3D wall painting for your bedroom

15 Magnificent 3D Wall Painting for Your Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to give the wall design of your bedroom the first-class touch? There are infinite ways in which you can improve the look of your bedroom. Quite recently, 3D designs have been making waves as it takes the art of painting to a whole new level.

We have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful 3D Wall Painting for Your Bedroom. Unlike the conventional art, 3D paintings are said to make your walls come alive.

We are going to be exploring seven decorative ways by which you can improve the quality of your bedroom. You would be amazed at some decorative techniques we are going to be discussing as regards 3D paint designs.

We are going to be looking at some 3D designs that are currently in vogue, pay attention.

Choosing a 3D Paint Design For Bedroom | What To Know

3D wall painting for your bedroom

When it comes to choosing a paint design for your bedroom, there are few factors you may want to consider. These factors range from lighting, room size, furniture, future, and a host of other factors.


Does your room get enough natural light (sunlight)?

Natural lighting can make your paint design appear different. You should endeavor to know how your intending 3D design resonates with natural light. Some designs tend to look cute in a dimly lit room.

Before you embark on your paint project, you can get a wallpaper piece with a similar design for testing. This would let you know how your intending 3d wall design reacts to light.

Your room size

A widespread misconception about painting small rooms is that most people often resort to using plain white paints as they feel it gives the illusion of airiness and space. While this holds for some, some interior designers argue that smaller rooms can still be designed exquisitely.

Your room size should influence whatever paint design choice you’d make. Some designs tend to blend well with larger rooms and vice-versa.

Your furniture

Your furnishings have a significant role to play in the final look of your bedroom after you’ve painted it. As for a tip, endeavor to choose a paint design that blends well with your furniture as you wouldn’t want a color riot situation.

Your vibe

You may not realize it, but your paint design option plays a significant role in your morning sessions. Most people naturally feel eager or motivated to start their day once they look at their wall design.

If you are a florist, then your wall should reflect this. If you’re into music, then you can consider painting up a guitar on your wall. Just have something that feeds you the right vibe.

The future

Yeah, it’s your home, and you owe it to yourself to notch it up to your taste. However, you should also think about the long-run. You may plan to sell your home in the future.

If you plan to sell your home soon, then you might as well choose a paint design that can come off quickly.

Having stated the factors mentioned above, let’s delve into the talk of the day; 15 magnificent 3d wall painting for your bedroom.

Best 3D Wall Painting for Your Bedroom

Below are the seven 3d wall painting designs for bedroom that you should draw inspiration from when next you want to give your bedroom a little touch:

1. Multi-colored butterfly design

Multi-colored butterfly design

If you’re a lover of colored butterflies, then this would undoubtedly be a good fit for your bedroom as it would reflect whatever lighting decoration you may decide to use.

Exploring this 3D design allows you to harness a broad spectrum of colors as the furniture in your bedroom may resonate with your wall design.

2. Waterfall 3D painting

Waterfall 3D painting for bedroom

There is an aesthetic appeal that comes with watching a waterfall. This puts you in a state of awe and would probably make you appreciate nature even more.

To switch things up, you can bring this natural sight close to you by recoating your wall. This also resonates well with floral ceiling designs.

3. Blue sea 3D design

blue sea 3D design for bedroom

If you’re a fan of sea documentary, then you’d understand that the beauty of sea life is in a class of its own. The combination of colors underwater is remarkably outstanding. This can be seen from the full range of sea creatures and plants.

You can borrow this design idea if you’re looking to paint or repaint your wall. With this design, you also have the option of harnessing a wide range of matching colors that would announce the beauty of your bedroom.

4. Multi-colored Peacock 3D design

Multi-colored Peacock 3D design for bedroom

Well, if you’ve seen a peacock, then you should have probably thought about replicating the same thing in your bedroom.

Most homeowners extend the peacock design to their living room and even offices, especially if they run an art studio. The pride and beauty of a peacock rest on its diverse colors, so this is proof that your bedroom would certainly look good.

5. Desert-sand 3D design

Desert-sand 3D design for bedroom

Well, you may not like the dryness of the desert but having it as a 3D paint design wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

The desert design is sure to bring out the vintage look of your bedroom. On the plus side, the desert design resonates well with lightings.

6. Tree light-house design

Tree light-house design for bedroom

This design is somewhat unique because it is designed with some lighting. You can explore this design idea if you can’t seem to shake off your childhood memory.

Better yet, you can use it for your child’s bedroom. Some children are naturally scared of the dark, so this could serve as a subtle lullaby.

7. Animation wall design for bedroom

Animation wall design for bedroom

This is also another design you can explore if you are a lover of cartoons. It can also be used for your child’s bedroom as children are known to love comics.

Your child can finally have his/her favorite superhero be with him at night. When it comes to harnessing animation designs, the list of options you can explore is endless.

8. Mural Interior Decoration 3D Wall Art

mural interior decoration
3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural

This is another enchanting 3D wall art panel that can be used to cover your entire wall. This 3D art showcases a big city with lots of beautiful skyscrapers. This 3D design will look very beautiful on your bedroom walls.

9. Owl 3D Design Bedroom Wall Art

Owl Bedroom Wall Art

This is ideal for every nature-loving individual. You can simply place this awesome black owl design on your bedroom walls and see what look it’ll give your resting place.

10. Soot Black Butterfly Romantic Wall Art

Soot Black Butterfly Romantic Wall Art

This is one of the coolest 3D wall painting for bedroom I’ve ever seen. These stunning black butterflies on a creamy wall with black stripes would certainly make the entire bedroom stand out from the rest of your house.

11. Red and Aqua 3D Wall Painting

Red and Aqua 3D Wall Painting

This will be suitable for that part of your home (apart from the bedroom) where all your guests flock together during and event or occasion.

Simply get this fancy passionate red flower wall painting placed on an aqua colored base with red polka dots.

12. Cool Dinosaur 3D Wall Decor Painting

Dinosaur 3D Wall Decor Painting

This is yet another lovely 3d wall painting ideas for bedroom that would be perfect in your kid’s bedroom. It has different species of animated dinosaurs, a flying bat, and plants that can embellish the entire wall with ease.

13. Colorful Magic Acrylic Tree Wall Painting

Colorful Magic Acrylic Tree Wall Painting

This is a gorgeous acrylic wall painting against a colorful backdrop on which is placed a full bloom tree. The tree is grown with white and green flowers and it is so attractive that you will want to take it home.

14. Purple and Pink Butterfly Bedroom Wall Painting

Purple and Pink Butterfly Bedroom Wall Painting

These amazing 3d wall panels are designed for every individual with a creative bent of mind.

The design is simple enough to be placed around anywhere in your home (especially your kid’s room) and beautiful enough to boost the face of your room interior.

15. Alphabet Project 3D Wall Painting Designs

Alphabet Project 3D Wall Painting Designs

Source: behance

If you want something different from those trending ones, then this 3d wall painting sculpture is everything you’ll need.

It is a simple but aesthetic version of any of your selected letters from the English alphabet.

3D Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom | Conclusion

Yeah, now you have seven best 3D wall paintings for your bedroom. Exploring one or two of these designs would undoubtedly raise the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

However, you shouldn’t restrict your choice to these designs as you can explore other design options if you don’t find the ones mentioned above appealing.

Feel free to drop your thoughts and comments below.

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