Acrylic Paint On Fabric

In this article we are going to conclude about the topic acrylic paint on fabric. Acrylic paint is a fabulous and flexible mechanism for an unending rundown of surfaces, including fabric. You can utilize acrylic paint on fabric, your garments, shoes, silk and cowhide, and even cushions, drapes, towels, or furniture material. Acrylic paint is an amicable and basic spending plan to update your T-shirt and make your customized style.

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Acrylic paint can be utilized on fabric and garments; however, you should use a fabric medium to ensure the painting will remain on the fabric and won’t wash off, strip off or break. To utilize acrylic paint on the fabric, I would suggest using exceptional acrylic paint marked “for fabric” and make a decision in favor of liquid acrylic paint – it streams better so it will be more straightforward to chip away at the fabric. Acrylic paint for fabric and fabric paint is not something very similar. Acrylic paint is standard acrylic paint adjusted to stick forever on the fabric.

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In contrast, fabric paint was made explicitly for fabric, and most fabric paints must be utilized on regular filaments. Here I propose some wallet-accommodating acrylic paints that will work extraordinary on fabric and can be reused on different activities! You can use any acrylic paint you like or have blended in with fabric medium as a “fabric paint”. However, it’s wiser to go for an expert color made for a particular surface now and again

Fabric Medium For Acrylic Paint

Fabric Medium For Acrylic Paint

Fabric medium is the way to paint acrylics on fabric – it does all the magic. Without it, you can’t utilize acrylic paint on fabric! Enough said. Acrylic paint is quick-drying, yet it isn’t waterproof and washes protected naturally. It’s inclined to break and strip if it isn’t utilized and fixed appropriately. Fabric medium is an all-inclusive fluid medium that can be blended with all acrylic paint tones to transform them into fabric paint. Great fabric mediums don’t weaken or annihilate acrylic paint’s essential qualities: it stays strong, super durable, colors remain dynamic.

How to transform acrylic paint into fabric paint without a medium?

We want to comprehend that we need to do something with acrylic paint to paint it on fabric. In any case, acrylic paint isn’t sufficiently adaptable, not flexible by any means, so it will break and tumble off very much like that. The fabric medium gets it done – it makes acrylic paint less thick and complex, so it will remain on garments. Notwithstanding, there is a method for getting a good deal on fabric medium.

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Glycerin has comparative properties and can trade fabric vehicles for acrylic paint; however, I need to caution you it might not have all the help an excellent fabric medium can offer. Assuming you’re doing a basic art project, go for a DIY fabric medium, yet if you’re making a gift or something you might want to exhibit or even sell, kindly utilize a confided in fabric medium.

Then again, you can skip fabric medium on the off chance that you’re not wanting to wear the fabric you’re painting on. On the off chance that it will be outlined and held tight to the divider, you can utilize ordinary diminished acrylic paint.

The most effective method to paint fabric with acrylic paint

These means will assist you with painting your cherished T-shirt or shorts, making a divider enrichment or working with towels, pillowcases, and even shoes. However, indeed, there is a great deal of fabric painting procedures that I could ultimately cover in a different post. This is the essential bit by bit guide for novices on the best way to paint fabric with acrylic paint. 

Absolute time: 60 minutes

  • Pre-wash
  • Wash and dry the fabric you’ll paint on. Washing is an unquestionable requirement, as we want to dispose of measuring – it influences the painting and drying process.
  • Set up the paint
  • Utilize extraordinary fabric paint or blend your customary acrylic paint with a unique fabric medium.
  • Set up the work environment and fabric
  • To get an even surface, you might need to extend your garments or fabric with cardboard.
  • Cover your working environment with plastic or cardboard or something, as in some cases, the paint will drench through the fabric. Kindly don’t overextend; when you’ll relax it, the dried painting might wrinkle the fabric.


  • Paint on fabric utilizing your thoughts or get a few stencils.
  • Use brushes or wipes, stamps to get imaginative. To make a sketch use sewing chalk; it will assist you with keeping the extents and creation. At the point when it’s done, pass on to air dry for somewhere around 24 hours.
  • Seal acrylic paint on fabric
  • Seal acrylic paint to make it launderable and long-lasting.
  • The ideal way to seal acrylic paint on fabric is to press it for 3 to 5 minutes.


Stand by 4 to 7 days before you will wash your painted fabric. Interestingly, pass it independently to ensure the paint will not taint other garments.

The most effective method to seal acrylic paint on fabric

acrylic paint on fabric

To make acrylic paint stay for all time on the fabric, we want to seal utilizing either an exceptional fixing medium or a more customary way – heat-set when we close the painted surface on fabric with some heat. On the off chance that you utilized fabric medium, you don’t require any extra sealer; basic hotness will be sufficient!

How to deal with painted fabric?

  • Wash painted fabric back to front.
  • Pick a delicate cycle for washing machine or far superior hand wash painting garments and shoes, basically for a few first washes.
  • Add fabric conditioner while washing.
  • Continuously utilize cold water.
  • Never pre-drench.
  • Balance painted garments to dry or utilize tidying up machines at room temperature.
  • Try not to utilize spot cleaning arrangements on painted areas.
  • To press, utilize low hotness settings and
  • On the off chance that you want to press from now on, utilize the low manufactured heat and material in the middle of iron and fabric, or turn it back to front.


Here, I have come to the end of the article on topic acrylic paint on fabric . I tried my level best to include all the necessary points that are required related to the article. I do hope my article would be interesting and may be ever knowledgeable.