Best Airless Paint Sprayer under 500

Best Airless Paint Sprayer under 500 Dollars

Home painting projects take a lot of planning and preparation before the start. Measuring the painting surface area and calculating the quantity of paint could be a simple task if you have your house drawing with you. But the complexity starts when you actually start painting.

Sadly, you only have two weekend days, and there is a lot of work to be done. So, you can’t depend on the brushes and rollers. Let’s see how the best airless paint sprayer under 500 dollars can help you with the task.

An airless paint sprayer works on a high-pressure pump that is connected to a piston or a diaphragm – where a powerful motor drives the assembly. It can draw paint from a pail with its suction power and spray the paint evenly with its atomization strength.

The result is a consistently painted home with no flaws whatsoever. You can use any paint of your choice from the latex and oil-based categories.  The best part is you don’t even have to thin the paints.

That said, we reviewed eight different airless paint spraying gadgets under 500 bucks in this post, but below is our most recommended and the best airless paint sprayer under $500 among all of them:

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Under 500 Dollars

How Did We Choose The Products?

Best Airless Paint Sprayer under 500

We have prepared the list of the best airless paint sprayer under 500 dollars after analyzing and evaluating all your technical and functional requirements.

The listed products are designed for your DIY painting projects without having to depend on contractors. So, you save on labor costs.

The sprayers are highly efficient in paint consumption – so you save on material cost. They generate high pressure up to 3000PSI at low about 120VAC and 50-100Herz AC power – so you save on power bills.

They can complete the task of painting your complete home, furniture and fixture, garden, and the fencing within a short time. You get more time to enjoy your weekend after painting

1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart

The best part of Magnum 262805 is its nozzle and the pressure gun assembly. They can breakdown the paint fluid into evenly distributed droplets at a pressure of 3000PSI.

You get an evenly distributed painting effect for smooth finishing. It is highly recommended for walls and ceiling. The 100ft long hose reaches to any corner and narrow space.

Control: Magnum 262805 gives you absolute control over pressure and flow rate. You can position the nozzle at a convenient distance from the target object and continue to spray for hours. It works at maximum efficiency to cover your home within a few hours.

QualityDIY home painting projects with Magnum 262805 deliver the best quality output for both interior and exterior painting. Highly durable construction ensures long life. It can work with almost every type of water and oil-based paint.

Coating: Applying the second coat over the first layer has never been so easy until this best airless paint sprayer under 500 arrived. The first layer cures evenly before you start with the second. It gives you streak-less, non-peeling painting for your dream home.

Aesthetics: Applying the right mix of accent, hue, and contrasting shades is a simple task with Magnum 262805. Now, you can paint like a pro to make your home more beautiful than ever before.

  • 3000PSI pump with 5/8 HP motor
  • Long lasting metal spray gun with rust-proof construction
  • Ultimate painting effects with 0.017” tip
  • Paint bucket volume restricted to 5 gallons

2. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer

Graco 16Y385 works on all types of primers used for your home, furniture and fixture, and metal surfaces. It can generate maximum pressure and impact force to make the paint droplets stick to the primers. Now, you can cover extra painting surfaces within a short period.

Vacuum: High-pressure spray under absolute vacuum prevents airborne waste of paint.  You may position the gun at your convenient distance from the target and paint continuously.

It sprays the unthinned paint evenly across any surface area.  Now, you can paint to get scintillating effects of hue and brightness.

Spray:  Applying paints on intricately carved architectural parts could be tiring and time-consuming with the brush. You can use the Graco 16Y385 best airless paint sprayer under 500 to achieve 100% precision painting without overspray and bleeding.

Pressure: Painting on large panels of wood and concrete needs special techniques to control the pressure and flow rate. Gripping of the gun, distance from the target, and hose positions are the three parameters that control quality.

With the Graco 16Y385, you can achieve your target after little practice. The gun has a firm grip. High pressure gives you the freedom to spray from a distance of your convenience. You can extend the hose position to any angle since the tip is reversible.

  • VACUVALVE Technology
  • Precision 360-degrees painting
  • Smooth flow under variable pressure
  • Power cord length is limited

3. Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

ControlMax 1900 has the power, pressure, and volume to have your entire home painting covered within one working day.

You don’t need to sweat and toil to cover the ceilings and ventilators. Smooth running cartwheel and 50-feet hose can cover every corner in your home with ease.

Gun-Triggering: Triggering of paint from the gun and tip is fine-tuned to cover large and small surface areas.

The fully on the gun can generate the best lead impacts of spraying – and you have the surface covered thoroughly with even finishing and zero gaps between painting areas. It is called the filling effect which is essential for efficient painting.

Stoke-Making:  Choosing between vertical and horizontal stroking is a technique you can easily master with ControlMax 1900. Banding the edges, spraying the unfinished side, and painting the flat and curved parts are more straightforward and faster now.

You have the best airless paint sprayer in your hand for covering the slender and unevenly shaped objects with the highest precision.

Paint-Thickness: ControlMax 1900 has an optimum size tip for every type of paint you use. Waterborne lacquer, latex, oil-based primer, and elastomeric are some of the paint types you can spray with the best airless paint sprayer under 500.

The gun and tip combination is supported by an optimum sized fan, which provides the right spraying effects for even distribution. You can easily control the paint thickness on different types of surfaces according to the specific needs.

  • HEA technology driven sprayer
  • Extended sprayer life
  • The optimum operating pressure of 1500PSI
  • Cartwheel diameter is too large to move into narrow spaces

4. Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer

Graco 17G177 is a nonstop hardworking airless paint sprayer under 500, for its 3000PSI pump and 0.75HP motor. 150 feet hose length lets you cover every corner and challenging to reach narrow spaces. Your task of interior and exterior home painting has been simplified to a great extent.

Flow-Rate: The flow rate of 0.34GPM at variable pressure can help you cover the flat and long surfaces with high efficiency. You can cover large areas with fewer passes to save on paint and time.

The quality of your job improves with the extended use of the sprayer. The tip has a long life, and it can endure a large volume of paint without any signs of wearing.

Textured-Finishing: With the Graco 17G177, you can choose multiple types of textured finishing from smooth, to sand, popcorn, knockdown, and orange-peel types.

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You can vary the paint thickness on smooth and rough surfaces to get the best aesthetic effects. Spray sand on the exteriors of your home can create some of the awe-inspiring architectural textures.

Interior-Painting:  Heavily laced interior walls increase the architectural aesthetics of your home. But using the brush on to paint on such walls could produce imperfect results.

The Graco 17G177 comes with an optimized tip and fan to produce perfect finishing. You can also use the sprayer for Travertine, Spanish, and another attractive interior décor.

  • 75 motor with 3000PSI pump
  • Versatile tip and fan assembly
  • Best for painting multiple floors
  • Pressure could drop after the 150feet height

5. Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO High-Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

Priming could be a complex task when it comes to painting large homes with complex architectural designs. How about using a device that performs priming along with painting?

You can cover every millimeter the most intricate structures without bleeding the paint and over-spraying. You can create the most colorful interiors and exteriors you have ever dreamt of.

Welcome to the world of Titan ControlMax 1700. The best airless paint sprayer under 500 can produce some of the most stunning artistic effects on your home with minimum effort and optimum paint volume.

Consistent-Operation:  ControlMax 1700 can work at variable controlled pressure values to a maximum of 1500PSI. It is sufficient to cover most of the surfaces in your home from the wall to the ceiling. The flow rate is consistent and smooth without airborne waste.

You can keep an optimum distance of 12” or more to get even surface finishing. The filling effects are always complete and consistent, regardless of the surface texture and size.

Spraying-Angles:  With the reversible tip of 0.017”, you can paint inside wall mounted cupboards, wardrobes, around the showerheads, and other narrow spaces.

It has an inbuilt feature for applying the banding technique with optimized gun movements and stroke selection. You can cover the corners, round parts, and complex shapes with equal efficiency and speed.

  • HEA pressure control technology
  • 33GPM tip
  • High-performance pump
  • Tip and gun assembly needs maintenance after every project

6. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363

There are many spaces and surfaces in your home that are beyond the reach of the best cart and stand sprayers. They could be within the home interior or exterior. You can easily reach those points with the handheld airless paint sprayer under 500.

It has the power, pressure, spraying patterns, and the efficiency to work smart. Every time it gives you the most satisfying spray painting effects.

The Graco Ultra 17M363 performs all these tasks and much more. It works with all types of lacquers, latex, shellac, acrylic, and Elastomeric to make your home the most beautiful.

Finest-Finishing:  Glossy and textured finishing on the surfaces can enhance the aesthetic value of your home and furniture. It can also transform a minimalist architecture into the most sophisticated and luxurious piece of art.

With the Graco Ultra 17M363, you can achieve these effects with a minimum volume of paint and effort.

Versatile-Surfaces: With the Graco Ultra 17M363, you can cover different textures of wood, concrete, glass materials, bricks, limestone, and other materials.

Continuous spraying at optimized pressure ensures zero gaps and air bubbles on the painted surfaces. Popcorn effects, fluffy finish, and sandy textures can be produced with little effort.

Economical-Budget: The Graco Ultra 17M363 is known for smart performance due to its ability to save on paint. Unthinned paints with single coating can last longer than several coats of thinned paint.

You need to take care of avoiding overspray and flakes while painting. This handheld sprayer can be the most optimized sprayer to achieve these goals without having to sweat too much.

  • High power TRIAX Triple piston pump
  • High-performance RAC-X tip (Long-Durable)
  • Easy to use hand-gun trigger
  • No visible cons for a handheld airless sprayer

7.  Graco 262800 Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum seems to have an endless range of the best airless paint sprayer under 500.

The 262800 X5 is a stand type sprayer that comes with a versatile pressure pump, flexible hose, smart motor, and an efficient assembly of gun and tip. It is easily portable, as you can carry to any location within any room in your home.

Large-Projects:  Graco X5 can support painting projects of any size and scale with its efficient performance. Your architect may have created the most beautiful structures with artistic designs.

He may have installed the best concrete interiors which are attractive and sophisticated. They become visible only after painting. The Graco X5 has the ability to enhance the artistic and architectural impacts by multiple times.

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Versatile-Structures: Graco X5 works at the most optimized speed, pressure, flow rate, and spray patterns. You get 100% accuracy and finest finishing on the largest, narrowest, longest, shortest, and the most intricate types of surfaces.

High-Performance: Graco X5 gives you the freedom to use your imagination while painting. It works with multiple thinned and unthinned paint types. It has speed and accuracy for fast and flawless painting within the shortest span of time.

  • The vast range of Coating
  • Long-running stainless steel piston pump
  • Advanced power flush technology
  • Hose length may not be sufficient for reaching exterior roofs from the ground

8. Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M35

Graco Ultra 17M359 is the best airless paint sprayer under 500 for its adjustable speed and pressure values. You can use the handgun to control the two parameters according to your specific painting needs on large and narrow surfaces.  It inspires some of the most creative painting ideas on your luxurious home interiors.

Contemporary-Painting:  The contemporary painting style on modern architecture gets a complete facelift with the Graco 17M359. Consider a living room with a cottage style ceiling and an open stair.

Large walls with huge windows and ventilation systems require unthinned dark paints to enhance the interior décor.

Graco 17M359 gives you the best aesthetic effects with its high-pressure spraying and smooth finishing capacity. It gives you plenty of options to balance the color combination between the stair space, sitting space, ceilings, and window space.

Space-Aesthetics: The ability to create space aesthetics for the various rooms depends on paint density, surface finishing, and adaptability to multiple textures.

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Graco 17M359 has a micron level pressure and flow control to spray the paints according to specific textures. You can create the fascinating patterns on curves, edges, corners, and other uneven surfaces. There is absolutely no overspray and bleeding due to the precision pressure and flow control.

  • Precision tip and gun construction
  • Micron level pressure and flow control
  • Triple piston pump
  • Power cord length may be short

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Under $500 | Conclusion

]The vast range of best airless paint sprayer under 500 gives you plenty of choices. You need to plan your painting projects and estimate the painting requirement.

You can do it easily with a drawing of your home construction from the engineer. Then you can read through our product review once again the asses the model which servers your requirements accurately.

In this article, we have listed the stand, cart, and handheld models of the best airless paint sprayer under 500. You may choose a combination of cart + handheld, stand + handheld, or anyone of them based on the net painting space, height, width, and the complexity of the architecture.

You can convert your painting into the most comfortable and cost-saving projects with the selection of the right sprayer and techniques.

The above-listed sprayers are known for their economic paint utilization. They ensure zero waste and maximum utilization. Accurate pressure control and flow moderation allow you to focus on the narrowest of painting surfaces and objects with precision finishing.

The sprayers are designed for DIY projects to save on labor costs and dependence on contractors. They give you the freedom to use your imagination for home interior and exterior beautification with paint

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