11 Awesome 10×12 Bedroom Layout Ideas

In this article we are going to discuss about 11 awesome 10×12 bedroom layout ideas. Which type of bedroom would you like? We have both options for you to choose from. Let’s discuss.

11 Awesome 10×12 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Decorating your bedroom with items that you love can make your space feel personalised and well put together. Working with a smaller space can bring unique challenges to the design process, but in the end, it can look amazing. We recommend choosing smaller furniture pieces and adding art and greenery to your room to give it a more high-end look. We will be sharing our top bedroom ideas, as well as some products that can help you achieve these styles. There is no need to sacrifice style and decor for a smaller bedroom. With the right layout idea, you can create a stylish bedroom that still fits your needs.

1. Soft Neutral Palette

Soft Neutral Palette

Our first bedroom design idea is a more soft neutral design using light colors and wood. This bedroom features a light and airy atmosphere with antique wood accents. We really like the vanity area with a mirror and matching rustic chair.

2. Bright Seaside Getaway

Bright Seaside Getaway

The next room we have to share is a beach-themed space that looks super comfortable. This bedroom chose a white-washed wood theme and tan bedding that go well together. Adding a small seating area to your bedroom can add space and make your room feel larger.

3. Dramatic Modern

Dramatic Modern

This room is modern and dramatic with LED lights. This bedroom did an excellent job utilizing the space, making it feel like a five-star hotel. Adding art to your bedroom and purchasing an ottoman that is stylish will give your room a high-class look.

4. Fun Pillows And Greenery

Fun Pillows And Greenery

A fun, colorful bedroom can be created using pillows and a potted plant. The brightly-colored pillows on the bed draw the eye and make this room feel cosy and inviting. Placing a tree or plant in your bedroom can make it feel bigger and add some much-needed greenery.

5. Big City Polka Dots

Big City Polka Dots

Another fun way to decorate a 10×12 bedroom would be with polka dot bed sheets and a wall decal. This room has a sleek, modern design with a black and white color scheme that we love. The furry area rug adds a nice touch to the wood floor and ties the space together.

6. Bright And Cheery Childs Room

Bright And Cheery Childs Room

Our next bright and cheerful bedroom idea is a room that will make anyone smile. The bedroom features a fun gold wallpaper with a starry night theme. This room is great for expecting parents who may not want to impose any specific colors in the space. The soft colored sheets and gender-neutral decor make it a great option for new parents.

7. European Natural Look

European Natural Look

Our next room to share has a more rustic, modern European vibe and is an excellent example of a 10×12 layout. The pale blue walls behind the bed and in the doorway add a pop of color to this room, making it feel well designed. Adding a quirky sculpture or piece of art to your bedroom can add charm and individuality to your space.

8. Down To Earth

Down To Earth

Our natural feeling bedroom space features lots of plants and character. A smaller bedroom can be decorated with less furniture and still feel spacious. This bedroom features natural wood furniture and bedding, as well as fun plants.

9. Dark Wood Decor

 Dark Wood Decor

A dark wood bedroom layout could be similar to this. Choosing a color and style of wood for your room can help to create a well-planned and coordinated look.

10. Boho Paradise

Boho Paradise

This bedroom features a more relaxed and earthy theme, perfect for those who want to feel like they’re on vacation. Some people like the Bohemian look in their homes, while others find it to be trendy and recognizable. This room has a variety of baskets and dividers that give it a magazine-like feel.

11. Contemporary Blush

Contemporary Blush

Our favorite blush-themed bedroom is one of the modern options on our list. A smaller bed in a 10×12 room can open up your space and make other areas of the room look more spacious. We want to point out how this room looks amazing with a tall standing mirror that looks great in the space.

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