unevenly and may also produce sagging. Aside from that, the heavy coat might equally peel off later
  • It’s best to hold the gun in a perpendicular position to the surface as the swinging in an arc will give you bowtie applications
  • Use back-rolling or back brushing when applying the sealers and primers
  • Wiping the guards will not allow the paint to buildup at the tip as the pattern of the spray could be affected.

Common Problems with Airless Paint Sprayers

Working with a malfunctioning paint sprayer can be quite frustrating and annoying. That’s why we’ve also listed some of the common issues that users often encounter while painting with this gadget, and how to troubleshoot and quickly fix them.

1. There are trails on the spray pattern

This will prevent you from achieving enough pressure, and it’s probably because your tip is worn out, or the pressure setting is too low.

In this case, the first resolution is to increase the pressure – and if that didn’t work, then the next thing is to simply replace the worn-out tip.

2. The spray gun is clogged

The filter or the nozzle/tip will usually get clogged, and it’s normal. When this happens, the first solution is to stop using the spray gun and remove the clogged item from the sprayer, then properly rinse it out with water.

Furthermore, you should also try to replace a damaged filter or nozzle/tip. If your tip is reversible, turn it 180 degrees and paint on the lowest possible setting.

3. The spray gun isn’t working at all

This could be as a result of a hardened or frozen paint in your sprayer. The remedy is to replace your pump packings if the paint has hardened.

And if the paint has frozen, allow the spray gun to defrost at room temperature, but get ready in case you need to replace your spray gun.

4. The motor on my spray gun is hot

This could be that your spray nozzle is very small for the paint – and it’s causing the motor to get hot. Just decrease your pressure and increase your tip size and see if that’ll solve it.

Furthermore, one of the biggest complaints about airless paint sprayers is a leakage of fluid coming from the spray hose’s attachment point. A leak there is an indication that your connection is not very tight.

In this case, you will want to take a wrench to tighten the hose to your gun or the sprayer properly. If that didn’t solve the problem, you might have a failed gasket or seal.

Finally, if you cannot solve the problem on your own, the next step will be to contact your sprayer’s manufacturer. Most of them offer a section that gives you access to some of the tricks that’ll help keep your productivity levels high.

Airless Paint Sprayer Repair Guide

Undoubtedly, airless paint sprayers are the strength of a painter’s job; if they fail, you may end up spending a significant amount to get them fixed.

Unfortunately, repair services can often be costly and take lots of time to get the work finished depending on how busy the repairer is.

However, when you’ve tried every possible solution to get the problem fixed, and it didn’t work, consulting some of these repair services might still be the only way out.

That said, here’s a short video that shows you how to repair your airless paint sprayer when the need arises.

Which Painting Jobs Are Airless Spray Guns Perfect For?

There are different spray guns out there designed to do a specific set of painting jobs. For instance, an HVLP paint sprayer will be needed if you want to complete smaller, detail-oriented painting jobs.

But when you have larger, outdoor painting tasks, airless paint sprayers will be the best choice!

Additionally, airless paint guns tend to be an excellent option when working on large, interior or exterior painting tasks. This is simply because the airless model will shoot out the paint at very high pressure while also applying an even coating.

As a result, it’s considered ideal for backyard projects such as decks, fences, and siding. Because the airless model is designed to handle thicker paints, it’s the recommended choice when you need to cover larger areas pretty fast. It can be used for barns, interior walls or other similar large projects.

That is why many professional or commercial painters have an airless paint gun in their collection of painting gadgets.

However, some painters prefer to only use airless sprayers in outdoor jobs – and this is because they can be louder than the HVLP sprayer. That’s not all; it can also be harder to control the spray pattern.

This means you have more preparation work to do in order to cover items that you need to protect. Finally, smaller jobs such as woodworking and kitchen cabinets require HVLP sprayers – while other HVLP turbine guns are suitable for spraying automobiles

Frequently Asked Questions about Airless Paint Sprayer [FAQs]

To provide you with the other necessary information you need to know about airless paint sprayers, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the paint gadget!

1. How will I get the perfect paint spraying results?

It’s always good to carry out a spray test first in order to make sure that you’re happy with how it’ll eventually look. You should also try to clean the target surface to get rid of dirt, dust, or oil that might tend to get in the way.

Cleaning out your airless paint sprayer on a regular basis will equally give you better results as clogging will be minimized.

2. How often do I need to clean the filters?

In our humble opinion, try to clean the filters each time you use the airless sprayer. This will help to make sure that they’re ready to be used when next you want to spray paint. Aside from that, it should also mean a longer life for the machine.

3. Is it necessary to wear safety equipment while painting?

As a matter of fact, never use an airless paint sprayer without putting on safety equipment!

This is because paint fumes can be hazardous and the overspray many airless paint sprayers usually produce can be massive.

Because of this, we advise that you wear safety clothing that covers all your body as well as a facemask and a pair of goggles when using an airless paint machine.

This will guarantee your safety and comfort when spraying paints, particularly over extended periods.

4. Why should I use an airless paint sprayer instead of a roller or brush?

This is simple!

Using an airless paint gun can save you lots of time, energy and also offer a higher quality, smoother finish.

While the airless models cost more, the advantages (already listed above) make them well worth the investment, especially if you’re able to find the right product!

5. Which materials can I use with an airless paint sprayer?

Airless sprayers can be used to spray all sorts of materials including emulsion, gloss, and varnish.

Furthermore, the type of material you are using will also determine the kind of spray required tip. It’s equally reasonable to have a range of tips to enable you can approach different projects with versatility.

What spray gun do professional painters use?

Airless paint sprayers are the best type for large projects or exterior painting, such as painting walls, fences, big decks, ceilings, or lattices. You’ll get the best results spraying paint from a distance of around 12 inches. HVLP paint sprayers require a separate air compressor for power.

Are airless paint sprayers worth it?

The use of airless paint sprayers is particularly worthwhile in large areas because the advantage of the higher working speed. For a long time, the rule of thumb used to be: use a paint sprayer starting from a 3-room apartment and to paint everything smaller than that roller and brush.

What is the most popular type of sprayer with contractors?

The 5 Best Commercial Paint Sprayers – Reviews

  • Graco Magnum X7 Paint Sprayer – Best Overall. Check Latest Price.
  • Wagner Airless Twin Paint Sprayer. Check Latest Price.
  • Graco Magnum X5 Commercial Paint Gun – Best Value. Check Latest Price.
  • Titan ControlMax 1700 Paint Sprayer.
  • Titan ControlMax 1500 Commercial Paint-Sprayer.

What is the difference between HVLP and airless sprayers?

An airless sprayer does not use a compressor. Instead, it uses a pressurized pump and piston to siphon paint to the gun through a fluid line, forcing it through a small orifice in the spray tip to atomize it. An HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer uses a compressor, or a turbine, to atomize paint.

Which is better Graco or Titan?

The winner here is Graco, at least with the two sprayers I own. Performance wise, the Contractor and RX-80 spray guns by both companies are great, but the filters in the gun and manifold of my Graco sprayers are a lot faster to disassemble and clean than Titan.

Do airless sprayers use more paint?

Airless paint sprayers are extremely popular, but also tend to waste more paint on average than other types of spray guns. Your run-of-the-mill airless paint sprayer will waste up to 40% of the paint that you use, and even more if you aren’t operating the spray gun properly.

Do I need to thin paint for airless sprayer?

The airless spray gun systems work well with latex paints, some not even requiring any thinning paint for spraying. You can use the paint directly from the paint can.

Do professional painters use sprayers?

Professional painters have paint sprayers running into the thousands of dollars. As a do-it-yourselfer, you may choose to start with a simple, less expensive type of paint sprayer often called a cup gun sprayer.

Are Wagner airless spray guns any good?

Great product

The finish is excellent and its a quite and light unit compared to the other airless spray guns I’ve used . All these types of guns work better when they are cleaned thoroughly and used as per the instructions . I’ve watched a lot of negative reviews on “.

Will Graco tips fit Wagner?

You can use Graco guards on Wagner spray guns, and Wagner guards on Graco spray guns. FARBMAX and Titan also use the standard 7/8″ thread, so you should be able to use the spray guards across all models and brands.


everyone loves a beautiful, tidy and colorful environment – and as a DIY enthusiast, painting your house, front yard, etc. can be both exciting and challenging, and that is the beauty of paint sprayers!

We’ve listed here some of the best airless paint sprayer brands and products, loved by industry experts and many paint sprayer customers. This is to help all of you who wish to do it yourself and do it correctly.

The paint sprayer industry is undoubtedly vast, and it can be a headache to find the right paint sprayer for a specific painting task.

Excitingly, we’ve got you some help with this in-depth reviews about different kinds of paint sprayers. It should serve the best purpose of helping you to make the right buying decision.